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Elizabeth Marshall was a cook who ran a patisserie and cookery school in Newcastle upon Tyne between 1770 and about 1790. She is the author of The Young Ladies' Guide in the Art of Cookery, subtitled being a Collection of useful Receipts, Published for the Convenience of the Ladies committed to her Care, by Eliz. Marshall. Her Art of Cookery was printed by Thomas Saint, printer of wood engravings by Thomas Bewick as well as the printer and publisher of the Newcastle Courant, a forerunner of The Journal and the Evening Chronicle.

Marshall was born in Swarland or Felton, Northumberland in 1738 and was christened in St. Michael & All Angels Church on February 15 of that year. Her cookery school occupied premises in Mosley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, and census records show her moving to a neighbouring shop where she paid 10 3s 6d in rateable value. Saint's printing press was also located in Mosley Street.

The Art of Cookery is notable for its inclusion of recipes requiring expensive imported ingredients such as truffles, morels, pineapples and lemons, which Marshall used in large quantities: her recipe for The Power of Lemons, a concentrated lemon essence, begins with the words Take 100 Lemons. This recipe, which implies knowledge of the properties of lemons in preventing scurvy, does not appear in any of the other cookery books from the 18th century.

Her book is exceptional in using truffles, which were not standard fare for the late 18th century. Only Patrick Lamb in 1710 and Alexis Soyer in 1846 included truffles in their recipes. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote in 1815 that truffles were found only on the tables of the very wealthy or that of the mistress of a wealthy man.

The book throws light on 18th century cooking practices. For example, Marshall advocated removing salt from butter by washing it in Rose water, making it more palatable for the cheesecakes, puddings and sweet pastries she taught her pupils to prepare. She also used the technique of using a feather to clear the seeds from jellies. This method is still used today for Bar-le-duc jelly.

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