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Topic: It's December - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's December - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 12/1/2012 7:41 PM ET
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My Reading List - December 2012


  1. "BREAKPOINT" by JoAnn Ross (High Risk #4) (A++++) Air Force combat controller Dallas O'Halloran has a reputation as a hell-raising lady-killer. But he's also fiercely loyal. So when he's recruited by a new combat unit, Dallas is none too pleased to find himself teamed up with the icy blond JAG officer who nearly court-martialed his friends. Academy graduate Julianne Decatur is tough, tenacious and driven by her belief in military law. She has zero patience for hotshot Spec Ops cowboys who think the rules don't apply to them - and even less tolerance for Dallas's tough-as-nails Texas attitude. But when they're assigned to investigate a Navy flyer's apparent suicide, they discover the trail of a ruthless killer with a secret to hide - and an attraction between them that can't be denied. And when their prey turns the tables on them, Julianne will have to depend on the one man daring and reckless enough to keep them both alive.
  2. "THE CHASE" by Erin McCarthy (Fast Track #4) (A++++) When racing for the checkered flag...expect a few speed bumps. Kendall Holbrook is determined to make it to the top, even with the challenge of being a woman on the male-dominated racing circuit. She doesn't have time for romance - especially not with racing rival Evan Monroe, the man who nearly crushed her dreams years ago. Forced into meeting up with him, Kendall is experiencing all those old feelings again - and she can't deny that they still have more than enough chemistry to set fire to the track. After getting dropped by his biggest sponsor, Evan is watching his racing season go up in flames. Now, the only replacement available is completely humiliating: a co-sponsorship for his-and-her deodorant with Kendall Holbrook - the girl who once broke his heart. Acting like Kendall doesn't still get him all hot and bothered is bad enough, but the biggest challenge awaits him on the track - where Evan has to decide if a second chance at love is more important than making it to the finish line.
  3. "WILD TEXAS ROSE" by Jodi Thomas (Whispering Mountain #6) (A+++) Twenty-five-year-old Rose McMurray may be beautiful, smart and capable of running her adopted family's ranch at Whispering Mountain, but she's back away from marriage three times without giving any reasons. Everyone thinks Rose is a coward, afraid of any adventure, including falling in love. She's never done a single wild or reckless thing in her life...until now. Duncan McCurray, like Rose, was adopted into the family. As a Texas Ranger, he swears he'll never settle down and marry. Duncan has been Rose's guardian angel since they wer kids but now, for the first time in their lives, he's the one who has put her in danger. So, somehow, and without letting Rose know, he has to protect her from an outlaw gang determined to kill her. He's convinced that her heart can't take the stress if she knows. The only question is, can his heart take the nearness of her?
  4. "HONK IF YOU LOVE REAL MEN" "NAUGHTY GIRL" by Carrie Alexander (A+++) Estrella has never really taken a chance on anything risky in her life. But when her boss goes out of town, leaving her swanky apartment and her hot little sports car in Estrella's care, Estrella finds that she has suddenly developed a taste for the daring. So when she catches the eye of the gorgeous construction worker she has been lusting after for months, she musters up the courage to invite him to a delicious afternoon tryst that turns out to be much, much more. "WANTED: ONE HOT-BLOODED MAN" by Pamela Britton (A++) When Breanna Miller decides to cure her fear of physical intimacy by bedding a former high school flame, she gets more than she bargained for. This hot-blooded hunk intends not only to cure her, but to explore every erotic fantasy known to a woman's soul. "HAVE MERCY" by Susan Donovan (A+++) Winifred Mackland is a hot writer who can't get her screenplay to be...well, hot. What has been lacking is the perfect man to provide the right kind of inspiration. So when her agent sends her up to the Berkshires to get her head together, Winifred feels that it is just what the doctor ordered. That is, until she meets her new neighbor, who sets more than her imagination on fire. "RENO'S CHANCE" by Lora Leigh (A++) Raven McIntire has secretly pined for her best friend's older brother, Reno, ever since she was a little girl. And when he went on to become a Navy SEAL, she waited anxiously for him to return from each and every mission. What she didn't realize was that Reno had long ago noticed that the little girl had become a woman. And now that he's home, his only mission is to get her into his arms, into his bed and into his heart.
  5. "CUT THROAT" by Sharon Sala (Cat Dupree #2) (A+++) He killed her once...Throat slashed and left for dead next to her murdered father, a thirteen-year-old girl vows to hunt down the man who did this to them - Solomon Tutuola. Now grown, bounty hunter Cat Dupree lets nothing - or no one - stand in the way of that deadly promise. Not even her lover, Wilson McKay. Their sexually charged encounters leave McKay wanting more, but Cat is determined to keep her distance. She doesn't need a man making emotional demands, not now, when revenge is near. Suspecting that Tutuola is still alive, despite witnessing the horrific explosion that should have killed him, Cat follows a dangerous money trail to Mexico, swearing not to return until she's certain Tutuola is dead - even if it means destroying her very soul.
  6. "LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER" by Diana Gabaldon (unabridged Audio Cassette) (A+++) Lord John is in a difficult spot. His cousin Olivia is engaged to marry the Honorable Joseph Trevelyan, but he has just observed something of a rather personal nature that, if confirmed, might put an end to any talk of marital bliss. Determined to investigate further, Lord John is distracted when the Crown calls for his services. A comrade in arms has been slain and to complicate matters, the victim may have been a traitor. Now Lord John has not one, but two puzzling mysteries to solve.
