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Subject: FREE Books
Date Posted: 9/19/2008 2:44 PM ET
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I have about 120 60 Silhouette Desire romance novels from 1982-1985, with series numbers (not continuous) from 5 to 199.  If you will pay the postage, I will box them up and send them to you.  If you want part, minimum 25 books, I will split them up.  Do not ask me whether a particular book or author is in the deal; this is potluck.  I have had most of them posted for at least 8 months, some more.  A few were never posted by me. 

Most of the books are in very good condition--apparently the original owner had a subscription for most of the period.  Most have been read only once, and a few never read.

Your risk of mailing; if the box doesn't make it to you, I will still expect postage to be paid the moment I send a PM to you that I have mailed the books and I will not refund it.  However, I will pack the books well so that there is minimum risk of mailing.  Insurance would be useless as the post office pays the purchase price, and will not refund the postage.  There is a very small chance of loss--I have lost one package in 35 years, probably 200 or more packages. 

I would expect the postage to be about $14 for all or $7 for half.  I will have to split it into two boxes, as one would be too heavy for me to carry. 

If you take the deal, please post here so that others know that it is taken; I will modify the post as soon as I get a deal for all. 




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Subject: Info on free books
Date Posted: 9/22/2008 7:09 PM ET
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Here are the books that are included:

When Last We Loved (Silhouette Desire #5) - Judith Baker Judith Baker

A Frenchman's Kiss (Silhouette Desire, 6) Kathryn Mallory

Not Even for Love (Silhouette Desire, 7) - Erin St. Claire Erin St. Claire

Dream Come True (Silhouette Desire, #16) Ann Major

Second Harvest (Silhouette Desire #18) Erin Ross

King of Diamonds (Silhouette Desire, 20) Penny Allison

Love in the China Sea (Silhouette Desire, 21) Judith Baker

Bittersweet in Bern (Silhouette Desire, 22) Cheryl Durant

Shared Moments (Silhouette Desire, 24) Mary Lynn Baxter

On Wings of Night (Silhouette Desire 27) Constance Conrad

Passionate Journey (Silhouette Desire, 28) Thea Lovan

Enchanted Desert (Silhouette Desire, Volume 29) Suzanne Michelle

Snow Spirit (Silhouette Desire #34) Angel Milan

Ask Me No Secrets (Silhouette Desire, 42) Ruth Stewart

Heart Over Mind (Silhouette Desire, #44) Sara Ann West

Shadow of the Mountain (Silhouette Desire #51) Pamela Lind

Winter Lady (Silhouette Desire #53) - Janet Joyce Janet Joyce

If Ever You Need Me (Silhouette Desire #54) - Paula Fulford Paula Fulford

No Place For a Woman (Silhouette Desire, 57) Michelle Suzanne

One Night's Deception (Silhouette Desire, #58) Kathryn Mallory

Passionate Silence (Silhouette Desire, #62) Nicole Monet

Sonatina (Silhouette Desire, 64) Angel Milan

Reckless Venture (Silhouette Desire, 65) Penny Allison

The Fierce Gentleness (Silhouette Desire, 66) Ellen Langtry

Shadow of Yesterday (Silhouette Desire, 68) Dixie Browning

Passion's Portrait (Silhouette Desire, #69) Suzanne Carey

Man of the House (Silhouette Desire, #71) Janet Joyce

Nobody's Baby (Silhouette Desire, 72) Susannah Hart

A Kiss Remembered (Silhouette Desire, #73) Erin St. Claire

Beyond Fantasy (Silhouette Desire, #74) Billie Douglass

Stormy Serenade (Silhouette Desire, #76) Suzanne Michelle

So Sweet A Madness (Silhouette Desire 79) Suzanne Simms

Opening Bid (Silhouette Desire, 81) Marilyn Kennedy

Summer Song (Silhouette Desire, #82) Rita Clay

Home at Last (Silhouette Desire #83) Sara Chance

In a Moment's Time (Silhouette Desire, 84) Nora Powers

Native Season (Silhouette Desire, #86) Doreen Owens Malek

Recipe for Love (Silhouette Desire, #87) Suzanne Michelle

Winged Victory (Silhouette Desire, #88) June Trevor

Wild Flight (Silhouette Desire, No. 90) Renee Roszel

Mountain Memory (Silhouette Desire, #92) Suzanne Carey

Winning Season (Silhouette Desire # 94) Joann Robbins

The Marrying Kind (Silhouette Desire #95) Ashley Summers

SummerSon (Silhouette Desire, # 96) Angel Milan

Man of Glory (Silhouette Desire, 98) Janet Joyce

Love Me Again (Silhouette Desire, #99) Ann Major

Southern Persuasion (Silhouette Desire #100) - Alyssa Howard Alyssa Howard

Calculated Risk (Silhouette Desire #104) - Elaine Chase Elaine Chase

Sweet Temptation (Silhouette Desire, 105) Laurien Blair

Fancy Free (Silhouette Desire #106) Suzanne Michelle

This Wildfire Magic (Silhouette Desire #107) Sara Chance

Ballinger's Rule (Silhouette Desire, #108) Eve Gladstone

Only This Night (Silhouette Desire #109) Suzanne Simms

Tried And True (Silhouette Desire; Vol. 112) Marie Nicole

Mixed Doubles (Silhouette Desire, # 113) Jasmine Cresswell

Fragrant Harbor (Silhouette Desire, No. 114) Erin Ross

Out of Bounds (Silhouette Desire, 118) Angel Milan

Night With a Stranger (Silhouette Desire, #119) Nancy John

Recapture the Love (Silhouette Desire, No. 120) Rita Clay

Late Moon Rising (Silhouette Desire, #121) Dixie Browning

Without Regrets (Silhouette Desire, #122) Brenda Trent

Gypsy Enchantment (Silhouette Desire, #123) Laurie Paige

Color My Dreams (Silhouette Desire, #124) Edith St. George

Passionate Awakening (Silhouette Desire, No. 125) Gina Caimi

Leave Me Never (Silhouette Desire, #126) Suzanne Carey

Political Passions: Silhouette #128 Suzanne Michelle

Madison Avenue Marriage (Silhouette Desire, #129) Cassandra Bishop

Between the Covers (Silhouette Desire, 130) - Laurien Blair Laurien Blair

To Touch the Fire (Silhouette Desire, #131) Shirley Larson

On Love's Own Terms (Silhouette Desire # 132) Cathlyn McCoy

Love and Old Lace (Silhouette Desire #133) Nicole Monet

Table for Two (Silhouette Desire, # 135) Josephine Charlton

Tide's End (Silhouette Desire, No. 137)  Erin Ross

Lady Be Bad (Silhouette Desire #138) Elaine Raco Chase

Run To Gold (Silhouette Desire, #140) Janet Joyce

Crystal Blue Horizon (Silhouette Desire, 141) Raye Morgan

Buyer Beware (Silhouette Desire #142) Marie Nicole

North Country Nights (Silhouette Desire, 143) - Penny Allison Penny Allison

Business After Hours (Silhouette Desire, No 144) Laurel Evans

Eternal Flame - Alicia Knight Alicia Knight

Territorial rights (Silhouette Desire, No. 147) Melissa Scott

In a Stranger's Arms (Silhouette Desire, #148) Nora Powers

Dream Within a Dream (Silhouette Desire, #150) Suzanne Simms

Sweetheart of a Deal (Silhouette Desire, #152) Suzanne Michelle

Danielle's doll (Silhouette Desire, No. 153) Angel Milan

Promise Of Love (Silhouette Desire, #154) Ariel Berk

Odds Against (Silhouette Desire, No. 155) Erin Ross

Maid in Boston (Silhouette Desire, #156) Paula Corbett

Rapture Of Deep (Silhouette Desire No. 158) Barbara Cameron Smith

Velvet is For Lovers (Silhouette Desire, #159) Edith St. George

Moon On East Mountain (Silhouette Desire, #160) Hope McIntyre

Through Laughter And Tears  (Silhouette Desire, #161) Marie Nicole

Dream Builder (Silhouette Desire, #162) Naomi Horton

Take All Myself (Silhouette Desire, No. 164) Christine Fiorotto

Affairs Of State - Sara Fitzgerald Sara Fitzgerald

Timeless Rituals (Silhouette Desire, #167) Ellen Brill

Rare Breed (Silhouette Desire #168) Janet Joyce (aka Joyce Thies )

Forbidden Melody - Susan Larson Suzanne Michelle

Child of My Heart (Silhouette Desire #171) Erin Ross

Prime Specimen (Silhouette Desire #172) Jane Toombs

Love In Good Measure (Silhouette Desire, No 173) Amanda Lee

Wilder Enchantment (Silhouette Desire, No. 174) Gina Caimi

COUNTERPARTS (Silhouette Desire, #176) Suzanne Carey

Caseys Shadow (Silhouette Desire, #177) Nicole Monet

Till We Meet Again (Silhouette Desire, No. 178) Elizabeth Merrit

The Judgement of Paris (Silhouette Desire, No. 179) Lucy Gordon

Remedies Of the Heart (Silhouette Desire, #180) Ariel Berk

Chasing The Rainbow - Ann Hurley Ann Hurley

Touch Of Passion - Sara Chance Sara Chance

Hunter's Prey (Silhouette Desire, No. 185) Annette Broadrick

A Legend in His Own Time (Silhouette Desire, #186) Susannah Hart

Starstuck Lovers - Suzanne Michelle Suzanne Michelle

Best Reasons - Beverly Bird Beverly Bird

Capitol Affair - Fran Bergen Fran Bergen

More Than Promises - Amanda Lee Amanda Lee

Hungry For Love - Ariel Berk Ariel Berk

Different Reality - Nora Powers Nora Powers

Woman Of Integrity - Narie Nicole Marie Nicole

Golden Man - Ann Major Ann Major

Out Of Shadows - Janet Joyce Janet Joyce


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