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Date Posted: 1/31/2016 12:15 PM ET
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Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness thread, also known as the RAOK place. This is where we post things to give away to others, asking NOTHING in return but a thank you. No money or credits are exchanged. We give freely, at our own expense. If you see something you’d like, PM the member with your mailing info. If you are the one mailing, please be sure to put full postage on any packages you send. Members have reported receiving "gifts" with postage due.

Please note that we must abide by PBS rules - NO buying, selling or advertising allowed.

For liability reasons, sorry, but no medications of any kind may be posted in this forum. This includes prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

RAOK rules -
You may not ask for anything in return for the things you post here. Please do not ask for postage, or to swap or trade.
If you ask for a RAOK posted by another member, please do not offer to pay or give something in return. This is not allowed and defeats the purpose of the Random Act of Kindness.  Try to pay it forward and perhaps grant some wishes in the ***I Wish*** thread.
We ask that you do not reply within the thread. We are different from most forums in this way. When we go to ***I Wish***, we see wishes; in ***RAOK***, we see just what’s being given away. If you have a question about it, simply PM the member. All RAOKs should be handled privately between members via PM.
Please do not post single use codes - such as Coke codes - in this forum. Post that you have them and let members PM you for them. It saves all the replies within the thread (as above). You may start a separate thread if you want to post them that way. Or check the ***I Wish*** thread and simply grant a Coke code wish or two. Codes that can be used over and over again are perfectly fine to post here in RAOK.
Please do not ask for ‘everything on your list’ (yes, it’s been done), so that others can have a chance.
One of our most important rules is that you must acknowledge receipt of the things sent to you! This is our biggest problem. People take the time to post, wrap, and mail, and then never know if the package arrived. Please say thanks for what you receive, either by PM or in the ***Thank You*** thread. It’s the polite thing to do, and we all worry about our mail getting through. Those who don't acknowledge a kindness will often find their future requests ignored.
Please include your nickname when you mail out a RAOK. This makes you easier to find and thank.
Be sure to check your listing and edit as needed, so people are not disappointed. We know that life gets in the way and computers crash, but please try.
Credit transactions should take place in the Book Bazaar or by private PM.

RAOK Tips -
Think carefully about what you want to give away before you post. Postage costs these days can be terrible for over-sized or heavy items that cannot go by media mail. We have all been shocked by the postage for something we mailed here; it happens often. Think first! This is a fun place, but you don’t need to empty your wallet by taking part. It’s wonderful to do something nice for others, but be kind to yourself too.

Before you post something to give away, check the ***I Wish*** thread --- someone may already be asking for it!

If you mark "taken" by your items that have been asked for, please do so at the beginning of the line and, if possible, put the word TAKEN in another color so it's easily apparent to our members that something is no longer available. This avoids disappointments and keeps you from getting more requests for an item that has already been claimed.  Or, just edit your post to delete that item.

If one of us contacts you about changing your post, please understand that we have to follow PBS rules and guidelines. Often we have to ask someone to change or delete a post because of that. New things come up here all the time. If something is not appropriate, we will tell you so, and ask you to change it. Remember that the PBS team does oversee the forums. They edit posts and have been known to suspend accounts. We hate to have that happen to our fellow RAOKers when we can take care of problems ourselves.

RAOK reminders for people requesting something that is offered here -
The people offering RAOKs are doing it out of kindness and generosity, often despite limited means.  Please make your requests for those items in the same spirit, and do not ask for anything that was not explicitly offered.  The people posting RAOKs are offering just what they have, and we appreciate them for doing so.  A request for substitutions is not in keeping with the intention of this thread.  If you would accept only a particular color, size, flavor, or other quality of an offered item, then please use the ***I Wish*** thread to ask for the specific item there instead.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and ask. We are always happy to be of help to members of the RAOK forum, new or old. Thanks for participating in this great part of PBS!  Enjoy!

Date Posted: 1/31/2016 2:24 PM ET
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I have a bunch of coupons for the new Centrum Vita-mints.

