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Topic: **********December I Wish, I Wish, Wishes We Can Grant***********

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Subject: **********December I Wish, I Wish, Wishes We Can Grant***********
Date Posted: 11/30/2009 7:47 PM ET
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First:  Remember:  this is the place to wish.  We all have wishes.  If you feel someone has asked for something too large, expensive or extravagant,   just ignore.  Please be kind.  Don't make someone feel badlyNone of us know someone else's circumstances, unless we ask...........................For those of us asking, let's remember this is Not a Christmas shopping list.  It's a place for members to wish for items for themselves and immediate family.

Here you list a few things you like/collect/can use.  Obviously,  we all like certain things like  credits, wish-list books, etc. This is NOT for that kind of thing.  This is for  things others might have around the house that you can use (for instance if you collect postcards, bookmarks, Coke codes, or if there's a candy you love you can't find in your area, etc). 

Please limit your list to about 10 items (Remember,  you can edit your list), and if someone PMs you for your address, please acknowledge and thank them when you receive whatever they send you.  There is a separate thank you thread so we can  keep this one clean and easy to read.   It can get jumbled and hard to read with extra clutter so if we can do our best to keep it to our requests and the rare bump, that would be awesome :) ;) It's important to thank everyone who send something either by PM and or the thank you thread.

It's always good to check the RAOK thread before you post your wishes - someone may already have what you are looking for. (For those of you looking for them, coupons are offered on the RAOK  on a regular basis.)

If you post wishes, try to grant at least one wish yourself, so this place is not considered a "gimme" group,  where people post but don't send out.  PBS members can become good friends, don't abuse, please!

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Date Posted: 11/30/2009 8:17 PM ET
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It's a few hours before December, but here's my list :)

Coke Codes

Waterproof dog collar for medium sized dog

Anything soccer

Anything Linkin Park or Three Days Grace


Pop tabs(for the Ronald McDonald House)

Anything Harry Potter

Anything Twilight

Super Nintendo or Gamboy/Gameboy Color games

Date Posted: 11/30/2009 8:22 PM ET
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* small trinkets for a few of my students who won't be having a Christmas

* Gameboy advance/ DS games for my girls

* scrabook items

* Funky socks

Date Posted: 11/30/2009 8:46 PM ET
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Coke Codes

BoxTops For Education

Colorful Luggage Tags

Anything by LUSH

Date Posted: 11/30/2009 10:04 PM ET
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I always appreciate grocery coupons. 

In addition, DH will be redoing DS's room in a train theme later this month.  If anyone has train items (or knows of a good place to get them at a reasonable price), I would really appreciate them.  DS is interested in things that look like real trains.  He has outgrown Thomas.  He also loves Legos.

I am also interested in zebra toys, including zebra plush, for my younger DS.  This is his newest obsession (following monkeys).


Thanks so much for looking.

Date Posted: 11/30/2009 10:12 PM ET
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I would greatly appreciate any of these:  trial or travel size Bath & Body Works lotion, bubble bath, body spray or shower gel, Yankee Candle scented tealights or votives, suncatchers, bookmarks, anything with Chicago Bears or I collect shot glasses. Thanks so much!


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Date Posted: 12/1/2009 12:42 AM ET
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I would love to have any of the following things:

  • assorted beads or buttons
  • polymer clay
  • any other arts or crafts stuff

I love arts and crafts stuff and love making any and all kinds of crafts projects.

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:03 AM ET
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Sheeplady's usual wishes -

       Sheep items - stickers, cards, figurines, anything sheep or lamb

      Ditto for Saint Bernard things - hard to find

      I will always take stationery, and it will go all over the world!

     I love bath salts, bubble bath, powder - anything you have that you don't want, I'll take.



Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:09 AM ET
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Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:17 AM ET
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Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:43 AM ET
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For December, my wishes:

Coke Codes,  lots and lots
A cup for the Gevelia coffee pot(the coffeemaker has one cup on each side)
Postcards(especially from Kansas or anything different......nice size ones)
Stationary........especially with lines
One of those long lasting lipsticks........

For all of us to have a Blessed and Merry Christmas (and for the word..Xmas to go away)

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Date Posted: 12/1/2009 11:44 AM ET
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Cat  Food , Treats , Litter Coupons

Cig Coupons (any)

Cat toys


Sea Glass


Candles & Tarts


Anything : Cat , Beach/Ocean , Lighthouse , Fairy , Witch , Chicken/Rooster , Tea Cups /Pots

Handmade Soap

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 12:10 PM ET
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Long list but a girl could dream right ?  ;-)

A mouse pad

Sun catchers - Any size, any style. 

Dream Catcher - Any size, any style. 

Skull and Cross bone - Anything.

Shark tooth charm/chain - Anything.

Goth items or clothe size boys XX large.

Games - For Game boy Color, DS, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Dreamcast - For boys ages 9,11 girl age 12.

Pokemon Pearl game - DS.

Baseball Card size plastic Holders.

Cassette player.

USB flash drive. 

Tinker Bell - Anything.

Dora the Explorer - Anything

Bratz dolls and accessories - Anything.

Hannah Montana - Anything.

Food, Diapers, Juice, Clothe - for the Baby Alive Doll.

Easy Bake Items and Mixes.

