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Topic: Have we done this?

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Subject: Have we done this?
Date Posted: 1/15/2009 12:09 PM ET
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What's the worse paranormal book you have ever read?

Mine would be Dancing with Werewolves (Delilah Street, Bk 1) by Carole Nelson Douglas. 

Then there is Benighted which got great reviews but I just couldn't get into it and finally put it down after about 50 pgs. 

We may have done this before...I can't remember!  But I thought it might be interesting!

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 2:26 PM ET
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Oh, don't tell me that about the Delilah Street book!!! lol I finally got it and was going to read it fairly soon.

I'm not sure what my worst one was ... I've pretty much liked all of them, some more than others. If I had to say anything I'd say Rachel Caine's Morganville vamp series. It's the only one where I never finished the series and don't intend to (I read the first thee) but it wasn't horrible and I know I'm clearly in the minority since most people like the series.

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 3:06 PM ET
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Marie - I thought yours was that Melina Morel book, what was it called?  LOL  I had one the other day that I just couldn't even get into.  Almost thought I was sick - that hardly ever happens to me.  I forget what the book was right now.

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 3:14 PM ET
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Susan I am with you on the Morganville series, I read the first one, it was ok but it did not make me go out and get the next onces.

Matt C. (mattc) - ,
Date Posted: 1/15/2009 3:48 PM ET
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I am currently reading Glass Houses by Rachel Caine and I think it's my least favorite paranormal so far.  Maybe I'm just not the target audience.  I like the premise, but I think the plot is a little ridiculous.  I have the second book, so I'll probably give that a shot before I decide whether or not I like the series.

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Date Posted: 1/15/2009 5:00 PM ET
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Oh yes Jennifer I forgot about that one!  I guess I'm trying to drive it from my mind!

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 9:35 PM ET
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I agree with you on Benighted - I just couldn't get into the story and I really didn't care for the characters either.

Of the books I read last year, the absolute worst had to be the first Talia Gryphon book - I think it was Key to Conflict. Awful, awful, awful!

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 9:58 PM ET
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If the Melina Morel book was Devour, then I definitely agree. Just couldn't get into it.

Date Posted: 1/15/2009 11:15 PM ET
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Susan Krinard.  Used to snatch up her books as soon as they came out.  Then she had a bunch that just seemed lame.  Seems like she changed her publisher and editor, and the books went downhill.

And I like the Morganville books.  Seems to focus more on friendships, taking on issues like trust and truthfulness.  Too many YA paranormals seem to focus on sex and power trips rather than friendships.  If I read another YA about a gang of mean girls, I'll scream.

Date Posted: 1/16/2009 4:45 AM ET
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Okay...I know I'm gonna take some heat for this but.....Queen Betsy series MaryJanice Davidson.  I detested Betsy. I couldn't get past her character.  I read the first two and then sent all the rest of the series I'd gotten so far out unread.  I like humor in my paranormal...I even like campy but  egads!!  She made me want to pull my hair out!!  

Date Posted: 1/16/2009 7:26 AM ET
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Two series I've never been able to get into are the Morganville Vamps by Rachel Caine & the Kitty series by ?.  I couldn't even get into the first books!

Date Posted: 1/16/2009 11:49 PM ET
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I really like both Morganville and Kitty!  :P

Worst paranormal I've ever read.....  Hmmmm....  I've put several down that never got picked up again, but those were more "dabbled" than read, so worst paranormal I've ever finished?....

Hard to pick just one.  Morrigan's Cross by Nora Roberts was like the book that wouldn't die.  It became something of a test of strength to perservere through it!  I think I just kept going 'cos people kept saying it was good and I was determined to figure out what they were talking about.

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard was a slightly weird dozer.  It was like the book couldn't figure out if it was trying to be literary or not, and forgot about interesting.

Top prize bad might go to Lord of the Fading Lands by C. L. Wilson.  She writes like a less mature Feehan (which I mean as a double insult), and rather unabashedly stole the plot and several direct scenes from a lesser-known fantasy series by Joanne Bertin called The Last Dragonlord.  I'm seriously suprised that was legal, it's so stolen!  Not a genius idea to set herself up for comparison when she did such a worse job, either!  Anyway, it was painful to get through -- I kept going mainly in outrage for Bertin! -- and the lead female is a helpless, barbie-like, sappy "innocent." Cue the 70's bodice-ripper covers, 'cos they'd go perfectly.  Blech.