  7. "LONE STAR LEGACY" by Roxanne Rustand (Cowboy Country) (A+++) A second chance in Texas. For Beth Lindstrom, the rundown cafe she inherited in the small town of Lone Wolf was simply a means to an end. Selling it and moving on was the young widow's only hope of a fresh start for her and her five-year-old daughter - though she doubted there was any place on earth they'd feel really safe ever again. However, she hadn't counted on Joel McAllen getting under her skin. The handsome ex-cop seemed to sense that her past held a terrible secret that kept her on the run. But it wasn't until her husband's killer followed her to Texas that she realized she'd need to trust Joel with her life...and her heart.
  8. "THE BEST BRIDE" by Susan Mallery (Hometown Heartbreakers #1) (A+++) With his sexy Stetson and x-rated grin, was Sheriff Travis Haynes Glenwood's leading lady-killer or Elizabeth Abbott and her daughter's knight in shining armor? Finally pulling her life back together, Elizabeth couldn't afford more heartbreak. Still, Travis was awfully tempting. With every fragment of her betrayed heart, Elizabeth longed to trust the legendary lawman - enough to become his bride and give her child a daddy. But would her shattering past forever hold her hostage...even from the love that could make her whole?
  9. "THREE DOWN THE AISLE" by Sherryl Woods (Rose Cottage Sisters #1) (A+++) When Melanie D'Angelo arrived at Rose Cottage, she was only looking to mend her shattered heart and restore the beautiful house her grandmother once called home. The last thing she wanted was to become involved with her landscape designer! Mike Mikelewski couldn't deny his instant connection with gorgeous Melanie, but the single dad already had a woman in his life - his adorable, but troubled, young daughter, Jessie. Even though Melanie made his heart pound - and Jessie smile - he wouldn't allow himself to take a chance on a love that was blossoming like the Rose Cottage garden. Or could the trio become the family that Jessie had always dreamed about?
  10. "CROSSFIRE" by JoAnn Ross (High Risk #2) (A++++) Caitlin Cavanaugh likes being in charge. Maybe that's why she's an FBI special agent. Her latest assignment: Stop a violent madman in Somersett, South Carolina. But even more challenging is working with former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade, who - though Cait would never admit it - makes her feel deliciously out of control. It takes a sniper to catch a sniper and McKade begins spending steamy summer nights with Cait, investigating the murders. But when the killer starts leaving chillingly familiar clues, the pair knows that the murders aren't random...and Cait and Quinn could be next.
  11. "TAKE ME" by Cherry Adair (A+++++) Business exec Joshua Falcon is used to getting way in the boardroom - and in the bedroom. And when he meets gorgeous Jessie Adams at a party, he wants her. Now - naked in his four-poster. Together the two of them could have a hot sexual affair - with no commitments. That suits Jessie to a T. Long nights of incredible sex. No ties. All she wants ia a baby by the man she's always secretly hungered for...and then she's moving on. Except Jessie and Joshua share a surprising past. One that's about to take them where they never expected to go.
  12. "SECRET HIDEOUT" by Paula Graves (Cooper #9) (Cooper Security #2) (A+++) She'd watched them bury her partner. Now he was back...and coming to her rescue. They came after former FBI agent Isabel Cooper in her hotel room. Drugged and fighting for her life, she ran right into the arms of a dead man. But Ben Scanlon was very much alive and now her life was in his hands, too. His face was rougher and his hair longer than when they'd last met, but he still carried himself like a born Texan. Undercover with the same redneck mafia that was after her, Scanlon thought he could save Isabel without revisiting their past together. But when every step led to a trap and every touch they shared had a consequence, he wasn't going to waste a second chance - or another bullet.
  13. "GETTING LUCKY" by Susan Andersen (Marine #2) (A++++) Lily Morrisette wants roots, respect, her own business and independence. So what is she doing on a road trip with a good-looking marine who's carrying her into the heart of serious peril? It started out as an impulsive lark fueled by her strong chemical reaction to sexy Zach Taylor - a tough, blustery, yet tender-in-spite-of-himself career military man who's determined to break u his darling "baby sister" Glynnis's wedding engagement. But there's no Glynnis waiting for them at the end of the line - only a ranson note...and a death threat. Amid a dangerous next of family secrets, the heat between Zach and Lily soon becomes unbearable as a kidnapper's dark and twisted scheme pulls them closer than either dreamed possible. And when passion explodes, Lily's reckless act could prove to be either the best risk she's every taken...or her last.
  14. "HOT & BOTHERED" by Susan Andersen (Marine #3) (A++++) Were things getting to hot to handle? When Victoria Hamilton's "no strings, no last names" vacation fling resulted in a baby, she knew she had to begin a new life far from her family's corrupting influence. Now her father has been murdered, her half brother, Jared, is the prime suspect and Tori has no choice but to return to Colorado Springs with her young daughter. She'll do anything to prove Jared's innocence. But confronting her past when she opens the door to her new private investigator and comes face-to-face with John "Rocket" Miglionni sure isn't what she had in mind. Tori isn't the only one who's in for a surprise. Thrilled at first to find the woman who rocked his world six years ago, the rugged former marine takes one look at her little girl with his dark eyes - and Tori's panicked expression - and gets the shock of his life. In one fell swoop he's found the woman who haunts his dreams and discovered he's a daddy. As tough as they come, John now has two females holding a big piece of his heart, a troubled teenager who expects the worse from the adult males in his life...and a second chance to make it right for all of them.
