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Topic: **December**only copy in the system**

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Subject: **December**only copy in the system**
Date Posted: 11/30/2008 12:35 PM ET
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This is a place to post the books you have on your shelf that are the only copy in the system. 

If you don't know how to find out the number of copies of a book, just add the book to your reminder list and you can see the number of copies in the system. 


Here are the books that I have which are the only copy in the system:

The Little People's Guide To The Big World (Parent/Child Edition) 

Mama's Little Bears

Open Court Reading: Decodable Queen Kit Level 3


Foundations of Wellness: Stop the Insanity (Audio Cassette) :: Susan Powter

Joan Lunden's Healthy Living : A Practical, Inspirational Guide to Creating Balance in Your Life :: Joan Lunden

Stop the Insanity! (Also published as Eating: Information to get you Started) (Audio Cassette) :: Susan Powter

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Here are mine:

Animal Magnetism: At Home With Celebrities & Their Companions  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780765190512-Animal+Magnetism+At+Home+With+Celebrities+Their+Companions

Career Choice, Change & Challenge: 125 Strategies from the Experts at careerjournal.com  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781563707254-Career+Choice+Change+Challenge+125+Strategies+from+the+Experts+at+careerjournalcom

Dearest Dorothy: Slow Down, You're Wearing Us Out! & Are We There Yet?    http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780739443248-Dearest+Dorothy+Slow+Down+Youre+Wearing+Us+Out+Are+We+There+Yet

Heartsongs   http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780739424735-HEARTSONGS


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I have the following only copy of:

Daughters Keeper by Ayelet Waldman {ISBN-10: 1402203136}

Little Darlings by Sonia Pilcer {ISBN-10: 0345288947}

Love or Honor The Shocking True Story of the Undercover Cop Who Loved a Mafia Princess by Joan Barthel {ISBN-10: 0380711052}

Plan B by Jenny O'Connell  {ISBN-10: 1416520333}

Walking Through Shadows by Bev Marshall {ISBN-10: 1931561052}

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Here are mine.  I also have 2 unpostables one free with an order - Scattered Leaves - V.C. Andrews and Sword of Darkness Kinley MacGregor

Black Moth - Georgette Heyer

Death of a Poison Pen - MC Beaton -

Death of a Village - MC Beaton

Farewell Symphony

Fatal Command - Joseph D. McNamara

The Last Detective - Robert Crais

Masqueraders - Georgette Heyer

Quench the Moon

Scandals - Georgina Devon

Scarlet Lady - Georgina Devon

Temptation - Sheryl Woods

Threshold - Kiernan

Tommy's Gift - Precious Moments story

Winds of War - Herman Wouk

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From a smoke free home, but we do have cats.

4th of July (Woman's Murder Club) :: James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
ISBN-13: 9780446179669 - ISBN-10: 0446179663
Posted: 11/30/2008 5:03 PM ET

niffir - ,
Date Posted: 11/30/2008 5:44 PM ET
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Ancient Rage :: Mary Lee Wile


Beauty without the Beasts :: Heather Chase

Chase, founder of Models with Conscience (MWC), is an advocate for "cruelty-free products." In this book, she urges people to use cosmetics made from natural substances, wear nothing made from animals (including wool or leather) and eat only vegetarian foods. A longtime pet owner, Chase grew increasingly dismayed by the cosmetic industry's propensity to test products on animals, often with little regard for their welfare; this prompted her to form MWC, which promotes cruelty-free products. In her (apparently irony-free) words, "There are three main criteria for becoming a Models with Conscience affiliate: a pleasing physical appearance, genuine compassion for animals, and the ability to radiate confidently in front of the camera." Her positions, however, are rather extreme: she objects, for instance, to the use of silk, arguing that "it has been confirmed" that silkworms feel pain during the silk-removal process. The most useful sections of the book are the lists of "cruelty-free companies" as well as animal-derived ingredients. However, Chase's corny, clich‚-ridden prose ("Each of us really can make a difference and leave the planet better than we found it... lead through your own example and inspire others to adopt a more humane lifestyle") is tiresome, and unlikely to change the habits of the unconverted. (July)Forecast: According to survey research, 60% of women say they prefer to buy products that were not tested on animals so there may be a market for Chase's information, though perhaps not her platitudes.

