Book Reviews of Domes of Fire (Tamuli, Bk. 1)

Domes of Fire - Tamuli, Bk. 1
Author: David Eddings
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ISBN-13: 9780679410515
ISBN-10: 0679410511
Publication Date: 11/24/1992
Edition: Abridged
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 7 ratings
Publisher: Random House Audio
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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Why did I even read this far into this saga? The books are sexist, racialist, and all the characters are unrelentingly 2-D. Still, I keep plugging away, managing to be reasonably entertained along the way. They're bestsellers, so I guess he's got something going.
Still, Edding's insistence on portraying every single character's behavior, intelligence level and traits as determined by their membership in an ethnic group is really quite disturbing.
And all of his women are either strong, powerful yet motherly archetypes, or delicate flowers to be protected.... or examples of a few other stereotypes out there....
oh well....
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I enjoy this writer but I don't believe this is his best work. You should start with Pawn of Prophecy first.
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Vol # 1 --- Queen Elana and the Pandion Knight Sir Sparhawk are married, their kingdom peaceful at last, the jewel Bhelliom safe at the bottom of the sea. But soon trouble sweeps the Tamuli Empire to disrupt not only the living of Eosia but the dead: horrific armies are being raised from the dust of the long-past Age of Heroes, threatening the peace won at such cost in Zemoch.
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wonderful story love this author
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This is where the series took a definite downward spiral and it only gets worse in the rest of this series.

When first introduced to these characters, I liked the books. By this point I kept reading them because I started them. This series was a stinker and unreadable. I'll never get those hours back.
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Great AUDIO version!
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Continuing adventure from Elenium.
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Series: Tamuli Series, #1
From the Publisher
Six years had passed since the redoubtable knight Sparhawk had triumphed over the evil God Azash and returned to Elenia with Queen Ehlana, his bride. And now a new danger had arisen to threaten the peace of Ehlana's realm. The trouble had started quietly. At home, bandits began to plague the hill country. In neighboring Lamorkand, the customary political unrest turned ominous with whispers that the bloody heroes of old soon would rise again. And travelers reported that the Trolls had all disappeared from the icy northern haunts of Thalesia. Simple problems, apparently unrelated - until an ambassador arrived from the far-off Tamul empire, begging Sparhawk's aid. For these same dangers that stalked Ehlana's kingdom had already struck his realm full-force. The fabled ancient warriors of Tamuli had indeed returned - intent on carnage. Monsters and fell magics had followed, and the havoc and terror they spawned were tearing the empire apart. The empire had sent for the Pandion Knight who had killed the God Azash. If Sparhawk wanted to stop this danger before it could savage his own land, he now must lend his aid. Sparhawk, Ehlana, and their daughter, Princess Danae, agreed to make the grueling trek to the far-distant empire of the east. They traveled in company with a handful of trusted companions: the stalwart champions of the four Militant Orders, the knight Berit, Mirtai the giantess, and the young thief Talen. With the child-goddess Aphrael to speed their journey, they began the treacherous traverse of the utmost reaches of the Daresian continent, to Tamul's distant capital. There, in the emperor's glittering court, they would encounter corruption, treachery - and a greater danger than any man had faced before! David Eddings opens a bold new chapter in the saga begun in his bestselling series, The Elenium. In his dazzling trademark style, Eddings weaves a compelling tale of strange magic and breathtaking adventure, staunch friends and deadly enemies. Domes of Fi

From The Critics
Publishers Weekly
Magic, insurrection, rebirth and new gods and cultures propel this first volume of a proposed second trilogy featuring Sir Sparhawk, Queen Ehlana and other stalwarts of Eddings's best-selling Elenium trilogy. The distant Tamul Empire, endangered by civil unrest exacerbated by paranormal (or magical, depending on the point of view) incidents, begs help from Sparhawk, destroyer of the Elder God Azash and savior of the Elenes. Undertaking the long journey to Tamul, the knight, his royal wife, their daughter Princess Danae and assorted followers encounter unrest in each of the lands through which they pass. Incidents taking more or less the same form--rumors, supported by rabble-rousing orators, of ancient heroes reborn to lead the downtrodden--arouse Sparhawk's suspicion of godly or magical opposition to his cause. Arriving in the Tamul capital, Sparhawk and his cohorts thwart a plot against the emperor but find disturbing evidence that the Troll-Gods and other old enemies are at work. Eddings' likable, spirited characters are not deeply etched but they reflect his original touch nevertheless. (Jan.)

Library Journal
Hard on the heels of the Elenium trilogy, Eddings launches a new fantasy epic featuring the futher adventures of Pandion knight Sparhawk and his companions. Eddings is a first-class storyteller with a gift for easy humor and colorful characters. There will be considerable demand for this title.
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The first book of a trilogy about the hero Sparhawk and his Queen(wife)*****
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I am big fan of David Eddings and I love all of his fanstasy series.
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Haven't read since a teen - more than 25 years ago - but thought enough of the author / series to keep ALL THESE YEARS. Purging the collection and it is time for this series to go.