  15. "WHAT'S COOKING?" by Sherryl Woods (Rose Cottage Sisters #2) (A+++) Recipe for disaster - or red hot romance? Take one part Maggie D'Angelo, the striking and independent food critic who's had her fill of casual men. Add one part gorgeous photographer on a mission for seduction. Rick Flannery's playboy reputation left a sour taste in Maggie's mouth, but his desire went far beyond a passing fancy. Mix in a healthy dose of meddling sisters who believe Rick is just the man to spice up Maggie's life. Maggie's afraid this recipe will boil over, making a mess of her orderly life. But Rick knows the risk of getting burned leads to the sweetest payoff of all - true love!
  16. "HOLLY AND MISTLETOE" by Susan Mallery (A+++++) A place to call home. A storm had claimed her apartment and now Holly Garrett was without a home for the holidays. But just when she saw her plans for Christmas crumbling a miracle came her way. The handsome firefighter who'd saved her and her cat - and who'd injured himself in the rescue - was now asking for her help. And he was inviting her to live with him. Sure, she could cook and clean for him while he recuperated, but was that really all he wanted? Jordan Haynes couldn't let Holly be alone for Christmas - not when she brought out his every protective instinct. No, he could play the needy patient as well as anyone...and just maybe he could convince her to keep him comany through the holidays - if not longer.
  17. "TALL, DARK, AND CAJUN" by Sandra Hill (Times of Your Life - Cajun #2) (A+++) Hot, bothered and in over her head! Men! After finally dumping her fiance, whose idea of romance was making sure she toned her butt and abs, decorator Rachel Fortier hightails it out of D.C. straight for Cajun country. But her ex-taxidermist grandma's cabin on stilts in the Louisiana bayou isn't quite the grand estate she imagined. Throw in a pet alligator named Useless, a herd of Southerners born and bred and Remy LeDeux, the smoldering-eyed pilot angling for her family's property and Rachel's in for a passel of trouble - especially since their chemistry is hotter than the Atchafalaya Swamp in July. With his miniskirted great-aunt itching to marry him off and her rifle-toting grandma ready to shoot Remy the second he sets foot on her land, the sexiest bad boy this side of the Mason-Dixon line will need a special kind of voodoo to win this new civil war.
  18. "BRIGHT HOPES" by Pat Warren (Tyler #2) (A+++) Welcome to Tyler. Join the crowd. Sit in the bleachers and catch up on the latest gossip. Share the passions and pastimes of America's favorite hometown. The hometown hero and the lady coach. Patrick Kelsey, Tyler's former all-star, is not impressed to learn that Tyler High's new football coach is a woman. But Pam Casals isn't what Patrick expect. Can they create a winning team? Pam's bright, vivacious and dedicated. Her infectious enthusiasm inspires everyone around her. Yet, when Patrick tries to get close to her, she backs off. Patrick begins to wonder if there's something important Pam isn't telling him.
  19. "CAINE'S RECKONING" by Sarah McCarty (Hell's Eight #1) (A+++++) The Texas Rangers are the only family he's ever needed, until he meets the only woman he's ever wanted. Caine Allen is definitely not the marrying kind. But when he rescues a kidnapped woman and returns her to town, his honor and his desire for Desi won't allow him to let her go. From the moment he beds Desi, Caine knows turmoil will follow. Desi might have the face of a temptress, but she also has a will of iron. And while she needs his protection, she's determined that no man will control her again. They establish an uneasy bond, but it isn't enough for Caine. All he wants is to keep her in his bed. But with a bounty still on her head, first he must keep her alive.
  20. "SARAH'S SEDUCTION" by Lora Leigh (Men of August #2) (A+++) A hot summer night six years before, Brock August showed Sarah Tate a passion that would nearly destroy her. Fear and innocence drove her from his arms and into a marriage she neither wanted nor found happiness in. Now Sarah is free and she wants that night she lost. One night, a few stolen hours to know the heat and passion of the man she never forgot. But Brock has other plans in mind. A secret, a passion, a desire his brothers share. A desire Sarah will be unable to deny. That is, if she can escape the dark designs on the stalker intent on destroying the August Men.
  21. "THE SASSY ONE" by Susan Mallery (Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road #2) (A++++) Francesca Marcelli married at eighteen - right on schedule, according to her warm, colorful family, who always said a beauty like Francesca need never worry about finding love. But a few years later, finding herself on her own with a wide-open future ahead of her, she pursues her educational passions - with a risky experiment that takes her straight into the arms of playboy CEO Sam Reese. Delighted by Francesca's interest in a no-strings relationship. Sam suddenly finds himself needing her outside the bedroom when a secret from his past lands on his doorstep. But Francesca soon has a secret of her own to tell - a bombshell that will force the diehard bachelor to show his true colors. Are there "I do's" in Sam and Francesca's future? Only if she can persuade him that home truly is where the heart finds happiness.
  22. "A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN" by Vickie Lewis Thompson (Wild About Your #1) (A++++) A fantasy come to life - literally. Emma Gavin write bestselling novels about werewolves, but that doesn't mean she believes in them - and she certainly doesn't think she'll meet one. But that's exactly what happens when her books catch the attention of a rich and powerful pack of Manhattan Weres, who have kept their existence hidden for centuries. Alarmed by the accuracy of her novels, they're determined to find out if a renegade is acting as her informant. Aidan Wallace, the pack leader's son and heir, knows he's the wolf for the job, but when he gets close to Emma, they are both surprised by an attraction too strong to deny. To surrender to it, Aidan will have to risk everything - including the security of the pack he's sworn to protect.
