Book Reviews of Extreme Danger (McCloud, Bk 5)

Extreme Danger (McCloud, Bk 5)
Extreme Danger - McCloud, Bk 5
Author: Shannon McKenna
ISBN-13: 9780758211873
ISBN-10: 0758211872
Publication Date: 2/1/2008
Pages: 384
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 137 ratings
Publisher: Brava
Book Type: Paperback
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Becca Cattrell recently discovered, in a very public way, that her fiancé was cheating on her. She works at a posh country club as an event planner. Her boss suggests that she spend the weekend relaxing and loans Becca the use of her boyfriend's cabin. A depressed, downtrodden Becca accepts the invitation. Later that evening, after imbibing too much wine, she decided to take a swim (naked) in the neighbor's pool. She gets a scary surprise when Nick Ward discovers her in the pool and thinks she is a femme fatale sent to kill him. Nick, a former FBI agent, has gone undercover to flush out Zhoglo, a Russian mafia boss. They both end up in âExtreme Dangerâ.

McKenna's best talent lies with her ability to write fantastic conversation. The reader is able to get a true sense of the characters' personalities through the dialog. Nick and Becca had fun conversations where I found myself laughing out loud; and yet they also had touching, tender moments too. This is true of Nick, especially, who was so desperate for something joyful or happy to grasp onto in his life. When Becca comes along, he can't help but be drawn to her. The pages practically sizzled with the force of Nick's desire for Becca. I liked that they kept constantly challenging each other and there was never a dull moment. It was really great to watch both of these characters evolve over the course of the story. Please note that McKenna uses crude language during the sex scenes. Usually, it was through the man's point of view. This may bother some people. I did feel though, that it was in context of the person using the language, mainly Nick. He does, after all, refer to himself as basically a âcavemanâ.

Throughout most of this book, I was hanging on the edge of my seat. The suspense part of the story was very detailed and gruesome. While I appreciated the depth of the suspense, I could have done without the passages involving the children. That was really hard to read. Also, I personally do not like being privy to the villain's point of view. I most definitely do not need to know what turns him on sexually. For those readers who may be turned off by thatâ¦beware.

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Wow! Excellent storyline. Interesting, flawed characters. Crack dialogue.
Intense, heart-pounding adventure and intrigue.(oh, and lots of hot sex) I could not put this book down. This one is, without a doubt, one of the best books I have read in a looooong time. Very highly recommended.
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I love the way Nick gets treated by the brothers. But his intensity for Becca flows perfectly with this series. I like that he is a darker guy - in looks and personality - it definitely makes him super steamy!
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tle too quickly for me and is a little unbelievable - they've only known one another for a few days and they haven't exactly been a regular couple of days - but oh well. I mean, what exactly about this book was believable?!

The suspense subplot was a good one and I liked that the reactions by the leading characters were so realistic (for the most part) throughout. Becca's life is at risk and she's threatened with rape - so guess what, she reacts like a normal person was and is afraid! Wow, how unusual! I hate in romances where the danger(s) that the leading characters face does not elicit any type of normal reaction on the fear-scale; it makes the threat feel completely ridiculous and pointless to the reader. That didn't happen here, which I appreciated.

It is part of a series (Book 5), but I didn't feel out of the loop. I had read reviews for the other books, so had somewhat of a sense of the connections between them and who people were, but not much. Doesn't detract from the experience if you read this as a stand-alone, though there are some events that happened in the past that I definitely did not completely get - they impact Nick, so they're important - and I think those things occurred in previous books, so that was a little annoying. Nothing major though.

Overall, great read. Look forward to exploring this author's other books.

"Sometimes he wondered how men lived to adulthood, let alone old age, with that much concentrated stupidity dangling between their legs." (p. 17)
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wow! excellent read. intense action and excellent twists.
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Great action read, lots of twists and turns. Can't miss book.
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Action and suspense filled with great characters and romance. Loved it!
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This is the first time I've read McKenna and I believe I will search out more of her books. Great characters and intriguing dialogue. Nick is such a rigid Neanderthal that you have to laugh at their antics. Plus somehow Nick manages to be hot being an idiot. Go figure. Bad guys are truly slimy. I like that the bad guys comes from all sorts of backgrounds. I also like that Becca isn't your typical kick-butt heroine but she isn't the damsel in distress either.

Great suspense with lots of hot steamy scenes thrown in.
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This book started out a bit slow for me, but wonce it got going it didn't stop! Good story line, but very sexually graphic at time.
I overall just "liked" it
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Loved this story. So fast paced and with all the twists and turns it makes it a can't put down read. Again Shannon McKenna does not disappoint.
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I hate this book.
And I love this book.
I could do without all the horrific ugliness...the worst kinds of possible crimes. I normally wouldn't be interested in reading on this topic.
But I truly enjoyed the relationship... the hero & heroine. I'm not sure if the end was realistic...but who cares, right?
It is a romantic suspense, but it isn't much of a pretty much know what's coming. So, if you can enjoy the relationship development, and ignore (let's hope not enjoy) the ick parts and don't expect too's a good read.