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Topic: The dish you are "known" for

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Subject: The dish you are "known" for
Date Posted: 4/10/2009 10:18 PM ET
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What dish/sidedish/dessert does everyone in your extended family or friends ask you to cook for them?

For me its "Broccoli Casserole". I don't know why!!! I make the same recipe everyone makes, and I always tell this. The only thing I do different is I never use "Cuts", I use "Baby florets", add chopped celery with the onion, add fresh mushrooms, top with crumbled club crackers. I use 1/3 less rice than most people so its creamy. Its "your grandmas" broccoli casserole other than that, but dang it all, I just got a request for it AGAIN. Weird!

My family loves for me to make Chili for them. My mother skimps on the chili powder, and I don't, so they all prefer mine.

I also get requested to make some sort of cake- but I think thats because I try out new recipes all the time. :-)

Date Posted: 4/11/2009 1:02 PM ET
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My Devilled Eggs.  Back when I lived near my family and friends, it was what was always requested from me and I never took home any leftover ones either.  Even the kids devoured them and it's  not exactly a kid friendly type of food.

Date Posted: 4/11/2009 10:20 PM ET
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Wow! And I LOVE good deviled eggs! What do you think you do differently? Some people go overboard on the mustard in them, or the sweet pickle. I like a creamy one myself! :-)

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 6:57 PM ET
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I do add mustard and relish in mine.  :o)      I add a dollop of french's yellow mustard....only a small dollop tho.  Then I use a little bit of Mt. Olive India Relish and if that is not available, I use dill.  Just a teaspoon or two, depending on how many eggs are being made.  Then I add enough mayonnaise to make it moist, but not soupy or too creamy.  I only use Dukes (1st choice) or Kraft Mayo only.  Seems like the generic brands make it taste like you've dumped a pile of sugar in it.  Then I mix in Hormel bacon pieces.....the stuff you get in the jar.  Once I put that all back in the eggs, I topped the eggs with more of the bacon bits and sprinkle some paprika on them.  Then I refrigerate them for at least a few hours before serving so all of the flavors can mingle. Everyone seems to love them and there are never any leftovers.

Another good devilled egg is to add that small dollop of mustard and enough mayo to moisten. If you decide to  use relish ( I don't on this one)  not more than a teaspoon.  Then mix in crabmeat and baby shrimp.  Once you put that back in the eggs, then lightly sprinkle the eggs with Old Bay Seasoning.  This one goes over well, too....but not as much as the bacon one.

Date Posted: 4/12/2009 10:55 PM ET
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Blueberry pie. I always use fresh blueberries. Sometimes I'll buy extra and freeze a pie "kit" for another pie later in the year.  I use pilsbury crust (from the refridgerator section) and the crust is always perfect.

My big "secret" - I add about a 1/4 cup of flour to the berries along with the sugar. When the cooked pie cools, the flour helps the berries keep a pie shape. I also add some cinnamon and lemon juice.

Date Posted: 4/13/2009 10:09 AM ET
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And I love blueberry pie! Thats a good idea about the flour, too.

Carol, your baby shrimp and crab deviled eggs have my mouth watering... I do the same as you- only add a smidget of mustard and relish. I do use sweet relish though- just not much. Also, I like to add a tat of "Celery seed" to mine- every try that? Its pretty tasty, but don't use much!

Date Posted: 4/13/2009 11:01 PM ET
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Your blueberry pie sounds scrumptious ~ I love all fruit pies, including strawberry rhubarb.  Instead of flour, I use tapioca to provide firmness.  For my taste, I think it has less of a paste taste than flour, but I'll eat any fruit pie, flour or not. 

My signature dish is Salmon Quiche made with Havarti with Dill cheese.  It's mild and flavorful, but I always spill some on the oven floor as I put it into the oven, no matter how large the pie plate is.  You think I'd learn after making it so many times?  It's worth the mess.


Date Posted: 4/14/2009 9:51 AM ET
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I enjoy making different kinds of King size Muffins - sometimes I vary the recipes..a recent recipe that I made for Muffins includes

canned pumpkin and a carrot cake mix...turned out yummy, and everyone liked them!

Date Posted: 4/14/2009 1:35 PM ET
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I would say for me is it my red sauce.  Can't say its ever the same twice cause I never know what I will have handy to put into it, but it is what everyone wants me to make. 

Subject: The dish you are "known" for-Baked Beans
Date Posted: 4/14/2009 2:16 PM ET
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At most every gathering I'm invited to it's my baked beans that get devoured.  I start with CAMPBELLS...and not any other brand of canned pork-n-beans.  Drain and reserve the liquor from the beans, and in a large mixing bowl or cup, mix in brown sugar, yellow mustard, garlic powder, and dried onion bits, and a touch of maple syrup.  The amounts vary with the # of cans of beans I'm using.  You then pour this mixture back over the beans that you've spread into a casserole or lasagna pan.  The most important ingredient is the BACON.  I use at least a pound (sometimes more) of quality brand maple flavored bacon...partially precooked (not crispy or it'll be overdone when the beans are done baking) and cut into bite sized pieces.  Mix half of it down into the beans, and lay several pieces of the bacon on top.(I usually put the least cooked end parts on top).  Cover with aluminum foil and Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes for a small batch, or up to an hour for the really big pan...the important thing is for it to come to a bubble...once it does that, you can leave them in the oven on warm for an hour or two if need be.  If you want the bacon on top to be crispy, you can take the foil off and slide it under the broiler for a few minutes right before serving.  This makes a rich, flavorful dish that keeps 'em wanting more!