  23. "SKINTIGHT" by Susan Andersen (Two Showgirls #1) (A+++) Professional poker player Jax Gallagher should have known better than to wager a World Series baseball that wasn't his to lose. Now the man who won the collectible is demanding hs prize...or else. Trouble is, the ball is owned by his estranged father's widow - a flamboyant Las Vegas showgirl. Jax will do whatever it takes to get it back. Yet Treena McCall is anything but the ruthless gold digger Jax expects. She's built a life for herself filled with good friends and hard work. And she's got enough on her plate trying to hang on to her job as a dancer without being wined, dined and seduced by sexy Jax Gallagher.
  24. "URBAN COWBOYS" by Vickie Thompson Lewis "THE TRAILBLAZER: T.R. McGUINNES" (A+++) A Manhattan businessman. He's intelligent. Decisive. And a little wild. He's come out West looking for adventure. But he never expects his greatest challenge to be a sexy spitfire named Freddy. "THE DRIFTER: CHASE LAVETTE" (A+++) A New York trucker turned cowboy. He's moved out West to get away from his troubles. He never expects his one-time lover, Amanda Drake, to follow him - bringing with her the son he never knew he had. "THE LAWMAN: JOE GILARDINI" (A++++) A New York cop. He's burned out and cynical. His job - to investigate the accidents ocurring at the True Love Ranch. Only, when he meets sexy wrangler Leigh Singleton, he can't help wanting to keep her under surveillance...day and night!
  25. "THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION" by Sherryl Woods (Rose Cottage Sisters #3) (A+++) Hotshot attorney Ashley D'Angelo had taken refuge at her grandmother's tranquil home after a terrible case made her reevaluate everything - even her successful career. Still, no matter what her sisters thought, the place wasn't magical. Ashley wouldn't succumb to any "Rose Cottage Curse" and wind up falling head over heels in love there! But after a minor fender-bender provided a memorable first meeting, Ashley couldn't believe how compelled she was by salt-of-the-earth Josh Madison - a man totally unlike the high-powered piranhas she was used to dating. Or was he? Because there was far more to Josh than met the eye. And when Ashley learned his secret, would a dream love affair come to a nightmarish conclusion?
  26. "THE SHADOWS OF CHRISTMAS PAST" "ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIRACLE" by Christine Feehan (Christmas Series #3) (A++++) When Cole Steele, a womanizer rumored to have killed his father, meets Maia Armstrong, a veterinarian rumored to practice magic, the sparks that fly could melt all the snow on his Wyoming ranch. And when an injured horse brings them rogether, Cole can't help but believe that Maia casts spells on animals and men. What else could explain the burning passion he feels for her and the thawing of his heart around the holidays? "A TOUCH OF HARRY" by Susan Sizemore (Primes #2.5) (A+++) When the injured wolf Dr. Marjorie Piper takes back to her kennel turns into a man, Marj is stunned and keeps his subsequent escape a secret. The only thing more difficult to hide is the burning desire she feels for Harrison Blethyin, a stranger in town who brings out her animal instincts. But when Marj and Harry join forces to find a pack of runaway teens before Christmas, truths are revealed that will bind their souls together forever.
  27. "SMALL TOWN GIRL" by Patricia Rice (A++++) A small town with a big heart. Hard-iving musician Flynn "Flint" Clinton has left heartache and his wild ways behind in Nashville, returning to his sleepy hometown of Northfork, North Carolina. There he hopes to start a new life as owner of the Stardust Cafe, relaxing and raising his two preteen sons in peace and quiet. Then Flint meets the colorful, indomitable Joella Sanderson, a blond bombshell who serves a mean cup of caffeine at the Stardust - and whose amazing voice belongs at the top of the charts. Jo's catchy comedic ditties and radiant energy captivate the coffee shop regulars and even threaten to transform the cynical Flint, who finds himself reluctantly rediscovering the joy of music. With Jo by his side, Flint can once again appreciate a beautiful melody and strum his guitar with the same passion and pleasure that once filled his life. But in Flint's world, trouble is never far away. This time it arrives just as he dares to open his heart to the possibility of true love.
  28. "TRIAL BY FIRE" by J.A. Jance (Alison Reynolds #5) (unabridged Audio CD) (A++++) In the heat of the Arizona desert, a raging fire pushes temperatures to a deadly degree and one woman is left to burn. Pulled naked and barely breathing from the fire, the victim has no idea who she is, let alone who would do this to her - or why. In her hospital bed she drifts in and out of consciousness, her only means of communicating a blink of the eye. And then an angel appears. Misguidedly known around town as the "Angel of Death," Sister Anselm has devoted her life to working as an advocate for unidentified patients. To her burn patient, she is a savior. But to this Jane Doe's would-be killer, Sister Anselm's efforts pose a serious threat. Ali Reynolds is on the scene as the new media relations consultant for the Yavapai County Police Department, keeping reporters at bay and circumventing questions about arson and a link to a domestic terrorist group called Earth Liberation Front. But her job quickly becomes much more. As Ali stuggles to help Sister Anselm uncover the helpess woman's identity, they realize that by locating the missing relatives they may be exposing the victim once more to a remorseless killer determined to finish the job. Faced with the possibility of putting all three of their lives in jeopardy, Ali fearlessly pursues justice - and what she discovers is a secret even darker and more twisted than she ever could have imagined.
