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My Disney Collection Love my Disney books.
List created by Kathy N. on Jun 12, 2018
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Kathy N.
The Quotable Walt Disney by Dave Smith (Compiler) & Walt Disney
Walt Disney's animated characters moved across the silver screen with the grace of fine actors. His vision revolutionized everything from television to theme parks. But this book is perhaps the preeminent aspect of his legacy -- his philosophies and his dreams. Each anecdote lends sometimes...  more

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Kathy N.
Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide by Russell Schroeder & Walt Disney
Building on the success of such titles as Toy Story: The Essential Guide and Dinosaur: The Essential Guide, the DK creative team has been given unlimited access to Disney's considerable archives to chart the development of the Disney Company, from its early days in the 1920s to the present....  more

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Kathy N.
A reference work of Disney animation spotlights each of the hundreds of Disney characters--including Mickey, Donald, Tinker Bell, and many others--including the full credits for each film.

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Kathy N.
Designing Disney by John Hench & John Hench & Peggy Van Pelt & Peggy Van ...
Designing Disney sets into history and puts into context the extraordinary contributions of the late John Hench, who, at the age of 94, still came into his office at Imagineering each day.  His principles of theme park design, character design, and use of color made him a legendary figure, not...  more

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