Spiderman - Anything.

John Cena wrestler items - Anything.

Batista wrestler items - Anything.

Mrs. Santa - I have Mr. Santa with no wife, poor thing need his wife beside him. Mr. Santa is 3 feet high.

The GRINCH - Anything i love him.

Canon ink cartridges - 40 Black, 41 Color, 30 Black,31 Color.

Envelopes  (card-sized) I send cards,letters to SoldiersAngel.

Carnation Instant Breakfast Coupon or chocolate flavor envelope pkg.

V8 V.Fusion coupons.

Subject: Yarn Lots of Yarn, lol
Date Posted: 12/1/2009 12:57 PM ET
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I wish for:

Yarn - lots of yarn.  I don't care what type, how little you have or how much you have.  I am knitting scarves and hats for charity.  My goal is to have knitted 25 (and hopefully more) by 12/31.  I am at #20 right now.  You can see my progress at my blog in my signature.  I take photos of each scarf.  10 have already been donated.


Teas and coffees and bath products are welcomed too.  Yarn is mostly needed though.


Thank you so much for reading!



Date Posted: 12/1/2009 1:24 PM ET
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I wish for

1.Anything victorian or Teacups.

2.Any makeup(not used please) or bath and body items.

3.Any jewelry. My little sister loves playing dress-up and she LOVES jewelry:)

Thanks so much everyone:)

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 5:04 PM ET
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I'm looking for Campbells Soup Labels - (cut out the barcode on the back) also on Swanson or Goldfish products.

I've been ordering playground balls for our school with the soup labels. Or if you have any balls you can deflate and send, that would be great. This is the first year the kids have had balls on the playground and they love them. But we only have about a dozen balls so far for about 750 kids. (If I get a minimum by December 31, Campbells will donate free points to us.)

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 5:25 PM ET
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-*~ WISHES~*-

1.  cat food and cat litter coupons

2.  cereal coupons

3.  yo-yos ( if you sew or quilt you know what i mean)

4.  anything Elmo...... my granddaughter loves elmo


THANK YOU  thanks  THANKS  thank you


Date Posted: 12/1/2009 5:40 PM ET
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Date Posted: 12/1/2009 7:33 PM ET
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Purina cat food coupons

Broken jewelry


the plastic clay sold in craft shops

Metal skewers

USB flash drive

Thanks for everything gotten and to come.

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 7:38 PM ET
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I'm wishing for:

  • Coke codes
  • coupons for :  glucose meters (One Touch, Breeze 2, Contour, Freestyle, etc.)  - I purchase them using the coupons and donate them to our local health clinic.
  • Senseo or Folgers decaf coffee pods - none of my local stores carry the decaf pods
  • new items for our local homeless shelter - hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, pajamas, socks - so many families and it's hard to keep the shelves stocked

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 8:08 PM ET
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Marlboro coupons (for cartons, not packs please)

Coupons for Swiffer wetjet machine, Swiffer duster and sweeper refills, Scrubbing Bubbles toilet bowl gel...................

and Happy Holidays for all PBSers!

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 8:21 PM ET
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If anyone is interested in joining SwagBucks, I would love to be used as your referral.  :)

Get free gift cards with Swagbucks       Link

I wish someone would buy some credits - -

** Hope to sell some credits to help pay postage.  I have a personal Paypal account, so I would appreciate a bank transfer or Paypal balance transfer.  Also willing to accept a money order.  Credits are 3 for 9.50 .  Credit/s will be buddied when payment is received.  Thanks

In reading all the forums, I have seen people discuss the bookmates/openpage covers.  I would love a tradesize since I have been accumulating a lot of tradesize since joining pbs.  I know it's a longshot, but you never know.

A magnetic bookmarker

comedy/tragedy stickers

pepsi coupons

tropicana o j coupons

Capri Cigarette Coupons

Eve Cigarette Coupons

Very much appreciated!! 

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 9:34 PM ET
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I only wish for childrens books for my son. I'm trying to read to him every night. He's into carebears and other cartoon characters. Loves animals, alphabets, numbers and typical 5 year old boy stuff.

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:13 PM ET
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1. Wishing for used/cancelled stamps. I wish to add to my meager collection. (Thanks for those who have contributed all ready.)
2. Pokemon cards in quality condition. I'm collecting these for my cousin's sweet boy so please no ratty tatty ones!
3. Coke Rewards. I'm addicted to Pogo. Enough said.
4. Keys. Got some keys laying around the house and you have no idea what they go to? I will totally and completely accept any wayward keys.
5. Plastic Canvas.  I make piggy banks from empty baby formula cans, but the price for sheets are outrageous here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

As always, please and thank you very much.

Date Posted: 12/1/2009 10:15 PM ET
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Kind of an odd request here, but if anyone has any spare accessories for action figures, I'd appreciate them. (I'm thinking weapons, equipment, other belongings like that; you know, the little tiny plastic things that end up stuck in your vacuum cleaner. *g*) A friend has an action figure who's sort of a mascot, and I'd like to give her some bits of kit for him. :)

For myself, all I really want at the moment is to sell some of the jewelry, pet toys, or Christmas ornaments I offer on my website (see my profile for the link). Finances are tough right now, I've had no sales, and any little bit would help.