  29. "SHATTERED" by JoAnn Ross (High Risk #3) (A++++) As an Army Night Stalker pilot, Shane Garrett never knew what country he'd wake up in, let alone if his onetime love - Army doctor Kirby Campbell - was still alive. They lost touch after their red-hot affair in Baghdad's sweltering heat. But war has a way of giving people deja vu. A year and a half later, sporting a new prosthetic leg, Shane is trying to rebuild his life in South Carolina. Also stateside is Kirby, but when she learns a friend is being held hostae in Central America, she and the Phoenix Team, along with Zach Tremayne and Quinn McKade, waste no time organizing a mission - and Shane isn't about to let them leave him behind...or let Kirby get away. But when Kirby and Shane stare danger in the face, they come to know each other the way no civilian could ever understand. And they wonder: Can they fight for their country, for their lives - and for love?
  30. "THE CAJUN COWBOY" by Sandra Hill (Time of Your Life - Cajun #3) (A++++) Talk about a bad hair day! Louisiana beauty salon owner Charmaine LeDeux has a loan shark on her tail and Raoul Lanier, the six-foot-three hunk of testosterone she thought she divorced, has just delivered a bombshell: They're still married! At least the rundown ranch they've inherited together is the perfect hideout. Holy crawfish! It's hard enough for Raoul to play cowboy to a bunch of scrawny steer, let alone suffer the exquisite torture of living with the delectable Charmaine, who's declared herself a born-again virgin. What's a man crazy with desire to do? Seduce her on their home on the range, even if it means taking advice from bachelor ranch hands, Charmaine's belly-dancing great-aunt and St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes. With the moon shining over the bayou and the Dixie Mafia in hot pursuit, this Cajun cowboy must sweet-talk his way into his wife's arms again...before she unties the knot for good!
  31. "ENDLESS NIGHT" by Catherine Anderson "SWITCHBACK" (A++++) Mallory Christiani's world threatens to crumble when her daughter is kidnapped. She's warned not to tell anyone - not her family, not her friends and most definitely not the police. But private investigator Mac Phearson won't take no for an answer. Mac had failed once to keep his promise to see both Mallory and Emily to safety and he wasn't going to let it happen again. Now, with no one to turn to but each other, Ma and Mallory find that their future and happiness depend on holding nothing back. "CRY OF THE WILD" (A+++) When her brother disappears, Crysta Meyers leaves the big city to join in the search for her missing twin. She doesn't expect that in the Alaskan wilderness her greatest threat will come not from nature, but from a man. Someone is determined to stop Crysta from finding her brother - and will resort to any means necessary. Crysta's only ally is Sam Barrister, a rough and rugged mountain guide as untamed as the wilderness itself.
  32. "SAM'S CREED" by Sarah McCarty (Hell's Eight #2) (A+++++) Every Texas woman knows the men of Hell's Eight offer wild, no-strings-attached pleasure. Well, almost every woman. Known for making up his own rules of right and wrong, Texas Ranger Sam "Wildcard" MacGregor takes what he wants when he wants it, especially when it comes to women. But seduction is the last thing on his mind when he stumbles across a beauty crouching in fear beside a burned-out wagon. Isabella may look feminine and unassuming, but she's hell in a bodice with gunslinging skills to match any man's. The woman the fownsfolk call "cursed" is hiding secrets too dangerous to face alone. Luckily, she sees in Sam what he can barely glimpse in himself - a virtuous man in a hard country bent on breaking him. A man who, under it all, craves a passionate woman willing to risk everything.
  33. "COMING UNDONE" by Susan Andersen (Marine #4) (A++++) On the Steal the Thunder tour, the real show's offstage. It's supposed to be the biggest summer of Priscilla Jayne Morgan's life. She's on the brink of country music superstardom, yet she had to fire her crooked-manager Mama and the tabloids are having a field day. Now her record label's hired a watchdog to escort her on her massive summer tour. And not just anyone, either - they sicced Jared Hamilton on her, the guy she once idolized more than anyone in the world. Well, she doesn't care how hot he is. It's been too many years and too much water under the bridge and she'll be damned if he gets to tell her what to do now. Jared remembers exactly how headstrong P.J. can be and he knows she's going to be a handful. Problem is, he'd love to have his hands full of her. But he's cool. He's professional. And he's always in control. He'd better be. Because for five long weeks he's stuck in close quarters with the wildest girl in show business.
  34. "PLAYING FOR KEEPS" by LuAnn McLane (Cricket Creek #1) (A++) Cricket Creek, Kentucky is a sweet river town known for its theater, shopping and cuisine. However, tough times are crushing tourism - until a hard-hitting baseball team headed by three hometown heroes begins to revitalize the community one inning at a time. Olivia Lawson is peeved when Noah Falcon roars back into Cricket Creek after all these years, thinking he can take the lead opposite her in the community theater's summer play. When she was his English tutor in high school, she crushed on the hotshot ballplayer, while he barely noticed her. This time, Noah has certainly taken notice. Back in his beloved hometown to hone his acting skills to regain his role on a popular soap opera, Noah's working hard to make the show a hit - and thoughts of the prim yet sexy Olivia have added a real authenticity to his part in the romantic comedy. But Noah knows that one successful run of summer theater isn't going to turn the economy around for Cricket Creek. He's serious about helping the town - and crazy about Olivia. How can he prove that this time he's not just playing around - he's playing for keeps?
  35. "JUST FOR KICKS" by Susan Andersen (Two Showgirls #2) (A++++) Las Vegas showgirl Carly Jacobsen keeps learning the hard way that her idea of fun differs radically from that of her neighbor Wolfgang Jones. Sure, he looks incredible and he seems to have a thing for her legs, but the man's a robot. So what's with their chemistry? Wolf has a plan for his life and it doesn't include finding himself tempted by the freewheeling Carly....mile-high legs or not. Yet in a moment of weakness, the two discover at least one area where they do both have fun. But outside the bedroom the stakes are getting higher and love might come down to a roll of the dice.

