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Executive Orders
Executive Orders
Author: Tom Clancy
ISBN-13: 9780006479758
ISBN-10: 0006479758
Publication Date: 4/6/1998
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 12 ratings
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd
Book Type: Paperback
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My first Tom Clancy book, and I definitely enjoyed it. Until the last 100 pages, that is. Politics is interesting. Meticulous war details are boring. The suspense was well done, and the book referenced earlier events with enough context to allow someone who hadn't read the entire series to get the gist of what happened. Unfortunately, because of the ending, I likely wouldn't reread this book. However, if you're into politics, it's worth a read.
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This is a long, long book (over 1300 pages) but a very great read which gets very intense in the last third of it. I could not put it down until I got to the last page. Another great Jack Ryan novel.
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Jack Ryan has always been a soldier. Now he's giving the orders.

At the climax of Debt of Honor, the most devastating terrorist act in the history of the world left the President, the Joing Chiefs, the Supreme Court, and nearly all of Congress dead. Only Jack Ryan, confirmed Vice President mere minutes before, survived to take the reins of a shaken and leaderless country. Now he must rebuild a government, confort a grieving nation, and become a true leader. Meanwhile, he is surrounded by enemies--both inside the White House and around the world--all of them plotting to destroy an untested President. And bring an already wounded country to its knees.....

"Undoubtedly Clancy's best yet" --Atlanta journal & Constitution
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Jack Ryan is my hero!
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The President is dead - and the weight, literally, of the word falls on Jack Ryan's shoulders, in this extraordinary novel... Another great job by Tom Clancy
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This was the longest book I've read in my entire life, literally...... and it felt like it.

I had not read any of Tom Clancy's book, though I have seen and enjoyed the Jack Ryan movies. Executive Orders finds Ryan as a reluctant president, after a terrorist act destroyed much of the government. There are many plot threads which Clancy cuts back and forth between throughout the book. Unfortunately, some (like the China sub-plot) are boring, and others (such as the story involving a right-wing militia group) end up being irrelevant to the rest of the book.

Many of the early pages are spent on Ryan's words and thoughts about how the government should be run, aka putting forth Clancy's political ideas. The pace does pick up considerably at around page 900, but 899 is a lot of pages to slog through to get to that point! Those like myself who do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of military terms and weaponry will likely find the big climax of the book confusing.

With a lot of editing, this book could have been suspenseful. However, it is about 900 pages longer than it needs to be. I am just glad its over!
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Jack Ryan is now president.Nw he must rebuild a government,comfort a grieving nation,and become a true leader.Meanwhile he is surrounded by enemies both inside the white house and around the world all of them plotting to destroy an untested president.and bring an already wounded nation to it's knee's.
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Sequel to Debt of Honor. The ongoing tale of Jack Ryan. Having been made Vice-President only minutes before (and grudgingly at that) Jack is now forced to take the reigns and guide our country in the wake of the most devastating terror attack this country has ever seen.
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I thought that this book was a little slow in parts but over all it's a terrific read. Make's you glad that it is a novel.
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Another Jack Ryan book/audio tape by Tom Clancy. In this one, Jack becomes President of the United States after a terroist attack!
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The president is dead and the weight of the world is on Jack Ryan's shoulder he has accept the vice-presidency for only a year. He must calm an anxious and grieving nation conduct a swift investigation of the tragic death and arrange a massive state funeral all countries eyes are on him to see how he does it is exciting
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One of the better Jack Ryan books
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Good Clancy, enjoyed very much. Great listen. Good road company.
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Another great Tom Clancy novel
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I read the book "Executive Orders" and, like all Tom Clancy books, it was riviting. I had the chance to listen to an abridged audio cassette of the book and found it to be a well-read audio.
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I am normally not a fiction reader. However, as my kids grow up and I spend more time in the car shuttling them around, I began listening to audio books. I came across a copy of Executive Orders for cheap and decided to give it a listen.

