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Topic: December 2014---What Books Are You Looking For??

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Subject: December 2014---What Books Are You Looking For??
Date Posted: 10/1/2013 7:26 PM ET
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Please note:  if someone responds to your requests, send them a pm and let them know if you're interested or not in their offer. It only takes a minute to let them know and to thank them for their time in pm'ing you!

Check out all the requests for books people are looking for in the posts below. Maybe you have some you can add to your shelves or even let people know directly. 

Some suggestions for using this thread. Please, if you have received books you've listed, mark them off so people know. From the number of people who checked these posts, it's apparent your lists are being seen, and hopefully, responded to. Also if you use the edit tab on your post to change your lists, add to, delete, etc. it will cut down on a lot of repetition. Just remember which page you're on and it will be easy to go back to your original post to edit it.

Here's my list. Feel free to post your own.

I'd love a deal on any of the following: I've updated my list, deleted those I've received and added some new ones.  If any of these happen to be on the club Wish List [some had only one copy posted and may have slipped to the Wish List] please disregard  them. Can you help me out?

Updated 12/01/14

Marian Babson --- Any of her books with cats in them except for The Company of Cats, To Catch a Cat & Fool For Murder

J. B. Stanley --- A Killer Collection,   A Fatal Appraisal,   A Deadly Dealer

Katherine Hall Page --- The Body in the Ivy,   The Body in the Cast,   The Body in the Bonfire,   The Body in the Big Apple,   The Body in the Lighthouse,  The Body in the Bookcase,  The Body in the Bouillon, The Body in the Attic

Brenda Novak --- White Heat,  Body Heat 

C. J. Box --- Below Zero

Sharon Sala ---   Remember Me,   Chase the Moon

Kathleen Taylor ---   Foreign Body 

P. J. Tracy --- Shoot to Thrill,  Dead Run,   Snow Blind  

Lorna Barrett ---  Sentenced to Death

JoAnna Carl ---  The Chocolate Snowman Murders 

Jane K. Cleland --- Consigned to Death,   Deadly Appraisal,   Deadly Threads,  Killer Keepsakes

Sarah Graves --- Wreck the Halls

Kate Wilhelm --- The Best Defense,  Defense for the Devil

Beverly Barton ---   What She Doesn't Know,  Every Move She Makes

Nancy Pickard ---   The Truth Hurts

Vince Flynn --- Separation of Power,  Kill Shot 

Dana Stabenow --- Killing Grounds,  Prepared for Rage,  Nothing But Gold Can Stay 

Bob Morris ---     A Deadly Silver Sea

Leslie Glass ---   Loving Time

Nevada Barr ---  Winter Study

Any of Mark Gimenez's books except --- The Color of Money & The Abduction.  I think there are at least 4 others.

Linda Barnes ---    Deep Pockets 

 Carole Nelson Douglas    [ I'd love to get more than one of these in a deal!! ] Cat with an Emerald Eye #6,  Cat in a Kiwi Con #12,   Cat in a Leopard Spot #13,   Cat in a Midnight Choir #14,   Cat in a Neon Nightmare #15,   Cat in an Orange Twist #16,  Cat in a Quicksilver Caper #18

Lydia Adamson   A Cat in a Chorus Line,  A Cat on A Winning Streak  

Patricia Rice --- Nobody's Angel

Curtiss Ann Matlock --- The Loves of Ruby Dee

Fern Michaels --- Exclusive  

Alexander McCall Smith ---    The Right Attitude to Rain,   At the Villa of Reduced Circumstances, Espresso Tales,  Portuguese Irregular Verbs  

Earlene Fowler ---   State Fair,    The Saddlemaker's Wife

Lisa Jackson  ---  Risky Business     Missing

Nora Roberts --- Forever  

Lorna Landvik --- The View from Mt. Joy

Heather Graham --- Never Say Die    

Rita Mae Brown --- Cat of the Century     

 Susan Wittig Albert ---  Nightshade,    An Unthymely Death      

 Margaret Maron ---  Death of a Butterfly,    Death in Blue Folders,   Baby Doll Games 

I know the list is long and I actually have others to add when some of these are found. There are just too many good authors who write terrific books and I want to read them all!!