The Big Fix :: Roger L. Simon

Who Killed the Sixties-Or Was it a Suicide?


Moses Wine thought he had put his interest in politics far behind him when he became a Los Angeles-based private detective. Sure, he'd once been an activist, but that had been during the Sixties. A lifetime ago?or so it seemed, before Lila Shea showed up on his doorstep. Lila was a woman who could have been the love of his life?had they remained together after their last night of passion in 1967. Nevertheless, she's back, and her political views are as strong as they were when Moses last saw her. Before he knows it, Moses finds himself at the campaign headquarters of Senator Miles Hawthorne. .The job Hawthorne offers seems simple: Locate Howard Eppis, chairman of the Free Amerika Party, and convince him to end the smear campaign he's been waging against the senator during his bid for presidency.
But then Lila turns up dead, and suddenly politics are the last thing on Moses' mind?...



Bone People :: Henry Bamman, William Odell, and Robert Whitehead

From the Space Science Fiction Series. This book has a vocabulary of 280 words and is appropriate for about a 3rd grade reading level. Following the story are a few pages of discussion on various space concepts and some follow-up questions for readers of the book.

The Buddha of Suburbia: A Novel :: Hanif Kureishi

From Publishers Weekly
Karim Amir, bored with his suburban lifestyle in England, is propelled into the fast lane and introduced to disparate cultures, classes and genders thanks to a disorienting chain of events sparked by his father, a self-proclaimed guru. PW called this "delectable. . . . Resembling a modern-day Tom Jones , this is an astonishing book, full of intelligence and elan."

Bug Jack Barron :: Norman Spinrad

Bug Jack Barron and he'll bug whoever's bugging you. With his latter day TV monitors that can put any man any time on the hot spot. This time the focus is on one Benedict Howard of the Foundation for Human Immortality with a million bodies on ice and a big bad secret. You might not find out what it is though. "As the Bohemian Boil-Sucker observed to the chick who farted in his face. . . it's people like you. . .who make this job disgusting." (Kirkus Reviews)

Choices :: Mary Lee Settle


From Publishers Weekly
Settle's novel tells the life story of a woman whose politically engaged life spans from the Spanish Civil War to the struggle for civil rights in the American South.

Community in America: The Challenge of Habits of the Heart :: Charles H. Reynolds


Cosmopolis: Urban Stories by Women :: Ines Rieder

From Publishers Weekly
Each of the 22 stories in this strong collection is set in a different city, offering stunning variety in their depiction of urban manners and mores from a female perspective. In Rosalind Warren's "Auto Repair," the major events in a Detroit teenager's life--from her mother's death to love's first heartbreak--take place inside an automobile: "I love this car," she thinks paradoxically. "Nothing can get me in here." Miriam Tlali's "Fud-u-u-a!" demonstrates how for Johannesburg blacks even the daily train ride to work becomes a degrading reminder of the double burden of suffering borne by black women. In Rosanna Fiocchetto's pointed tale, "The Day Rome Went Crazy," a great rainbow appears, setting off international folly: Red Square turns green, the White House turns red, and only lesbians welcome the undoing of order. In "Barcelona Love," Maria-Antonia Oliver describes opulence and garbage pickers, crowding and pollution, yet remains constant to the city she adores. Rieder's ( AIDS: The Women ) own "After Life in Vienna" is a women's washroom attendant's monologue that clings to hope even when it looks like the city's vitality has been relegated to graves and museums.