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Just finished Discovery of Witches, then found out it was the first part of a trilogy.  Very long book, >500 pages, but grabs you and hard to put down. 

Nancy, I finished the fifth in the Marie Bostwick Cobbled Court series last month, and all were wonderful!!

I hated Land of Painted Caves, felt Jean Auel cheated us out of a story in favor of endless boring descriptions of caves.  The characters don't act like they learned anything along their journey, especially Jondalar.   A total waste of time, wish I had stopped with book five.

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  1. Tripwire by Lee Child ( Jack Reacher # 3)
  2. Step on a Crack by James Patterson ( Michael Bennett # 1)


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You Had me at Woof Julie Klam

Mother in law Eve Makis

The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger

The Avocado Drive Zoo Earl Hamner

Dead Mans Stuff Sharon Fiffer

Wishin and Hopin Wally Lamb

Painting Chinese Herbert Kohl

Christmas at Timberwoods Fern Michael

The Christmas Sweater Glenn Beck

Cats Letters to Santa Bell Adler

In the Neighborhood The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time Peter Lovenheim

Travels with my Chicken Martin Grudon

What I Thought I Knew Alice Eve Cohen

A Cold-Blooded Business Dana Stabenow

Deer in the Headlights Levi Johnston

Left Neglected Lisa Genova

Going It Alone Claire Dowling

My Own Country Abraham Verghese

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Currently enjoying Murder and the First Lady  -  by Elliot Roosevelt.  Wherein Eleanor Roosevelt investigates a murder mystery.  Much fun! 

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Playing for the Ashes by Elizabeth George --- Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of a well-known cricket player, but there's also a side story that at first seems confusing, but eventually it all begins to tie together.  Then the ending makes sense of it all.  The English slang is sometimes hard to understand, although it does add to the realism of the story.  Quite a lengthy book, over 600 pages, but well worth the read.  It does help to have read some of the other Lynley/Havers series to understand the main characters.

Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson  --- One of Lisa Jackson's very best, a continuation of the New Orleans series, this time focusing on Eve Renner, the daughter of one of the doctors at Our Lady of Virtues hospital where the book Shiver took place.  This is a tense page-turner that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. Great read!!

 Fast Track by Fern Michaels  -- I guess I'm getting a little tired of this series, seems like each new one gets more outrageous.  The first 4 or 5 were pretty good, now they're getting silly.  I'll probably finish the series since I already have the books, but they will be quick reads unless things improve.

So Faux, So Good by Tamar Myers  --- A quick read, part of the Den of Antiquity series.  I liked the first ones better, this one wasn't as interesting,  a little far-fetched.  That sometimes seems to happen when a writer does a series and has to keep making up the plots. Maybe the next one will be better. 

Good in Bed  by Jennifer Weiner  -- A really good story about a "plus-size" woman who learns to understand and like herself and finds love and contentment.  Weiner can express Cannie's feelings in a very sympathetic way without being maudlin.  I thoroughly enjoy all of Weiner's books.

 To the Nines by Janet Evanovich --- This is one of the better Stephanie Plum series. Funny, and an interesting plot without being as ridiculous as some have been.  This one kept me interested in the series. 

The Hollow by Nora Roberts  --- The second of the Sign of Seven trilogy.  3 men and 3 women working to stop the evil that invades a small town every seven years.  This one leaves the reader having to read the final book!!

Dark House by Theresa Monsour  -- Wow!!  This is one powerful story.  Paris Murphy is working on a case with "no witnesses, no body and two vanished suspects" [taken from the back of the book], but that pretty well describes this book.  It does get more invoved as the story progresses.  A real page-turner.

Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline  --- I really enjoy all of Scottoline's books.  Mary DiNunzio works for lawyer Bennie Rosato and has her cases backing up as she tries to help a former high school classmate get away from a mob-connected abusive boyfriend.  Mary's family, old neighborhood residents and associates all keep her on her toes; funny and endearing, aggravating and dangerous, she has to put up with it all and still try to connect the dots.

McNally's Puzzle by Lawrence Sanders  --- Nobody beats Lawrence Sanders when it comes to a rib-tickling plot.  I love his play on words and his own coined words & phrases.  Archy McNally takes on another "discreet inquiry" and uncovers a plot to smuggle rare parrots, the murder of one of his father's clients plus 2 other murders, and the crazy family of said murdered client.  Sanders will keep the reader turning the pages as  the plot thickens!

Murder on Capital Hill by Margaret Truman   -- This is the second book Margaret Truman wrote, and while I enjoyed it and her obvious insider knowledge of Washington, DC, I have to say her later novels are even better written and don't seem quite as dated. The reader has to remember this, and other of her  books, were written in the early to mid 80s, so a lot of what's included is old history.  Still it's interesting reading from the prespective of someone who was privy to the inner workings of government. She certainly is able to weave an intricate plot.  I've enjoyed all of her books that I've read so far. 

Always Dakota by Debbie Macomber  --- The final book of the Dakota Trilogy.  This one wraps up the lives of all the characters in the first two, plus adding a few experiences to the people involved.  Some good, some not...but always a happy ending.

Reading now:  Random Acts by Taylor Smith 

Up next:   


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I finished Everything Illuminated and A Cup of Tea

I'm Currently reading Green is the New Red.

I can't decide what I will read next. cheeky


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Barb S. (okbye) - ,
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Life of Pi by Yann Martel - I was a little skeptical at first because twice in the beginning someone says "I have a story that will make you believe in god" and I was afraid it would get preachy but it wasn't at all, I can't figure out why they even said that. Has nothing to do with god except for in the very beginning and it's nothing about belief. Be sure to read the author's note at the beginning, I don't usually and I didn't and it is actually part of the book, not a regular author's note. If you don't read it the story is harder to follow.

In The Woods by Tana French - Really good book. I usually prefer male writers and even though the main character was male you could tell it was written by a woman, he felt a bit too much, he thought a bit too much, he was just too......female. But, it still worked for me. It didn't have any dull moments and I love a messy ending. Something you rarely see with American writers. I will definitely look for her other books.

The Bat by Jo Nesbo - I'm a huge Nesbo fan so when this, his first novel, finally became available in English I was very excited. Well, I shouldn't have been. He is now an excellent writer with complex, well developed stories. It's hard to read this first book, it's more like a college writing course assignment. He leaves details untended, something he would never do now. He never even gets around to connecting the title to the murdered. You can see the buds of a good story teller but the writing was pretty bad. You have to wonder how much of the language used is the fault of the translator but the loose story ends can't be excused by that. It does give some much needed back ground info on Harry Hole so it was worth it but if this had been the first book of his that I read I would probably never read another one. That would have been a real shame.