Subject: Dishes I'm most known for.
Date Posted: 4/14/2009 10:33 PM ET
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I always get asked to make deviled eggs, I add finely shredded cheddar cheese and a touch of horseradish.  It's always a hit with the adults, they love them. 


I also always get asked to make carrot cake.  I always add a can of pineapple to the traditional carrot cake.  It's so moist and yummy.

Date Posted: 4/15/2009 1:49 AM ET
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I guess I am also know for my baked beans. I always use a little worcestershire sauce, mustard, onion flakes, ketchup, brown sugar and  just a little horseradish. I like to bake them until they are almost firm, not dried out but not soupy either.

  My extended family is trying to duplicate the deviled eggs my XSIL was famous for. She once told me the secret was horseradish but that is all she would say. We usually say good riddance about her until it is time for a holiday dinner. This Easter we made some that were almost up to hers in yummy taste. Maybe next year we will get them just right.

Date Posted: 4/15/2009 2:08 PM ET
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Ronda, that cracks me up about wanting your sxil's deviled egg recipe!

I loved baked beans. I've nevet tried them with maple syrup, but agree that you have to have plenty of bacon to make themn good and yummy!

Date Posted: 4/18/2009 10:19 PM ET
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I always get asked to make an Italian Cream Cake. It is my favorite cake to make.

Also, I make jalapeno "poppers" that DH's friends demand and devour whenever they come over. They are super easy: halve jalapeno peppers (or sub the smaller serrano peppers) and clean out the seeds. Stuff with whipped cream cheese spread. Wrap 1/3 of a piece a bacon around the pepper. Place on a rack on a cookie sheet in 350 oven for 20-25 minutes. They are so good!!!

Kim (Mistry) -
Date Posted: 4/19/2009 11:12 PM ET
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 Summertime it's my potato salad. It's my mom's recipe, which was her mom's.  Add a bit of vinegar to the potatoes while they are still hot gives a nice bite, and a little mustard are the secret ingredients.  They request it for every cookout, BBQ and birthday party from April to October!  My DH's relatives to absolutely crazy for it!  And in Winter, it's Hashbrown Casserole.  DH even knows how to make this, and his is better than mine sometimes :)

Date Posted: 4/21/2009 8:53 AM ET
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I guessw it would have to be my potato salad as i use potatoes .onions, boiled eggs cukes. radishes, and i always use miracle whip instead of mayonaise. any time we go to someones house for a cookout or a meal they always ask me to bring this.  They also ask me to bring a choc dessert that i make   . It has a brownie base and than i put cream cheese mixture than instant choc pudding than on top cool whip.    sally

Subject: recipe everyone loves
Date Posted: 4/22/2009 11:21 PM ET
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Cranberry Chicken is a big hit when we have family dinners, birthdays etc, Very, very easy to make and only has 4 ingredients (counting the chicken) 1 can of whole (not jellied) cranberry sauce 1 envelope of dried onion soup 1 small bottle of French dressing ( or 1/2 bottle if you have the bigger bottle) 1 cut up chicken. You should remove some of the skin, but not all of it. One time I made this with skinless chicken: not good, kind of dry. Place chicken in a roasting pan, pieces spread out evenly. Mix first three ingredients in a bowl and spread over chicken. I have never had to add more liquid or any seasonings to this dish. Pan does not need to be covered. Cook @ 325 degrees for about 1 and1/2 hours. Besides the chicken tasting really good, you have this wonderful gravy. I always make a big pot of mashed potatoes while the chicken is baking. The gravy over the potatoes is so yummy. I have tried substituting rice or noodles instead of the potatoes, Catalina dressing for the French, and apricot marmalade for the cranberries----NOPE, stick with the original!! I really hope some of you will give this a try and let me know if you and your family enjoyed it, or not. Joyce
Date Posted: 5/17/2009 7:16 PM ET
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Date Posted: 5/24/2009 2:54 AM ET
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Lemon Pie and Pepermint chip cookies. My friends just love the cookies.

Date Posted: 5/24/2009 4:55 PM ET
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Recipes please :-)

Date Posted: 6/11/2009 4:38 PM ET
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I make a wonderful meatless lasagna.   My kids think it's weird when people use ground meat in there's as I've never included it.   The recipe has changed over time.   Recently I added sliced , sauted portabello mushroons to it and sometimes I layer in fresh spinach for color.

Subject: Never Fail Cheese Souffle
Date Posted: 6/21/2009 2:39 PM ET
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Been making this using my mother's recipe since early 70s. Always turns out, delicious, and easy change, for instance add odds and ends from fridge, or add a special ingredient like crab or lobster. My husband's favorite.

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Date Posted: 6/29/2009 3:03 PM ET
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My Rockie Mountain Pie!!!   In fact for the 4th need to make some for my husbands work.  We are grilling hamburgers for the employees and got asked to make the pies for dessert.

My chili and posale and mexican chicken cassorole are ones I get asked to make the most.

Date Posted: 6/29/2009 7:27 PM ET
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Most of the time when I go to a pot luck, I get a request for my Chocolate Sheet Cake. Although my Chicken Fried Rice has been getting a few also.

Date Posted: 7/8/2009 3:55 PM ET
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English Trifle - I only make it once a year at Thanksgiving.  One year I wasn't in the mood and I was called out on it - totally stressed my holiday.