The Crypto-Amnesia Club (Masks Series) :: Michael Bracewell

Dance Unto the Lord :: George Dell

From Publishers Weekly
This well-researched historical novel reveals the intimate world of the Union Village Shaker community that flourished in southern Ohio in the early 19th century. Dell, who was born in Ohio in 1901 when the community was still struggling along (it closed in 1912), has spent a lifetime fascinated by the Ohio Shakers; he began work on this novel more than 30 years ago, when he retired from teaching at Capital University. Dell is a knowledgeable historian, sensitively portraying tensions within antebellum Shakerism, which was spreading its influence from the Northeast to the Midwest. The book's protagonist is one Richard Robinson, an uneducated young man who leaves his farming home for the opportunities of pre-Civil War Cincinnati. While he is there, his childhood sweetheart, Ruth, joins up with the Shakers, leaving no word of her whereabouts. When Richard leaves Cincinnati disillusioned and as penniless as when he arrived, he has to search high and low for her in "Shakertown." Dell fills the novel with fascinating details about daily life among the Shakers, from their meals and work habits to their hymns and distinctive dances. But impeccable history does not always make for compelling fiction. The book is dragged down by page after page of narrative description, uninterrupted by so much as a glimpse of a character or a plot line. In particular, the courtship of Richard and Ruth is slimly presented, with too little dialogue.

Death in Ancient Egypt (Pelican) :: A. J. Spencer

Faithful Rebecca :: Janice Eidus

In this wildly erotic, magical and comic novel of fast-paced suspense, Rebecca, a modern day Scarlett O'Hara from New York City, embarks on an impassioned search for her infant daughter, Lily, and Lily's kidnapper. Her quest leads to a mountaintop community of women emulating mythical Amazon warriors where Rebecca is reunited with both Lily, being raised as an Amazon, and Sagana, formerly Rebecca's devoted best friend and now the passionate, fierce, and beautiful Amazon queen. She also meets the equally memorable Howard Geller, a wisecracking, romantic, runaway teenager living on the fringe of the community. This many-leveled contemporary fable incorporates such motifs as personal ads and female bodybuilding, while asking difficult questions about women's roles as friends, lovers, mothers, and daughters.

Flowers of the Dinh Ba Forest :: Robert David Clark

This novel about the Vietnam War offers the tragedy, pathos, and irony you would expect from that war; it also offers sympathetic views from all sides: male and female; Vietnamese communist; American grunts both black and white; career officers, and a Vietnamese Chieu Hoi, a "repatriate." And a plot to boot, albeit a strange one, to fit a strange war.

G: A Novel :: John Berger

The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story :: Stephen R. Donaldson
From Publishers Weekly
Donaldson ( The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant ) launches his new five-book series with a short futurist novel of almost no substance. The plot is presented in its entirety in the first chapter: Robin Hoodish space pirate Nick Succorso cleverly steals the beautiful female prisoner Morn Hyland from the brute space pirate Angus Thermopyle, and has him thrown in jail. The rest of the book retells the same story in more detail. But it is mightily dull detail--Donaldson imparts neither warmth or humanity to his characters; it is all but impossible to care what befalls them. Information about their backgrounds serves as mere padding; their pasts rarely bear a relationship to their current actions, which often seem rash or out-of-character. Nor does the author delve far into the technology or culture of the society in which faster-than-light travel afflicts some with irreparable brain damage. A Zone Implant can turn such a person into a zombie, to protect his shipmates, but is otherwise illegal. From high technicalities to simple human truths, Donaldson has much to develop in sequels.

The Good Conscience :: Carlos Fuentes

The Good Conscience is Carlos Fuentes's second novel. The scene is Guanajuato, a provincial capital in Central Mexico, once one of the world's richest mining centers. The Ceballos family has been reinstated to power, and adolescent Jaime Ceballos, its only heir, is torn between the practical reality of his family's life and the idealism of his youth and his Catholic education. His father is a good man but weak; his uncle is powerful, yet his actions are inconsistent with his professed beliefs. Jaime's struggle to emerge as a man with a "good conscience" forms the theme of the book: can a rebel correct the evils of an established system and at the same time retain the integrity of his principles?

