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Topic: i will drop out of this thing

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Subject: i will drop out of this thing
Date Posted: 6/22/2010 11:42 AM ET
Member Since: 6/18/2010
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I have sent 3 books, ready to request my first one.  I JUST CAN'T ! This thing never ever sends me confirmation of my email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without it, I can't get a single book.

So I have spent money sending books but can't get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It also talks about a "contact us" on the site, but there is NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are we talking about thievery?

Signed: Exasperated


Date Posted: 6/22/2010 11:46 AM ET
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Dear Exasperated,

Have you tried this?  (From the Help Center):

If you are getting the message that you need to confirm your email address when you try to request a book:

This means that you did not click the link in the "Welcome to PaperBackSwap.com" email that was sent to you when you completed the registration process.

  • Check your email inbox and spam/junk folders for the email entitled "Welcome, Your Name, to PaperBackSwap.com". This email would have been sent to you when you completed registration, and it will have been one of the first emails you were sent from PBS.
  • If you have the email, and the link in the email is not clickable (this will vary with your email provider), simply copy-paste the link URL into your browser to be taken to the appropriate page on the site where you can confirm your email address.
  • If you do not find the email in your spam/junk folder or your email inbox, or you have deleted it before confirming your email address, just click the link in the message you see on the screen you see right after you click Order This Book on any book listing, to re-send the email to your PBS User Email address.  If you do not get the email after clicking the link, contact us.



A Friendly PBS Tour Guide

P.S. The "contact us" link is in the lower right hand corner of every page

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Date Posted: 6/22/2010 11:47 AM ET
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The Contact Us link is a small blue link (in the list of links) down at the bottom of the page on the far right hand side.

I am sure you will get this all straightened out quickly. Welcome to PBS!

(I've sent and received more than 600 books ... PBS does work!)

Sianeka - ,
Date Posted: 6/22/2010 1:00 PM ET
Member Since: 2/8/2007
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Josette, welcome to PBS.  It can sometimes be a bit frustrating finding out where things are and getting everything to work smoothly.  Just want you to know that you are not alone.  Help is always around!

The Help Center at the top of every page can answer almost every question about the site you may have.  When you get some spare time, you may want to consider browsing through the documents found on the page when you click on Browse Help Docs link from the Help Center dropdown menu.

Also, every new member is assigned a personal Tour Guide, that you can contact whenever you have questions.  They can help you find your way around the site and help you to solve problems and answer questions you encounter.  To contact them, just click on your Personal Messages page, and your Tour Guide will be listed at the top left, and a PM button to send them a note.

If your Tour Guide is not currently online or responding, or if you need a quicker response, you can contact ANY online Tour Guide.  Just click on Help Center at the top of any page, then click on Live Help link from the dropdown menu.  This will bring up a list of all the currently online Tour Guides and you can PM any one of them for help.

And of course, there are the friendly members lurking the discussion forums here.  Many members are more than willing to offer advice and suggestions when you post a topic (as you can see here!)

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Date Posted: 6/22/2010 1:20 PM ET
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To add to the great help you've received. You can check what e-mail address you signed up for the account with (and where the confirmation is going to) by going into My Account -> Settings. The e-mail addy will be the first thing listed on the Settings page. You can make sure the address is typed in correctly and that you are checking the right box.

Date Posted: 6/22/2010 4:29 PM ET
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Are we talking about thievery?

Isn't that a bit over the top?  There are 1,000's of happy campers on this site.  Follow the previous posters advice and give it a chance; it works fine.

Date Posted: 6/22/2010 6:39 PM ET
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I think PBS membership is over 200,000 or something like that.  So I think it's user error and not thievery.  I've received probably 1,000 books easily between credit orders, deals, games and box of book trades. 

Date Posted: 6/22/2010 6:48 PM ET
Member Since: 12/28/2006
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Welcome to PBS Josette!   No thievery, this site actually works very well and is very user friendly.   If you become frustrated learning your way around, we can help (as can your tour guide or 'contact us').

Did the above suggestions resolve your problem or is something else needed??

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Scott (scalta) - ,
Date Posted: 6/22/2010 10:25 PM ET
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Date Posted: 6/22/2010 10:43 PM ET
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I've been a member for years, and not only am I still learning what was here when I first signed up, they keep throwing new stuff at me all the time!  Everybody hits a speed bump once in a while, but it's always still worth the drive...

Subject: games?
Date Posted: 6/23/2010 4:11 PM ET
Member Since: 6/16/2010
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I'm still pretty new at this, too.  Someone mentioned games?  What games?


I'm reading all I can and think this can be a great site but there seems to be alot to learn before I'll really be comfortable that I'm doing it all right. 


One question I have, if I can add a new person question here:


I have alot of books going out right now from people having them on their wish list, but once those are taken, what happens to the rest of them?  do I have to just wait until someone wish lists one of my more obscure titles?  What about ones that are very common?  (i.e. I have a DaVinci Code, I imagine there are 1000 copies out there, does mine sit in line for the 1000th person to wish list one?)


Thanks for your time, I'm having a ball watching books clear out of my shelves finally!


Date Posted: 6/23/2010 4:16 PM ET
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Basically, yes.  People don't wishlist books that are available - you just order them.  Your book goes in line in the order it was posted.  So if there are 700 copies of The DaVinci Code posted and you post yours, it will go to the 701st person that orders it through "FIFO" - first in, first out. 

Oh and Games are another way that people exchange books.  There's a forum called Games on the main page list just under Club Member's Thoughts.  Join one!  They're fun. :)

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Subject: New Member
Date Posted: 6/23/2010 8:13 PM ET
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Everyone here was new at one time or other. I have been a member since November 2005 and I am still learning and I'm a Tour Guide. Even we have to check the help docs on occasion. Take the time to wander around in the help docs. You will find answers to questions you didn't have yet.

Date Posted: 6/23/2010 10:29 PM ET
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I love doing that, Sue!  The help docs are so well-written and based on common sense mostly.  They aren't stuffy or dry...there are actually a few humorous comments scattered in there.  And you are right...every time I look, I find answers to things I never would have thought of!

Date Posted: 6/27/2010 3:57 PM ET
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Here's my advice to new members that are assigned to me as a Tour Guide to be of help to them. I hope you won't be offended by me posting it here for your benefit as well as any others that are still pretty new:

I always recommend my new members go to the top of the page to the gray bar and hold your mouse over the HELP CENTER tab, but don't click right away. A menu will appear.

The first item to click will be the "HOW TO SWAP BOOKS?" link. Go thru this and then...

Then come back to the tab and click "BROWSE HELP DOCS" link.

Once on the "BROWSE" page, read the articles under at least the first 5-6 topics on the LEFT.

In the future, come back to the page and use the search slot for a key WORD or PHRASE to find answers within the HC. Occasionally, you might have to try a couple times before finding the key word or phrase that holds your answer, but it's generally amazingly good at finding sentences that match your question or problem.

But, anytime you do not understand, or can't find, the answer to your question please feel free to PM me or another Tour Guide listed under the LIVE HELP section under the HC tab, if I'm not listed as available.

Welcome to PBS and I hope you come to enjoy it as much as I have over the last 4.5 yrs & 2,000+ books received!!!

A PBS Volunteer Tour Guide Member