 2 for 1 or better would be great. PM me with any that you've got, combinations are fine. I prefer paperbacks.

I'm always willing to make deals, 3 for 1 or 5 for 2 on paperbacks.  I'm a Boxer, too.  All my books come from a smoke-free home, but we do have two cats. Check my profile page for my listed unpostables...1 free with every order from my shelf.


Finished this month:

Currently reading: Malice by Lisa Jackson

Up Next:   Undecided

Number of books read in 2014:     Jan. -- 8,   Feb. -- 7,    March -- 7   April -- 4,   May -- 9,    June -- 11,   July -- 9,    August --- 11,    Sept. -- 7,   Oct. --- 3   Nov. --- 6


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Date Posted: 10/1/2013 9:43 PM ET
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Looking for a deal or BOB offer on any of these titles I prefer mass market paperback. Please ignore if any are wish listed Thank you !

New authors names will be in Blue

List Updated 9-1-14

Karen Rose- Daniel Vartanian

1. Die for Me (2007)
2. Scream for Me (2008)
3. Kill for Me (2009)

W.E.B Griffin- Badge of Honor

1. Men In Blue (1988)
2. Special Operations (1989)
3. The Victim (1991)
4. The Witness (1992)
5. The Assassin (1993)
6. The Murderers (1995)
7. The Investigators (1997)
8. Final Justice (2002)
9. The Traffickers (2009) (with William E Butterworth IV)
10. The Vigilantes (2010) (with William E Butterworth IV)
11. The Last Witness (2013) (with William E Butterworth


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Date Posted: 10/2/2013 10:33 AM ET
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Looking for deals on teen/young adult/children's books (prefer 3/1 or better) that includes Newberry Honor/Award books.  All books in the deal don't have to be Newberry Honor/Award books but would like atleast 1 book to be.

This search is ongoing seeing as I always need to add new books to my classroom library.  My goal is to eventually have a copy of every Newberry Honor/Award book plus additional copies for the students to read. 

No longer looking for deals.  Less than 10 weeks left of the school year.  I'll start looking again next school year.

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Date Posted: 10/4/2013 3:58 PM ET
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Friday bumping

Subject: Cozy Mystery Series Wanted
Date Posted: 10/6/2013 2:42 PM ET
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Bed and Breakfast Mysteries

Pepper Martin Mysteries (Casey Daniels) 

#8 Wild, Wild Death

#9 Supernatural Born Killers

The Haunted Bookstore Mysteries (Alice Kimberly)

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Looking for

Watermelon   by   Marian Keyes

Girl Interrupted     by susanna Kaysen

Gianna : Aborted ....and lived to tell about it


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Looking for any of these books with a deal on your bookshelf. Please PM me if you have one or more with a deal. I am also always looking for deals on newer Harlequin Presents and Silhouette/Harlequin Desires books. Thanks!


The Marriage Betrayal (Harlequin Presents 3005) Author: Lynne Graham

The Secret Virgin (HP 2226) Author: Carole Mortimer

The Prince's Virgin Wife (Harlequin Presents, No 2535) Author: Lucy Monroe

An Innocent Affair (Triplet Brides) (Harlequin Presents, No 2114) Author: Kim Lawrence

Tamed: The Barbarian King by Jennie Lucas (Harlequin Presents, 2916)

Lazaro's Revenge (HP 2304) and The Spaniard's Passion (HP 2363) by Jane Porter

The Playboy's Seduction by Lucy Monroe

Bound by the Marcolini Diamonds (HP 2853), Enemies at the Altar (HP 3086) by Melanie Milburne