Humble Pie :: Janet Benrey, Ron Benrey

Amateur sleuth and corporate headhunter Pippa Hunnechurch returns for a third adventure (after Little White Lies and The Second Mile). This time, the headstrong British widow-turned-newlywed is being sued by the Hardesty Software Corporation for unethical business practices. she has stolen their star speechwriter, Dennis Grant, for one of her other clients. When Grant is murdered, Pippa and her associate, Gloria Spitz, search for clues in Grant's speeches that will help uncover his killer and save Pippa from the same fate. A charming mystery laced with Christian principles, this work will appeal to fans of Dorothy Gilman's "Mrs. Pollifax" series and PBS's Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. Recommended for Christian fiction and mystery collections. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

In the Distance, and Ahead in Time (Five Star First Edition Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) :: George Zebrowski

From Library Journal
From a darkly humorous tale of the power of words ("Death and the Librarian") to a never-before-published response to the events of September 11 ("Ilion"), Friesner's 12 stories illustrate the author's acutely sensitive vision of wonder in the everyday world. Often cloaked in humor, these tales always provide keen insights using sf and fantasy as vehicles. Known primarily for his "Star Wars" novels, including Heir to the Empire, Zahn's short stories also deliver strong plots and memorable characters. Beginning with a tale of interstellar war against a hive-mind ("Point Man") and ending with a novella that combines space travel and music in a unique and surprising fashion, Star Song's six pieces illuminate the author's versatility and eclectic tastes. Zebrowski's many novels (e.g., Macrolife) mark him as a visionary as well as a master of hard sf. The ten short stories collected in In the Distance provide a benchmark of his creativity. From tales of the near future ("The Water Sculptor") to those of the far future ("Between the Winds"), the author expands his concept of the human condition to embrace the stars. Part of Five Star's continuing commitment to showcasing the short fiction of the genre's most prominent authors, these three volumes belong in most libraries where short sf is popular.

Jack, the Lady Killer :: H. R. F. Keating, H.R.F. Keating

 The Punjab in India. 1935. The sub-continent under the Raj. Fresh from his English boarding school, Jack Steele is a new recruit to the Indian Imperial Police and soon begins to acquire the attitudes of old India hands towards the people under their rule. Only a few months into his posting, Jack has to conduct a murder investigation when one of the British community at his Station, the sexually rapacious widow Milly Marchbanks, is found strangled. To Jack's consternation, the only clue implicates a member of the Briton's Club. But which one? While Jack goes round and round in circles, his self-effacing Indian sergeant, Bulaki Ram, discreetly nudges him along the way he needs to go.
H. R. F. Keating is best known for his long series of Inspector Ghote mysteries set in India, but Jack, the Lady Killer is something completely different as well as completely unexpected. It is one of the rarest forms known to literature, a detective novel in verse. Inspired by Vikram Seth's brilliantly successful revival of the verse novel in The Golden Gate, Keating develops his rhyme-crime in nearly 300 fourteen-line stanzas. During a writing career spanning forty years, Keating has won many honours, most notably the award of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger in 1996 for a lifetime's achievement. Since 1985 he has been President of the Detection Club in succession to some of the greats of British crime fiction, G. K. Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers, Agatha Christie and Julian Symons.

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Exile in the Kingdom (Hardscrabble Books) :: Robert Harnum

Date Posted: 12/3/2008 9:47 PM ET
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Amnesiascope - Steve Erickson

Last Summer - Evan Hunter (aka Ed McBain) **I also have the sequel, Come Winter, which I will include for free

Right Wing, Wrong Bird - Joel C. Hunter  **Giftable

Slam - Lewis Shiner **Giftable

Tales from the Arabian Nights - adaptation by Gregory C. Aaron  **This is a Giftable mini-book.  Free with any order.