The basic premise of the story is that Jack Ryan unwittingly becomes President of the United States after a Japanese airliner crashes and kills most of the high ranking members of the US government, leaving Ryan as the next successor to the Presidency. Ryan has the gargantuan feat of rebuilding the entire US government. Of course, there is no mercy for the new comer. A skirmish between China and Taiwan breaks out resulting in the deaths of a handful of Americans with both countries pointing the finger at the other. However, the story gets interesting as Iran becomes a puppeteer, manipulating countries and orchestrating events in a covert attempt to take over part of the Middle East. During all this, President Ryan has to deal with a legal attack claiming he is not the President and try to unravel the bureaucracy that had become business as usual in Washington, DC and try to rebuild America.

I found the storyline to be a bit too political, but overall it had a good combination of mental mind games, covert operations, and good old violence. I thought the scene with the attempted kidnapping of Sandbox was one of the pinnacles of the story. This was a beautifully orchestrated, suspenseful scene.

I thought Edward Herrmanns performance in the audiobook version was extraordinary. While sometimes his accents were terribly unrealistic, he gave a great performance that made me feel like I was listening to a live news report with the events unfolding right before me.

Overall, I was pleased with the story. The overall story line seemed reminiscent of the Rocky movies, the underdog man who no one thinks will win takes a beating, but comes off of the ropes swinging their way to victory. If you are looking for a great underdog story, this may be worth a read. However, if political discussions turn you off, you might want to pick a different book.
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Clancy at his absolute BEST! Modern day thriller with a military/political/tech edge.
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Could not put it down.
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A formerly likable Jack Ryan descends into Reactionary madness. Ryan should have stayed a CIA analyst, and Clancy should have stuck to fighting unlikely, but fun, wars.
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By far, one of THE BEST that I have read in the Jack Ryan series. I found the characters so believable and the political situations so possible that nothing was too much of a stretch. Makes one wonder what in history is fact and what's fiction. But, most of all, I thrilled at the idea that we could actually, once again, stand up to any enemy who crosses the line and say "...don't mess with us because we WILL come after you".
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Tom Clancy continues to be the top writer of his genre. This book follows the next step of Jack Ryan's life, and gives us a peek inside the turmoil of being a President. At times, it can be tedious with details and at times it can be fast moving with action.
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Ninth book in the Jack Ryan series. Part 2 of 2, started in Debt of Honor
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Another exciting Clancy novel.
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You can't beat Clancy for a knuckle biter!
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Tom Clancy goes to the White House in this thriller of political terror and global disaster. The American political situation takes a disturbing turn as the President, Congress, and Supreme Court are obliterated when a Japanese terrorist lands a 747 on the Capitol. Meanwhile the Iranians are unleashing an Ebola virus threat on the country. Jack Ryan, CIA agent, is cast in the middle of this maelstrom. Because of a recent sex scandal, Ryan was appointed vice president, a slot he doesn't hold for long when he lands in the Chief Executive's chair. He goes after the Iranians and then tries to piece together the country and his life the only way he knows how--with a fury that we've grown accustomed to in Clancy's intricate, detailed, and accurate stories of warfare and intrigue.
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Best of the Clancy-Ryan series
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Gotta love Jack Ryan!
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its clancy what more needs to be said
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If you like Tom Clancy you'll like this one. Stars Jack Ryan. I thought it was about 700 pages too long.
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If you like Clancy and the character of Jack Ryan and have the perserverence to get through a lengthy book (1358 pages) you will love this book. So scary and realistic that it could be real.
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Rick nor Paulette has read it.
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WOW! Not sure I ever read a Tom Clancy book. IT is very long 870+ pages and very small print. Almost wish I had read the one previous to see how the U.S. ended up where it is at the start of this book. A lot of stuff going on, but the end was DEFINITELY worth the time spent reading it! Too bad we can't find as honorable a man as Jack is to be president in REAL life!
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Tom Clancy at his best!
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"Executive Orders" is truly an epic, an account of the struggle between the democracy of the United States and terrorism. No one can create a complex, interwoven storyline like Clancy. His research is outstanding, his fact checking impeccable and his characters fascinating...Highly recommended!
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Audio cassette book consisting of 4 tapes, in original packaging. Listened to once.
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Excellent as always. Makes me want to hurry and get the next book.
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My husbands favorite author. I know if I pick up any new Tom Clancy book He'll be happy for days.
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bought used. minor tears on cover, paperback