Sun Storm by Asa Larsson - The victim was a pastor and everyone involved were part of a seriously fanatical church so it was too preachy and goddy for me. Not my favorite.

The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella - Total bit of fluff but I needed something light after a couple dark books in a row. Predictable and somewhat trite but enjoyable none the less. There's a whole series and I'm sure I'll read the rest of them when I need lighter fare. I may read them now, hectic holiday times call for some lighter reading. It's basically about a selfish British girl who gets herself in a bunch of debt with her complete lack of the concept of money and gets herself out kind of by accident. You can see where the whole series is going but it's clever enough and I enjoy the British setting and references enough that I look forward to reading the rest.

Back Story by David Mitchell - A memoir by the British comedian. He has little US exposure so no one here has probably heard of him but he's very well known in the UK. I'm a fan anyway. It wasn't the most interesting memoir but he didn't have the most interesting life, pretty normal really. I did like the part at the end where he talks about his fiance', who is also a tv personality. As soon as I had heard they were dating it was just so obvious, they are just so perfect together. So similar in (projected) personality and humor. It was one of those slap yourself on the forehead and say "Of course!" moments. Glad it's working out for them. The title becomes clever when you find out that he has life long back problems, and he has found that a long daily walk keeps it under control, so the book is written as a walk around his area of London, describing the places he passes and how they fit into his life or what they remind him of.

My Big Fat Queer Life by Michael Thomas Ford - A collection of his favorite essays and newspaper columns. I've never read his stuff before and it was alright but not that great. Apparently he has a bunch of books but I doubt I would bother with any more. He basically tells somewhat humorous tales about being gay and his life, but it doesn't seem to be a terribly interesting life. He doesn't really DO anything, he more reacts to things. I prsonally don't mind the ones about details of gay life but he can get kind of detailed about sex, I'm not sure what papers this column runs in but it's hard to imagine it's mainstream papers. Like the one about trying to figure out how to perform anal sex for the first time. Hard to imagine that in the New York Times, but who knows.

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I hated Land of Painted Caves, felt Jean Auel cheated us out of a story in favor of endless boring descriptions of caves. The characters don't act like they learned anything along their journey, especially Jondalar. A total waste of time, wish I had stopped with book five. 

Carole, I couldn't agree more!


I am currently reading Orphan Master's Son, Adam Johnson. Interesting, some parts are heartbreaking. Also, Feedback, Robison Wells. A YA book with action, no romance to gunk it up. And next up is Eleanor of Aquitane, A Life, by Alison Weir.

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The Kitchen House~Kathleen Grissom: Loved it 5stars! See my review in best book of the month in Hidden Gems forum.

Child 44~Tom Rob Smith: This story kept me to the very end, even if I thought that the end was a little too neat for all the terror and frustration that preceded it. I would read this author again and intend to.

Pen O'Henry Short Story Awards 2010~multiple authors

Almost got halfway: Behind the Beautiful Forevers~Katherine Boo: I have waited a long time on the library waiting list and so far it is worth it. True stories about the extreme poverty set amongst the extremely rich hotel culture in Mumbai, India. I could not get into this very far as it was in high demand at the library, perhaps I'll get ot again when it's popularity isn't so high. I don't read on demand anymore but it was getting pretty interesting when I had to leave off.

Reading now:

Swamplandia~~Karen Russell: Love it so far, hilarious hijinks in the Tourist world of Cajun Florida!

My Lobotomy~Howard Dully: True memoir about a man who was given an "Icepick lobotomy" at the age of 12 for no apparent reason.

The Liars Club~Mary Karr: One of my Co-workers gave me a copy of this book and her followup"Cherry" for a Christmas present so I started it and it is rip-roaring! I appreciate that Karr can describe events in her life, not necessarily being accountable but guessing about what other people's judgements/expectations might be, very relateable so far.

M is for Malice~Sue Grafton: Exciting and interesting so far, Kinsey is off on her favorite kind of case, Missing person, trying to find a family black sheep to settle a will/inheritance.

And on my Kindle: City of Shadows~Ariana Franklin: Again! and enjoying it! Love her snide sense of humor melded with schematic tension and mystery! This is a story of Scammers and assasins trying to determine if the unidentified woman they find in an asylum outside of Berlin in the 1920's is a survivor of the Romanov assasinations!

( I got a lot more reading going as I was on vacation for the holidays, here's hoping I can keep it up! So many TBR"s!)


Next: Not sure but I think some TBR's and some more suspense, I hear the Mrs. Pollifax is good, maybe some SciFi too.



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books read

1. Shut Up, Stop Whinning, and Get a Life by Larry Wingut

2. Who Moved the Cheese

3. Flowers In the Attic by VC Andrews

4. Life's That Way by Jim Beaver

5. Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen

6. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling


Books that I'm currently reading
1. Guardian by John Saul
2. Petals on the Wind by VC Andrews
3. The Stand by Stephen King
4. The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
5. Wicked by Gregory Maguire

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Velocity by Dean Koontz

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