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Here is the 2nd half of my list:


Live from Earth :: Lance Olsen

Clare and Bink Fischer have a love so strong they're not about to let a little thing like death get in their way. She was a forthright young art student with the heart of a battered humanist looking for a class to complete her graduation requirement. He was a quiet budding writer experiencing frequent flashbacks of Vietnam and teaching a literature course on "all those things that bring a thought to the head and a lump to the throat."

Neither expected the plane to crash.

Clare drove Bink to the airport that blizzardy day. He was late. His flight left in twenty minutes. He jumped out of the VW, gave Clare a quick hug and a kiss and disappeared behind the sliding glass doors of the National terminal forever. Or did he?

Alternating smoothly between past and present, fantasy and reality, Live From Earth traces Clare and Bink's extraordinary relationship from its innocent beginnings at the University of Iowa to the end of life and beyond. . .

Love Always :: Ann Beattie

The Master Of Monterey: A Novel (Western Literature Series) :: Lawrence Coates

The American conquest of California is the subject of Lawrence Coates's remarkable new novel, a tale rich in magical irony, fraught with caustic truths and wrenching insights into the human condition. When Commodore Jones and the crew of the National Intention land in Monterey believing themselves to be bringing freedom and democracy to the benighted Californios, they discover that history has preceded them, that cruelty, betrayal, greed, and lust are already well established there, and that far from existing outside of history, California is a battleground for several contending versions of the past. They also find that their own limitations and illusions are far more powerful than the message of hope that they intend to deliver.

The motley crew of the National Intention includes a chronically seasick poet who pens an epic account of the conquest of California without ever setting eyes on the place or leaving his sickbed; a wondrously endowed captain irresistible to all women but seeking only the one who can help him escape the dark truth of his own separateness; and a crafty ex-slave who plans to abandon ship to create a new family to carry on the timeless history of his people lost on the Middle Passage. The ship's quixotic master, Commodore Jones, dedicates his acts to his chaste beloved-a woman who long ago betrayed him to marry his more successful brother. And helping to shape all their fates is a beautiful fourteen-year-old girl who escapes an unwanted marriage to a decayed septuagenarian by weaving her own magical shroud. There is also a lively set of supporting characters--land-rich dons, traders, friars, love-starved maiden aunts as well as dispossessed Indians whose own bitter irony has been nurtured by history. And there is the land itself--empty, enigmatic, home to vast populations of wildlife and countless herds of cattle.

"The Master of Monterey" is filled with heartbreaking irony and raucous energy-the story of the men who claimed the West and who, far from creating history, found themselves trapped within it.

The Messenger :: Joseph Girzone


From the bestselling author of Joshua and A Portrait of Jesus comes a moving, eye-opening parable about a messenger sent to reawaken faith, love, and compassion in a world that has strayed from the lessons of the Gospels.

In this Image paperback original, Joseph Girzone once again weaves a story that will transform readers' understanding of Jesus' teaching and change the way they put that teaching into action in their own lives. The Messenger is the story of the Kingdom of Light created by God on Earth. This kingdom started as a small community and grew to encompass vast numbers of people of every race and nation, transcending the boundaries of all worldly realms. But with the passage of time, the message of peace and forgiveness, love and joy, preserved in the book, is forgotten, overwhelmed by the selfish interests of its leaders. Watching over his people, God resolves to send a special messenger to renew the spirit of compassion and freedom among the rulers of the world. Francis, who became attached to God as a young boy and never lost the beauty and joy of that friendship, is entrusted with the precious mission.

As Francis travels throughout the United States, Girzone brings to life the conflicts, hostility, and pain of our times and points the way toward peace and understanding. With humility and a strong sense of purpose, Francis teaches leaders to break through the crushing letter of the law and restore its spirit, to reunite groups torn apart by prejudice and hatred through love, and to show compassion to the less fortunate by welcoming them back home to the kingdom. Under the guidance of a new ruler well versed in the book, fear and skepticism give way to the sharing of ideas and the bringing together of people of different beliefs. And the miracle that begins in one part of the world soon spreads, touching the hearts and of transfiguring the lives of the people across the globe.