6 new skin care samples from Sephora (brands include Perricone, Hourglass, Becca, +). All to one person please. TAKEN

perfume samples:  Prada Candy L'Eau, Lacoste Jaune/Yellow, Jo Malone (Dark Amber/Gingerlily and two tiny spay samples with one spritz left of Amber/Lavender and Pomegranate Noir), Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glaciale and Bois Blonds.  TAKEN

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Date Posted: 1/31/2016 2:24 PM ET
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duplicate post

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A variety of coupons that need cut and sort.  (February and March expiration)  taken

Xtra box of kids valentine's to use for school  Taken

LA Colors Nail Dryer  Taken

a code to get 20 cents off gallon of gas at a BP  - this comes fom Kmart.  PM me for code, need to be used by 2-15-16  Taken

I have one 20% coupon for Gymboree good until May 3

I have one 20% coupon for Crazy8 good until May 3

I have one PBS membership to give to the first person to send me their email address.   Taken


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Date Posted: 1/31/2016 5:52 PM ET
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Coke Codes being send out. to my Coke codes friends.

Date Posted: 1/31/2016 10:19 PM ET
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Date Posted: 1/31/2016 10:35 PM ET
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I  have:small photo book,has flowers all over it.

2 different sets of Halloween chipboard stickers

small envie of reward stickers   Mostly boy type but a few girlie ones

small notepad with purple spider on it    TAKEN

new black bobbie pins    TAKEN

coral looking [pink and blue] bracelet or ankle bracelet  not sure which,does'nt fit me either way   TAKEN

chain necklace with various dangles [for those who tinker with broken jewerlry]     TAKEN

black ribbon choker necklace          TAKEN

teal and grey geometric shapes necklace     TAKEN


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Date Posted: 2/1/2016 1:51 AM ET
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coupon potlucks

sticker potucks

used bubble wrap


multiples of the following coupons:

$1 Colace, no exp date

$2.25 Ensure multipack 6/30/16

$2 Feosol Complete 6/30/16

$2.25 Glucerna multipack 6/30/16

$.50 any Fiber One box 2/29/16

$5 Zyrtec 24+ count 7/1/16

$3 Children's Zyrtec 7/1/16

Date Posted: 2/1/2016 8:29 AM ET
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Ive got tons of bookmarks to give away  Will send to Alexandra

heartBe watching on Valentines Day, Ill be buying a wish list book for 2 members!heart

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Date Posted: 2/1/2016 11:33 AM ET
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heart Happy February heart

Here's a couple of things to celebrate Valentine's Day (both are new):

- A full size Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" hand & body lotion - TAKEN

- A 1.8 oz container of Body Shop "Virgin Mojito" body scrub  - TAKEN

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Date Posted: 2/1/2016 1:37 PM ET
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Hi everyone,

This month, I am able to offer three five books from my shelf.  Please PM with your address and the title of the book you would like.

1.  Jessica L.

2.  Katherine N.

3.  Sandi B.

4.  Susan T.

5.  Sophia B.

Happy February!

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Date Posted: 2/1/2016 4:24 PM ET
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This month I, too, am offering a free book from my shelf (or a CD or DVD if you'd rather) to three people (preferably people who didn't just score a freebie in Janet's post above mine! :)

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Date Posted: 2/2/2016 5:07 PM ET
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--code for 20% off a Vistaprint order

--  have 2 purse/pocket calendars for 2016 from a Dental center, each day has a square box to write in 

-- 2016 purse size datebook 'Peaceful Solitude' on cover with pic of lakeside church

--2016 half size inspirational wall calendar (not religious), has quote on each photo page

 --coupon for $200 off mattress purchase of $799+ at Ashley Furniture, exp 22 FEB--Mondays only

--coupon for 2 free pillows when you buy any mattress at Ashley Furniture, exp 22 FEB--Mondays only

--NASA window sticker, official logo                                                        

2 --envy of cancelled, common stamps

JUST ADDED:  next 3 items--Please to a parent or grandparent with a young child these are meant for.....one per person.......

-- VHS video tape "It's Potty Time" from Duke University Medical Center--- this worked great for my daughter.

