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David Abrahams is a computer programmer and author. He is most well-known for his activities related to the C++ programming language. In particular his contributions to the language include the delineating of a theory of exceptions, sitting on the C++ Standards Committee, being a founding member of Boost and co-authoring a book on the subject of template meta-programming.

Abrahams became a member of the C++ Standards Committee in 1996. During the standardization process that resulted in the first ANSI standard C++ - in 1998 - Abrahams was a principal driving force behind detailing the exception safety of the C++ Standard Library. Many of the functions and methods of the standard are specified with one of three guarantees. Together these have become known as the Abrahams guarantees.

Following the standardization, Abrahams became one of the founding members of, a community group founded in order to provide reusable C++ libraries. Abrahams has written several of the libraries and assisted in the development of others. , he still actively contributes to the group. Abrahams is also the principal member of Boost Consulting, a company that offers software development and training courses with a heavy bias towards using the Boost C++ Libraries.

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C Template Metaprogramming  Concepts Tools and Techniques from Boost and Beyond
2004 - C Template Metaprogramming Concepts Tools and Techniques From Boost and Beyond [C++ in Depth Series] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780321227256
ISBN-10: 0321227255
Genre: Computers & Technology

Brand Risk
Brand Risk (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780566087240
ISBN-10: 0566087243
Genre: Business & Money