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The Devil You Know
The Devil You Know
Author: Mike Carey
ISBN-13: 9780446580304
ISBN-10: 0446580309
Publication Date: 7/10/2007
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 15 ratings
Publisher: Warner Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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First, please understand that I do not read much in the horror-fantasy genre. This book was a big departure from my normal reading.

A freelance exorcist in an alternate world in which ghosts, werewolves, and other supernatural things are commonplace, takes on a deceptively-simple assignment because he's broke and needs to pay the rent. (I think the book is in part a send-up of every hard-boiled detective novel ever written. After a time, it became a game of spot the cliché.) The first half of the book was full of surprises, very interesting, witty, pleasantly creepy, and made the world of the book quite real to me. Then the author ran out of gas and plot and rather plodded his way to the end. The writing is very good, and the dialogue is particularly good. The first half of the book is good. I gather that this is the author's first full length novel, and I'm hopeful his skill will improve.
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Felix Castor is sort of a British "Harry Dresden". He sees dead people.
I'm looking forward to reading the next book.
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Oh, I enjoyed this one! It was thoroughly fascinating with its array of ghosts, demons - not to mention mysterious intrigue. It was definitely original - one of the more original books that I have read in a while. I'll keep an eye out for this author, for sure!
I really liked the narrator, Felix "Fix" Castor. He had some great phrases and the dialogue was great, too. There were some holes (his friend, who was possessed, for instance) but overall, it was a good, thoroughly entertaining story.
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I do NOT read real hard core Horror, but, you have to read this. Good supernatural thriller [mystery]. It has everything
you are looking for murder, mystery, mayhem, ghosts, demons, and EXORCIST. Relationships start and end. Oh, well, maybe the
next time. Mike Carey's world is/or can get creepy. Not the kind of evil you want to run across in real life.
This was my first read of his books and I'm looking into his other books.
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Not very interesting in the first 100 pages--Carey just goes on and on and on and says nothing, and it is way too long--500 pages? ridicolus!
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This book was pretty good. It had alot of twists and turns in a multi-layered mystery. It had some intense reading all throughout and all sorts of supernatural creatures, but I was disappointed in the end. It wrapped up the mystery itself well, but left other things with vague explanations, at best. It is also written, it seemed to me, as more of a "guy story". I did enjoy reading it, but felt the ending was stupid, for lack of a better description, and I was not left wanting to read anymore of this character.
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Very good; looking forward the next in the series.
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The concept of this book holds a lot of promise--a near-future Raymond Chandleresque exorcist working the dirty streets of London to send annoying ghosts packing. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, although I do think it is well-written and others will enjoy it. The humor is very British. If you don't find British humor uproariously funny, you won't enjoy this book. The setting is also largely in an archive. As a librarian myself, I honestly found the setting an odd choice and quite boring. The mystery itself was good, although I do think the paranormal aspect of the book let Carey get away with some plot oddities that he would not have been able to get away with in a regular mystery. Overall, if you enjoy British humor, the paranormal, and the setting of an archive, you'll enjoy this book. If any of those ring dull for you, though, you should probably steer clear.

Check out my full review.
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This book has sat on my shelf forever and a day. I finally picked it up and started reading to only put it down and ask WTF? It was a tad boring. I picked it up again because I wanted to give it a chance and got around to 70 pages and once again fell asleep while reading it. I woke up the next day grabbed another book and decided to try and read that one, but felt guilty and put it down. I had to take my daughter to a doctors appointment so I took it with me and began to feel a little better about life and my finishing the book. Then I hit a slow spot, but kept reading. I went to get in bed last night opened up the book and began to read. It hit page 154 and said "Fuck This"! I closed it for good and went on to the other book (just so you know that one's proving to be less than stellar as well).

So why could I not finish this?

1. The main issue. This book was slower than Methuselah's grandmother running uphill in molasses. (for those of you who have no idea who Methuselah is, he's the man reported to have lived the longest at the age of 969 in the Hebrew Bible). I honestly don't have issues with slow parts in books, but this took the cake. I've never read anything like this before. It got going and then all of a sudden it halted.

2. The characters were a bit one dimensional. I felt absolutely nothing for them and couldn't give a care if they were eaten by a demon or fell into the Thames and drowned.

3. Half the time I had no idea what the hell Felix, the MC was saying. I normally have no issues with how a character speaks who is from the UK, but this time I was reading phrases and sentences that baffled me. Several time I had to stop and go Google the phrase. After about the 15th time it became more like work and not a pleasure read.

Maybe I will pick this up a little later and try again, but for now it's a no go for me.