--Cassette tape: Heartbeat Lullabies  (helps child sleep thru the night, prescribed for colic)

--Cassette tape: Baby Go to Sleep #2,) for crying/fussy babies, soothes colic too)

--magnet says "2016 Supporter, Special Olympics", probably 2 in by 2 in

-- Madlibs game booklet, winter fun theme


2 for Hills Bros Cappuccino in box, exp 31 MArch

3-- $1 off Uniball 2 pack or larger of pens, exp 13 MArch

2 -- $1 off Woolite Detergent, 50 oz or larger, exp 3 MArch                           

                            $2 off Sarna anti-itch lotion, exp 24 April

    strip of 5 Burger Kinger breakfast coupons for Croissan'wiches, exp 6 March

strip of 5 Burger Kinger breakfast coupons for Croissan'wiches or French toast sticks, exp 6 March

2- $1 off coupons for Blue Diamond almonds, exp 3 April

strip of coupons for 6 Glade products, exp 30 April


Sent:  to *Yvonne-- ticket stubs, etc for her crafts, coupons

to *Connie-- panda cling I promised months ago but misplaced!

to *Irene-- Vera Bradley wallet and coupons

to *Silvercat-- flat 'beads'  for her crafts

to Danielle A-- MaryKay samples in pinks, makeup coupons

to *Deb (deb3009)-- 48 bookmarks for her school kids

to Sara H-- used corks

coupons to:  *Connie, *Susan A, *Bostonbooks, *Connie

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Kellogg's 50 points - Everyone can use these codes

 25PTBIGGAMEBONUS - 25 points 


Date Posted: 2/4/2016 6:21 PM ET
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Added to my post on page 1 some small items and more coupons

Date Posted: 2/5/2016 9:16 AM ET
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I still have a 2016 American calender from State Farm. Some nice pictures. It is about 11 x 10 inches.

I can send 5 people(for now) a book from my shelf. Just pm the title and your address.


Date Posted: 2/5/2016 2:59 PM ET
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Wow! I haven't been over here in awhile! Way overloaded lately! :P 


But I'm back again to offer more envelopes for mailing! PLEASE NOTE! These are USED. I remove and/or black out the labels and reuse them. But... (and I kid you not!) these suckers breed like bunnies! TT-TT 

They are taking over my place! lol 


Please feel free to request a box of them at  your peril! ;) 


-1 box of assorted envelopes for reuse. (all sizes and types;plastic, manila with and without bubble lining, different sizes, etc) 


If you've requested before and you've run out... Feel free to request again! ;)


If there' s more than one person interested and you don't mind waiting, like I said, they accumulate fast, so I'd be happy to hold your address and send to those in the order requested! 

Date Posted: 2/5/2016 11:45 PM ET
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Here's what I have so far:

2. I have three coupons for Buy one get one free candles at Yankee Candle-all to one person and they expire Feb.21.

4. Will make 2 people a handmade bookmark if you haven't got one from me before.

5. Will make 1 person a handmade magnet if you haven't got one from me as well.

I may offer more stuff if I find time to clean...going to focus on granting wishes when I can this month.   :)

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Date Posted: 2/6/2016 10:00 PM ET
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Here's what I've got up for grabs so far... 

Two lots of vintage 1960s fabric samples. They have pinked edges, they are 2 3/4" wide and 4 1/2" long, each lot has about 15-18 fabric samples in it. One is stripes the other is plaids.

One bar of Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Soap, it's concierge size (from a hotel chain). 

Four wine cork magnets, they are wine corks that have been cut in half and turned into magnets. Homemade and cute. Each one is from a different wine. 

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Date Posted: 2/6/2016 11:57 PM ET
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PM me with address if you can use these:

1. Stickers for kids to play with...flowers, pets, etc., most from charity mailings and advertising.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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All done                                                                                                                                                                        


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Subject: TAKEN
Date Posted: 2/7/2016 4:18 PM ET
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I have Tupperware popsicle makers - popsicle form with a stick and a lid and a tray to put them into the freezer.  A set of four. - TAKEN

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Date Posted: 2/7/2016 8:56 PM ET
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Happy February everyone :) From my January post: I  would love to honor my Grandma whose initials are DHL (Grandma is with Grandpa and Jesus♥ in Heaven) by gifting to someone on here, a book tote bag that my Grandma loved. I have had it in my closet for too long and it's just neither honoring Grandma nor serving God in anyway sitting there. For this New Year, it would mean a lot to me to give this bag a new home and life being used. Please PM me if your (or someone you know who loves to read) initials are DHL and yes in that order only please. I normally do not (or care to) put conditions on RAOK's but I pray all of you understand this is special. Thank you and God Bless You!

I just remembered no one had asked for the bag last month so am offering it once more this month. :) I would still love to spread cheer and my Grandma's love of books (she would have loved PBS) by sharing her bag with another.  If no one wishes for it this month, I will ask around at church, but wanted to ask once more on here first :)

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