Book Reviews of Dragonsong (Pern: Harper Hall, Bk 1)

Dragonsong (Pern: Harper Hall, Bk 1)
Dragonsong - Pern: Harper Hall, Bk 1
Author: Anne McCaffrey
ISBN-13: 9781416905349
ISBN-10: 1416905340
Publication Date: 5/31/2005
Pages: 208
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Currently 4.6/5 Stars.

4.6 stars, based on 18 ratings
Publisher: Aladdin
Book Type: Paperback
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A young fisherwoman finds the tiny cousins to the large dragons that fight the Thread that falls on Pern. This is the start of her story in which she begins the path that will make her Pern's first female Harper. This is a really good book, like most of the Pern books. This is the book that tells the story of Menolly, a character that features prominently in the series.
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I read Mccaffrey's Pern series in junior high - and reread again every thousand or so books. I LOVE this series.
In the Harper Hall Triology we turn our focus to the keepers of knowledge on pern- the harpers. We delve into the life of a young girl who feels like an outsider, and who is punished for having dreams of a different life... when she runs away she discovers just how strong she is, and she solves a centuries old mystery - as well as becomes the first female harper.
A wonderful story. A shy young lady, one who feels out of touch, or anyone who feels like they don't belong will come out of this book having hope - and if you keep on with the Harper Hall trilogy you will come to love the charaters. If you haven't read the rest of the Pern series - what are you waiting for?!?
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Excellent Fantasy book and series for YA & Adults alike! I have read and reread this trilogy nearly every year for about 25 years! I've read it to my children and I plan to read it to my grandchildren.
Menolly is a true heroine for those that feel like they are out of skew with the world (i.e. Indigos, Idealists, etc.) which spends far to much energy focused on fighting over every last toy! Far better to learn to co-exist and allow the songs to well up inside you, creating a better world!
Read's short and sweet and well-written!
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In a strict culture and household which undervalues girls with unusual talent, Menolly runs away and finds friends and the knowledge that she is special, in a good way.
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Easily one of the most engaging of McCaffrey's Pern series, Dragonsong offers the unique viewpoint of a 15 year-old daughter of a stern Sea Holder who finds herself unwittingly involved in the world of the dragonriders when she discovers a clutch of fire-lizard eggs. The girl's pointed loneliness and awkwardness, combined with her family's painful disapproval of her musical leanings, make her a likeable teenage protagonist and a fascinating contribution to Pern society. Through her eyes, readers see some of the more neglected levels of Pernese society from isolated Hold life to the Lower Caverns of the Weyrs where real work is done.

A quick and entertaining read.
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Review: I enjoyed this story. The main character was interesting, as was the world that the book was set in. The whole story was well written and well told.

There were two problems that I had with the book. The first was that it was too simplistic. There wasn't much character development, and things sometimes seemed to happen just because. However, this book was shelved in the young adult section of the library, so I don't really care that it was a simplistic book.

The 2nd was that the setting and some of the back stories were a bit confusing. There was a foreword in the copy to give the reader some background on Pern. However, it wasn't really enough, especially once the main character winds up at the place with all the dragons (I don't have the book on me anymore and I forgot what it was called!). There was a bit too much backstory missing for everything to make sense. I realize now that there's another trilogy that I should have read before this one, as the first book happens before "Dragonsong". However, given that this book is a young adult book and that the trilogy that comes before it is an adult book, the fact that this book is a bit on the confusing side when read alone is a problem. Not all kids who are in the yound adult section are up to reading adult books yet.

Aside from those two problems I greatly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.
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I was looking through the paperback section of my local book store and the cover art caught my eye (the original cover design). I read the brief, bought it and I WAS HOOKED ON ANNE MCCAFFREY! I've read all the books from the "Pern" series and even turned my best friend on to it, too! Excellent writing - takes you away! This needs to be a miniseries or movie!
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According to an "official" guide, this book is #3 of 16.
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Probably the best dragon series ever by any author.
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This is a wonderful book - have re-read it soo many times!
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I read this in high school and decided to re-read it after I bought this copy this evening. It's less complex than many of the Pern books - geared more towards a YA audience, I think.
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"Menolly loved music and wanted to be a Harper, though her father would not allow it. It was a disgrace for a woman even to think of such a thing. Finally, he forbad Menolly to even sing for fear her ambition would become known. Menolly had no choice but to run away. On her journey she meets a group of fire lizards who bring new adventure, challenge and direction to her life."

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One of the "Junior Fiction" Pern books, set during the same events as the original Pern trilogy. This is a shorter book than most other Pern novels (less than 200 pages) with the central characters being adolescents and a somewhat more simplified plotline. Definitely NOT for little kids though, and any serious Pern fan will do themselves a big disfavor if they don't read this!
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good intro to scifi fantasy ... McCaffrey is top notch and does a good job of tying the series together. Suitable for adolescents as well.
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Forbidden by her father to indulge in music in any way, a girl on the planet Pern runs away, taking shelter with the planet's fire lizards who, along with her music, open a new life for her.
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I had read this many years ago before reading the other Pern books and wanted to go back and refresh my memory. I loved the story and how it brings together so many of the story lines
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I loved Anne McCaffrey's Dragonridders books. This was one of my favorites. I would recomend this book to anyone . Unfortunately we lost Ms. McCaffrey and the dragonridders of Pern.
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Fun teen book. Cinderella story.
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Absolutely wonderful book about a young musician discovering the world and learning expression through harp and dragons!
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I had fond memories of reading this triology in high school. It's just as good now as it was then, but it turns out I have two copies of each book.
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volume 1 in harper hall trilogy