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Subject: Offering deals will be prioritized!
Date Posted: 10/9/2013 6:56 PM ET
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I'm always on a look-out for deals on chick lit, comedy/funny romance, hot romance and erotica books.:)

And if you have some of the books below & can offer a deal, please send me a message. Thanks!:)

Erin McCarthy... Fast Track Series: Flat Out Sexy, Hot Finish, The Chase

Kaki Warner... Chasing The Sun, and Runaway Brides Series: Heartbreak Creek, Colorado Dawn, Bride of the High Country

Jennifer Probst... Marriage to a Billionaire Series: The Marriage Bargain, The Marriage Trap, The Marriage Mistake, The Marriage Merger

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Monday bumping

Date Posted: 10/29/2013 7:00 AM ET
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bumping into November

Date Posted: 11/1/2013 6:41 PM ET
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Looking for a couple of these in a deal...

High Five by Janet Evanovich

A Darkness More Than Night by Michael Connelly

Lost Light by Michael Connelly

Just Over The Mountain by Robyn Carr

Down By The River by Robyn Carr

Or Could be Mixed with.....

Some Robyn Carr Virgin River Series - Lee Child - William Ken Krueger

Always interested in newer Paranormal Romance or newer Teen Hardcovers.

Date Posted: 11/1/2013 11:27 PM ET
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I'd really appreciate deals with books from this list, please...


Date Posted: 11/5/2013 11:39 AM ET
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looking for deals on the following books.    Always willing to deal on my book shelf also.  updated 7/8/14

thanks for looking

C. H. Admirand    A Wedding in Apple Grove

Toni Blake       Sugar creek -  Holly Lane

Christie Craig     Gotcha

Janet Dailey     Merry Christmas, Cowboy

Anna Jeffrey     Sweet Return -  Sweet Water

Donna Kaufman     Let me In

Hailey North      Love; Undercover

Carly Phillips        Perfect Fit

Christie Ridgway       Beach House No. 9 - Bungalow Nights


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I'm looking for a deal on Poison Apple chapter books.  So far, my daughter has A Dead End and This Totally Bites.  They don't have to be perfect, but I would like them in "nice" condition, as it is for one of her birthday presents.  Thanks!

Date Posted: 11/12/2013 4:40 PM ET
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Tuesday bump

Subject: FOUND - Discontinue
Date Posted: 11/12/2013 8:16 PM ET
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I am looking for a deal on Janet Evanovich for the following - either paperback or hard cover.


Found - thank you so much for replying


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Looking for a 2 for 1 deal on any of these (ignore if wishlisted):

Robert B. Parker's "Spenser" books

  • #5 The Judas Goat
  • #11 Valediction
  • #15 Crimson Joy

Carolyn G. Hart "Death on Demand" series

  • #5 A Little Class on Murder
  • #6 Deadly Valentine
  • #11 White Elephant Dead
  • #12 Sugarplum Dead
  • #13 April Fools Dead
  • #14 Engaged to Die

G.A. McKevett Savannah Reid books 1-4

Stephen R. Donaldson, (Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever)

  • The Illearth War (Book 2)
  • The Power that Preserves (Book 3) Deal in progress

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Subject: Shannon Stacey Kowalski Series
Date Posted: 11/17/2013 4:35 PM ET
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I’m looking for a deal on books from the Kowalski series by Shannon Stacey. (Post updated 07/14/14)

Book 1                  Exclusively Yours

Book 2                  Undeniably Yours

Book 3                  Yours to Keep

Book 5                  All He Ever Desired

Book 6                  All He Ever Dreamed

Prefer paperbacks (easier to store) and deals involving at least 2 one of these books.  Thank you. 

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I'm looking deals on book from this list, they don't have to be this isbn just this book ; )

Looking For These Here is the list

Here are the ones on the list I wasn the most!   ; )




Also if anyone would like any of the books on my shelf at a deal just ask!  I always run at least a 3 for 2 deal but I might consider others~


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