More than Petticoats: Remarkable New York Women (More than Petticoats Series) :: Antonia Petrash


Obomsawin of Sioux Junction :: Daniel Poliquin

Of Mice, Models, and Men :: Andrew Rowan

Oriental Rugs, Antique and Modern. :: Walter Augustus, Hawley

Philosophy and Biology

Drawing on work of the past decade, this volume brings together articles from the philosophy, history, and sociology of science, and many other branches of the biological sciences. The volume delves into the latest theoretical controversies as well as burning questions of contemporary social importance. The issues considered include the nature of evolutionary theory, biology and ethics, the challenge from religion, and the social implications of biology today (in particular the Human Genome Project).

Process, Person, Presence: A Theology for Today's Believers :: Raymond Parr

A Question of Values :: Paul Lester Errington

Revenge Me, Veronica :: M E Gilverstein

During her tenure, the notorious Dr. Jacyln N. Andrews, professor of literature at a prestigious university, wrapped her web of sensuality and intellect around three young women. Since their interaction with the professor, all three have landed prestigious jobs. Lucinda Popsine spent years at a top publishing house in New York and now owns her own exclusive publishing company. Marissa Templeton is a Hollywood producer and filmmaker, and Shirley Carpenter is a legendary singer.

The troika of American mass communication finally meet and discover that in addition to a shared alma mater, their connection extends to a teacher they’ve tried to forget for nearly thirty years—Dr. Andrews. Unbeknownst to any of the leading ladies, their past secrets did not follow their disgraced professor to the grave.

Breaking a twenty-year silence, Veronica Gardner, the daughter of Dr. Andrews, forces the three to face their past. Few matters are more integral to the life of a mogul than a sterling reputation, and Lucinda, Marissa, and Shirley soon realize that a single woman can destroy their profitable livelihoods. Only the most desperate and wholehearted effort will prevent their adoring fan bases from learning the dissatisfying truth: all, in one form or another, owe their successes to Dr. Andrews.

  Save the Last Dance for Me: A Sam McCain Mystery :: Edward Gorman, Ed Gorman

From Publishers Weekly
Shamus-winner Gorman's fourth nostalgia-ridden Sam McCain novel (after The Day the Music Died), set in Black River Falls, Iowa (pop. 27,300), during the summer of 1960, has to rank as one of the more good-natured mysteries in memory. His wouldn't-hurt-a-fly but much abused hero, a part-time lawyer and part-time PI, gets hired by the town judge to investigate the murder of John Muldaur, a local fundamentalist preacher who used live rattlesnakes to test the "purity" of his flock, after someone doses the preacher's bottle of Pepsi with strychnine. When he wasn't sleeping with the wife of one of his congregation, Muldaur was conducting a vigorous campaign to expose the conspiracy of Zionists and Roman Catholics to take over the world. Gorman has a lot of fun at the expense of his half-witted bigots. McCain's orders are to find Muldaur's killer before the arrival of presidential candidate Richard Nixon, who's on a campaign tour and due to deliver a speech in Black River Falls. A stupid sheriff and the fanatical hillbillies who revere Muldaur's name don't make McCain's task any easier. Gorman delivers an intelligent and plausible solution to the crime, while the killer proves to be an unexpected but logical choice good for a goose bump or two. If the book's a bit thin on substance, it's a fast read with the best cast of comical country characters this side of Dogpatch.

Scorch :: A.D. Nauman

In the future world of Scorch, America is run by a “corporacracy.” Three conglomerates have taken control not by force but by manipulating common beliefs and values through the media, and particularly by playing on Americans' fears of Big Brother. Consumerism and privatization have run amok in this landscape of flashing screens and subtle brainwashing, a world where even city streets and public schools are run by big business. This is a darkly comic first novel of a dystopian future, with echoes of 1984 and Brave New World.

