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Topic: Dreamfever *SPOILERS* (Warning: I mention the ending!)

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Subject: Dreamfever *SPOILERS* (Warning: I mention the ending!)
Date Posted: 9/5/2009 1:01 AM ET
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If I would have known that this series was going to only be five books, I would have waited to read them all later! But I didn't know that I would love the fever series!

The suspence is killing me!

Who is the beast that Mac killed? Do you think it is Barrons? I hope not--cause Moning made it seem like it was him-so I am hoping he is a red herring.

Who else could it be? Christian?




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Date Posted: 9/5/2009 5:05 PM ET
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Hoping it isn't Barrons!  My first impression was Barrons though.    This series has been slowly killing me with each installment:lol:  I knew this was gonna happen and yet I couldn't stop myself from picking it up:) 

I think I need to go pick up all the previous books in HC since I don't see myself parting with it in the foreseeable future:)

Date Posted: 9/6/2009 3:12 PM ET
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My first instinct was Barrons too, but I will be so upset if it is!  I kept trying to think of someone else that would make her feel like she had lost the last possible thing she could lose, and I couldn't think of anyone.  I guess it could have been Christian.  Maybe they actually did jump over together, and that beast what he was turning into. 

Date Posted: 9/6/2009 8:17 PM ET
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Maybe it is Barrons and Moning does a "jump the shark" moment and he is not really dead or she saves him....I mean it is the last book and Barrons is suppose to be "more" than human....we will seeee........in a frikin year! *painful tear*

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Date Posted: 9/12/2009 4:55 PM ET
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My first thought also is that it's Barrons.  I'm going to hope that when Mac pulls that spear out of his back, he will miraculously not be dead.  :) 

My other guess was that it was Christian.  But why would IYD be Christian?

I'm going to go with it's Barrons and that Ryodan turned on him and was trying to kill him.  I don't think Ryodan is dead either.  I think he was lying to Mac when he said Darroc had marked her and was tracking her too.  Just a hunch.  I could totally be wrong.

I can't believe I have to wait an entire year to find out!  At least the next book will be the last and we will hopefully finally get some answers.

Donna, I am going to buy them in Hardcover for keeper shelf too.  I really love this series!

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Date Posted: 9/12/2009 6:50 PM ET
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I don't think it was really IYD. I think Mac assumed, and Ryodan just didn't set her straight.  When Mac was talking to Ryodan about that being IYD, it seemed like he didn't get what she was talking about.  Then he just kind of went with it.

I also got the feeling Ryodan had gone bad & wasn't really working with Barrons to find her. 


I don't want to wait a year to find out!!!!

Date Posted: 9/13/2009 12:40 PM ET
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I still want to know where Dreamy Eyed Guy comes in.

Date Posted: 9/13/2009 1:21 PM ET
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I read in a KMM blog or her site that the first book was optioned for a film--it may never happen but it will kill me if it does and they pick an actor I can't stand to be Barrons:lol:   Too bad you can't just pick some hot perfect looking for the role guy and teach him to act:lol:  Note to cover model men--take an acting class--it could pay off!  ;)

Date Posted: 9/16/2009 11:45 AM ET
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Could it have been V'lade? Maybe Christian....????This made me NUTS. I know authors want to leave you hanging, but this was downright cruel, mean and nasty!!!  especially since it'll be a year, I assume, for the next one. I came in new to this series; got the first one free on Kindle, then read straight through all the rest in about 2 weeks.  Barrons was of course my first thought, then I thought now way, too obvious and he's so needed for the next book. But sheesh, we have to wait soooooo long!

Date Posted: 9/18/2009 8:57 AM ET
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It better not be V'lane because I'm going to marry him :P

At first I thought Barrons, but I don't think so because: when they were in the garage and the floor trembled or whatever, Barrons was with her at that time and she asked him again what was down there (which he ignored, of course).  So if the "beast" really was IYD and also the same thing below the garage then it couldn't have been him.

However, I have no idea who it could be that she would react that way about other than Barrons.

Date Posted: 9/18/2009 9:09 AM ET
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Found this on KMM forums, part of a chat transcript.

[Karen Marie] 3:25 pm: Yes, there will be more books related to the Fae after the Fever series. I already have the series planned.
[] 3:25 pm: WOW!
[Cayla] 3:25 pm: woohoo -- that's something to look forward to
[Karen Marie] 3:25 pm: The new series is related to Sidhe-seers, Inc. NO working title yet.

and then:
[Leiha] 3:30 pm: Lovebugg wants t know if Christian will have his own book?
[Leiha] 3:30 pm: Chickadee wants to know will we have more on Ryodan?
[javafroggi] 3:30 pm: hmm...intriguing!! Thanks :)
[Karen Marie] 3:30 pm: Christian definitely has his own story and I LOVE it. You'll be hearing more about him.
[Karen Marie] 3:30 pm: Yes, Ryodan, too.


So... unless she changed her mind, looks like Ryodan isn't dead.

Date Posted: 10/6/2009 7:53 PM ET
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From Mac's reaction I'd say that it has to be Barrons. I don't think that he is actually dead though, only that Mac thinks she killed him. Afterall, we don't know what he is and it's obviously something old and powerful if V'lane begrudgingly respects his powers and he can walk safely through Fairy. I mean, who else would she feel so despondent over?

Date Posted: 10/7/2009 1:12 PM ET
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I think it's Barrons, and I think she's still got that one piece of unseelie tucked in her pocket, so maybe....

Date Posted: 10/7/2009 4:12 PM ET
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I actually thought it was Christian since Barrons was with her when she heard the beast under his garage. Doesn't mean he couldn't be one, though. Also, seems to be set up to make you think it's Barrons.