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Topic: Easy way to ship...postal scale?

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Subject: Easy way to ship...postal scale?
Date Posted: 12/13/2010 11:34 AM ET
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I am expecting a baby soon and will not be able to run to the PO every time someone requests a book. I have thought about putting my account on hold and have even figured out how to get my wish list requested stuff while it is on hold.However, I don't want to miss out on any chance to EARN credits by sending books. 


Does anyone have an easy way to mail books? Is it ok to just do it once a week? I usually use e-DC and place stamps on them myself. Should I use a scale to make sure that I am using enough postage? I have had some serious issues with what PBS says a book weighs and what is it's actual weight. 


If so, what type of scale has worked for others for this? 

Subject: Easy way to mail books
Date Posted: 12/13/2010 6:20 PM ET
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I would highly recommend using the PBS postage. You can print it at home and just put it out for the mailman at your mailbox..or just drop it in a blue box. No need to go to the P.O.. I love using it.


Yes, i would recommend getting a scale. The weights for books are often off a bit-sometimes a WHOLE lot. Check out the scale that is for sale in the kiosk. I have the same kind, but mine only weight to 5 pounds

Peg D. (muummom) - ,
Date Posted: 12/13/2010 6:21 PM ET
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The absolute only time I go to the post office is when I am mailing an APO box. 

I bought a scale on-line, although you can also get one at Wal-Mart type stores.  My favorite scale site is:  http://www.oldwillknottscales.com .  Or you can go to e-bay.  I have used my scale for so much more than just PBS.  Husband has used it to shipped things, our kids live three states away (each a different direction) and we end out mailing them stuff.  Husband also uses it for figuring how much Hamburger to freeze in one-pound bags.  (OK, he's an engineer and wants each bag to weight EXACTLY one pound . . .)

If all you are sending are PBS books, as long as it can go up to three pounds, you should be OK.  I have two scales (long story . . . ).  One goes up to 5 pounds, and the other goes a lot higher.  I think I've only needed to go higher than five pounds once in the past year, and that was to mail a bunch of stuff to college-Son. 

Once I wrap my book and weigh it, I use online postage.  I use paypal (www.paypal.com/shipnow).  It will let you print media mail.  It does include Delivery Confirmation for 19c, but to be honest, I would probably spend 19c worth of gas going to the post office.  Plus $3 to get an iced coffee drink.  So in the long run, it saves money.

The post man will pick up any package with online postage.  I just put it in my mailbox like any other letter.  Or if you can talk someone into dropping it into a blue box on their way to work/town/etc.

A lot/Some people on this site use PBS postage.  It costs a bit more, but some of the money goes to PBS.  One of the things I like about paypal postage is if you screw up, you have up to 48 hours to delete the postage and it won't cost you anything. 

So to answer your questions -- No, you don't have to quit swapping just because you can't get to the library.  Yes, you need a scale.  And any kind of scale is fine.

Date Posted: 12/13/2010 9:05 PM ET
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I'm expecting a baby relatively soon too! But in my case, we don't have any mail delivery here, so I have to go to the post office no matter what, and my PO never has a line, so it doesn't really help me much to use online postage. 

Date Posted: 12/16/2010 2:24 PM ET
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I always use PBS postage and highly recommend a scale. I have one, by Escali, I use in my kitchen and it is wonderful to use when sending books and packages too. It is very versatile. It comes in handy because sometimes the PBS amount can be off. I have found the PBS weight at times too high and some times too low.  The scale has helped me from paying too much or too little. It has been awhile but if I remember right the scale only cost me $9.99 .

Congratulations on the baby!

Date Posted: 12/17/2010 10:33 AM ET
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I use a scale from Weight Watchers which goes up to 6 pounds, in both US and Metric.  I can weigh food and calculate Points and weigh mail and calculate Postage!