Signal Hill :: Alan Rifkin

Five stories track boys and men as they navigate among the ghosts and mirages of greater Los Angeles. Rifkin's male protagonists are part fuck-up, part primal force, and full of longing-for fathers, for mothers, for sex, for faith, for just getting it right.

A one-time actor staggers toward his demise and clings to a ledge of -possibly lunatic belief; a young boy is haunted by cosmic loneliness in the form of a medical encyclopedia; the heir to an absent father's wealth can't quite bring himself to claim his portion.

The ordinary becomes epic in the contested terrain between faith and doubt, love and sex, spirit and flesh, reality and illusion.

Smiling through the apocalypse :: Bonnie McCafferty

Television (French Literature Series) :: Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Jordan Stump

That Constant Coyote: California Stories :: Gerald W. Haslam

From Publishers Weekly
Haslam's ( Okies: Selected Stories ) mostly lightweight collection of 25 stories offers some amusing tales, but the repeated use of shrewish female characters to create conflict wears thin long before the book ends. Typical are "Dancing," where a man is caught between his aging parents: a father losing his ability to drive a car and a mother who would enjoy depriving him of it; and "Joaquin," in which a petulant star given to sexual innuendo dismisses her leading men as California fakes, dubbing them "Hebrew Spaniards." "Tower Power" shows two New Age charlatans, the Divine Len Schwartz and Love Sister Sunshine, as they compete for an upscale market of "churchless-but-yearning commuters." "Someone Else's Life" recounts the lessons a boy learns from his father's foreman: on fishing and to "remember what's real, and keep a tight hold on it." In "Missing in Action," one of the few stories with a more serious theme, a son discovers how his father, caught up in anti-Japanese hysteria during World War II, was an accessory to burning the home of an innocent family sent away for internment.

Too Many People: The Case of Reversing Growth :: Lindsey Grant

In this modest little book, originally written as a handbook for Negative Population Growth, Inc., Lindsey Grant, a retired career U.S. government official and diplomat, explores the consequences of having six billion people on the planet, and how much worse things are going to get as our numbers increase.

The Waiting Sands :: Susan Howatch

“Dearest Raye… I’ m writing to ask if you can possibly come to Ruthven for a few days. My twenty–first birthday falls next Sunday… I would feel much less frightened if you were beside me until after midnight on Saturday.” Dependable Rachel Lord hasn’t heard from her school friend Decima Mannering for over two years when, out of the blue, she is invited to Ruthven, the fairytale Scottish castle her friend will inherit on her coming of age. Her arrival is met with relief by Decima, who is convinced her husband Charles means her harm. Is Decima in her right mind? Or is Rachel being duped by her worldlier friend? As the eve of Decima’s twenty–first birthday approaches, a shocking event leaves Rachel with no doubt.

Walk in My Footsteps :: Martha Grooms


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Subject: The Road--Taken
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I have

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The copy i have is one that is wishlisted but with a different ISBN (i am on that thread also)--so when I posted it, no one got it.

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An Eye For An Eye :: Gerald Seymour
ISBN-13: 9780688079147 - ISBN-10: 0688079148

Double Barrel Western: The Bushwackers/Ride the Wild Country :: Lee Floren
ISBN-13: 9780843926101 - ISBN-10: 0843926104

Fall and Rise :: Stephen Dixon
ISBN-13: 9780865471924 - ISBN-10: 0865471924

Funny Money
ISBN-13: 9780523424170 - ISBN-10: 0523424175

Irish Eyes, Large Print Edition :: Andrew M. Greeley
ISBN-13: 9780739409930 - ISBN-10: 073940993X

