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Topic: Delivered - not marked Received!

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Subject: Delivered - not marked Received!
Date Posted: 10/1/2009 5:32 PM ET
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Ok, I know this may be silly -- I did already get credit for this book with delivery confirmation, but it's been delivered for more than 5 days now and it hasn't been marked Received. Do I need to wait until after the "DO NOT CONTACT US BEFORE THIS DATE" to let PBS know that it really was delivered? Does it automatically get marked as Received at some point?

USPS DC#: 9102165561353011102983

  • 9/19/2009 3:00 PM - Electronic Shipping Info Received - MURRIETA,CA
  • 9/22/2009 12:59 AM - Enroute - BELL,CA
  • 9/24/2009 10:23 AM - Enroute - MEMPHIS,TN
  • 9/25/2009 9:03 AM - Arrival at Unit - SEARCY,AR
  • 9/25/2009 11:19 AM - Delivered - SEARCY,AR
Date Posted: 10/1/2009 5:39 PM ET
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Hi Lorraine,

While it probably was delivered the scan does mean it actually got to the right person.  I had a book marked delivered, the it got scanned 3 days later as "en route" and I got it a week later.  I've also had "delivered" books end up at my neighbor's house instead of mine.  Also, sometimes people are busy or away from home.  Most likely it will be marked received soon.  If not, that's the beauty of quick credit.  You are gauranteed the point even if the book ended up in the neighbor's bushes instead of the receiver's mail box. 

I know it's frustrating (it drives me crazy as well), but since you used PBS DC they already have a record, and if it's a pattern with the receiver instead of a random incident, they can tell that too .

Date Posted: 10/1/2009 5:43 PM ET
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From the Help Center:  Delivered - not marked Received!

I usually wait a week or two and PM them and ask if they don't have it yet so that I can start a postal search for it if it was misdelivered. Since you already got your credit, there's no hurry so give them enough time to get back if they are gone for something or had an emergency come up or for a misdelivered package to be rerouted.

Date Posted: 10/1/2009 5:52 PM ET
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I'd been worrying about a book that just was marked received today. I thanked them and let them know I'd been concerned as same day shipments to further locations were arriving much quicker. It turned out they ordered before they left on vacation so that it would be there when they got home. :-)
Date Posted: 10/1/2009 9:15 PM ET
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I recently sent a pm about a book when it wasn't marked for over a week after delivery.  I simply asked that they let me know so I could initiate a Search with the Postal Service.  Several days later the requestor let me know that she had been away from home due to an illness and subsequent death in her family.  So, PLEASE, always give them time and ALWAYS be courteous - it let's you remain the 'good guy'....

Date Posted: 10/1/2009 10:10 PM ET
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You need to remember that  people have lives, families and things happen that are out of our control. I recently had surgery and a death in my family...... and life gets hard sometimes. The book club takes a back seat.........I have found usually that with a nicely worded pm you can usually find out whats going on. I have found most everybody on this site pretty helpful and no one has gotten upset for me asking a question in a pm........



LOL I didnt mean to imply that if your posting here you have no life........Im here alot......so happy swapping!!!

Date Posted: 10/1/2009 10:21 PM ET
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I can understand being worried, or curious. I had two that tracking shows them as delivered on the 21st and 23rd of September. The one (delivered on 21st) was marked received today and she sent me an apology, that she had forgotten to mark it received. I wasn't upset in the least, why would I be? Just glad to know she actually received her book. :)

I am one of those people yall were making fun of in another thread. lol. When I get them and open them I try to mark them received immediately. But not because I am overly anal about it. In my case, I am the one who would forget to mark one or two if I didn't do it that way.

And that also said, I had a PILE of books that sat on my desk last week (incoming) that I wasn't able to mark for several days. My husband was in the hospital. This site took a wayyyy back seat. And honestly, if I had gotten a PM inquiring why I hadn't marked them received faster, I would have been irritated.

Never know what is going on in other people's lives. Best to let it ride for a bit and IF it appears to be going missing in system, then maybe contact them if you choose to. 

Date Posted: 10/2/2009 1:29 AM ET
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Nice posts regarding perspective and real life  :) 

Also remember, that some local post offices incorrectly scan books 'delivered' (to customer) instead of 'arrived at unit' (your local PO) in which case actual delivery can take another couple days.

Date Posted: 10/2/2009 11:59 AM ET
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Thank you all for the thoughtful replies. Great ideas. I'm not overly worried - I just want to know that someone got their book that they wanted... I recently had my very first "lost" book and it made me sad to think of the lonely book sitting somewhere...never to see the outside of a post office again... :)