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Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine
Author: Ray Bradbury
ISBN-13: 9780553277531
ISBN-10: 0553277537
Publication Date: 4/1/1985
Pages: 256
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 99 ratings
Publisher: Spectra
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3
This book is not what you expect if you read Bradbury for his sci-fi or horror. It has a sinister side, but mostly it tells the story of the summer of magic that young boys have in their hometown. This is essential Bradbury- his voice, his love, his art. And I'm taking a risk when I say it would make great school reading- but it breaks out of the mold of high school reading that depresses young and inquisitive minds. This book is a beautiful description of an era not so different from the one I grew up in a little later- the kids walked where they wanted, by themselves, they ran it when the spirit hit them, and they did not get drawn into virtual worlds unless it was a book or movie theater. Ah, now, I'm starting to sound like a fogey. Let the book speak to you, its words and music and magic are timeless.
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Not your typical Bradbury. A master of words. I am eternally imprinted with his similies and metaphors.
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I love this book! I actually have several copies on hand to loan to friends. The prose is fresh and Bradbury-esque, and reading it makes me feel like I'm ten years old again at the start of my summer vacation.
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I finally got around to reading this one after being on my shelf for a couple of years and I have to say that it was really enjoyable. This is a Bradbury novel that tells the story of a magical summer in 1928 from the perspective of Douglas, a 12-year old boy. Actually, the book is a collection of stories told about various characters in a small town in Illinois. The characters and events in this novel are very memorable and include stories of the old and how death affects everyone in the town. Bradbury has a knack for making common day events mystical and enchanting. I would highly recommend this one!
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Awestruck! That's how I feel. This is is probably my best read of the year. While I had read much written by Bradbury I had never before read Dandelion Wine. It's enchanting! I felt as if I were living in Green Town in 1928. Bradbury has that much power.

Drawing from memory and using his phenomenal imagination and flair for writing, he writes about two brothers and the summer of 1928. They keep a journal of the summer, capturing events as they experience them. Each chapter is a snapshot of the summer. I cried when Douglas was sick, cheered when the old man the boys called the time machine chose his own way to die, and smiled when an old woman chose never to be young.

It's hard to vocalize all the ways this book affects the reader. If you keep any books in this day of electronic reading this is one that you should put on your shelf to read again and again and again. Yup, this is from one who does not usually reread books.
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From one of America's greats in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. An interest catching, heart engaging, well crafted book that's just that little bit unusual which makes a great classic.
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My favorite Ray Bradbury story I've read so far. The stories within the book will stay with you for a very long time. This is a great read when you're really yearning for summertime.
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I had to read this for school, and I was surprised by how much I liked it.
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One of my very favorite books; my book group just read it. Sweet, human, by turns terrifying and uplifting.
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I didn't appreciate beautiful prose like this when I first read it in high school or college. This time around I fell in love with it. I don't plan to re-post this book because I want to share it with others and re-read it myself!
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I absolutely love this book. I don't know why it only has three stars on here. I've loved this book since the first time I read it 20 YEARS AGO! This book inspired me like nothing else I've ever read. ( I still have the original copy with a dandelion pressed inside )It touched my heart. But then Ray Bradbury will always have a place in my heart. At a terrible time in my life I picked up this book and it saved me. I hope it does the same for someone else. It's science fiction, poetry and a story about small town life all wrapped in one. It's beautiful, moving and even scary in parts. I would recommend it to anyone.
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Dandelion Wine was first published in 1957 and is a fix-up novella of other loosely connected short stories, many of which had been previously published. However, upon listening to it, I could not tell that it was written in such a way, which shows Ray Bradburys craftsmanship in sticking them all together into a single fluid story. This tale is 90% mainstream fiction, with a slight, nebulous time travel element; hence, it is classified as science fiction. I had not heard the details of this tale before and I was expecting much more science fiction, or at least Outer Limits type plot. Alas, no. The story was well written for its brevity and I enjoyed certain elements of it, such as Dougs shy interactions with the librarian and his fascination with a new pair of sneakers. However, this work just didnt do anything special for me. I found myself waiting for something to happen in the story, and when it finally did, the events were not resolved, but rather the story turned into a Lesson, a lesson about growing up, letting go, and moving on. I know Ray Bradbury, and probably this work in particular, holds a lot of magic for many folks. I just am not one of those folks.
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Good classic, have sons the same age so it was kind of a good read to read a book from a child's perspective on summer!
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Read the first several chapters and then skimmed the remainder. Guess I'm the wrong gender and age to find this book interesting.
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Good condition. Grandmaster edition.