An Irresistible Flirtation
ISBN-13: 9780373173181 - ISBN-10: 0373173180

The Killing Gift :: Bari Wood
ISBN-13: 140965

King of Colorado :: Owen Rountree
ISBN-13: 9780345314550 - ISBN-10: 0345314557

Men and Mines of Newmont: A Fifty Year History :: Robert H. Ramsey
ISBN-13: 9780374967109 - ISBN-10: 0374967105

The Priceless Gift the love letters of Woodrow WIlson and Ellen Axson Wilson :: Eleanor Wilson McAdoo
ISBN-13: 141155

Private Secretary's Encyclopedic Dictionary :: Prentice-Hall Editorial Staff
ISBN-13: 9780137110933 - ISBN-10: 0137110936


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Catholic University of America: A Centennial History :: Joseph C. Nuesse

Community of Faith: Models and Strategies for Developing Christian Communities :: Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, James D. Whitehead

Cult and Controversy: The Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass :: Nathan Mitchell

Dangerous Memories: House Churches and Our American Story :: Bernard J. Lee, Michael A. Cowan

Dilemmas of modern religious life (Consecrated life studies) :: J.-M.-R Tillard

Election and consensus in the church (Concilium: religion in the seventies, v. 77: Church history) :: Giuseppe Alberigo, Anton Weiler

Exodus and Sinai in history and tradition (Growing points in theology) :: Ernest W Nicholson

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man: A Memoir :: George Bockl

Eyes on the prize : America's civil rights years : a reader and guide :: Toby Kleban Levine

Fables for God's People :: John R. Aurelio

Finance in your church :: Douglas W Johnson

Fresh Ideas for Preaching, Worship & Evangelism

The Friendship Connection: How Mentors and Friends Can Make Your Faith Strong :: Timothy K. Jones

Fundamental Theology :: Gerald O'Collins

Gathering the Fragments: A Gospel Mosaic :: Edward Farrell

The gentle savages :: Sesyle Joslin

Gifts That Differ: Lay Ministries Established and Unestablished :: David N. Power

Globalization, Poverty, and International Development: Insights from Centisimus Annus :: Brian Griffiths

Gospel of st Matthew (Read and Pray) :: Donald Senior

The Great Game of Politics: Why We Elect, Whom We Elect :: Dick Stoken

Great Traditions in Ethics :: Theodore C. Denise


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30 Days To Understanding What Christians Believe In 15 Minutes A Day Expanded Edition
Author: Max E. Anders

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Witch Way to Murder by Shirley Damsgaard.  First in the Ophelia and Abby series.

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Damn Senators: My Grandfather and the Story of Washington's Only World Series Championship - http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781594030451-Damn+Senators+My+Grandfather+and+the+Story+of+Washingtons+Only+World+Series+Championship

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"Adam's Bride" by Rosemary Carter

''An Affair to Forget'' by Rachel Lindsay

''Anamalympics Guide" by M. Steinburg

''Call Back Yesterday'' by Charlotte Lamb

''Caribbean Encounter'' by Kay Thorpe

''Castle of Temptation'' by Flora Kidd

''Child of Judas'' by Violet Winspear

i will add more as i find them

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Born to Be a Hoosier- Woody Oakes http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9780966711509-Born+to+Be+a+Hoosier (Giftable condition)

Alone in the Forest ('The Holocaust Diaries Collection, Volume 10) http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560623052-Alone+in+the+Forest+The+Holocaust+Diaries+Collection+Volume+10


Dare to Survive
Author: Chaim S. Friedman http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560621355-Dare+to+Survive

Jewish glimpses of Frankfurt
Author: Yitshak Alfasi  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560622147-Jewish+glimpses+of+Frankfurt

Late Memories
Author: Moshe Holczler http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560620709-Late+Memories


Stranger to Her People
Author: Ruth Benjamin  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560622314-Stranger+to+Her+People

They Called Me Frau Anna  http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560620822-They+Called+Me+Frau+Anna

Yesterday's Child http://www.paperbackswap.com/book/details/9781560621775-Yesterdays+Child