Book Reviews of Fatally Flaky (Goldy Schulz, Bk 15)

Fatally Flaky (Goldy Schulz, Bk 15)
Fatally Flaky - Goldy Schulz, Bk 15
Author: Diane Mott Davidson
ISBN-13: 9780061348143
ISBN-10: 0061348147
Publication Date: 4/1/2010
Pages: 432
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 90 ratings
Publisher: Avon
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I really enjoyed this Goldy Schulz book. This is probably one of the best in this series.
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I was disappointed in this, my first Diane Davidson book. I had read reviews of her earlier books and thought I'd enjoy this one. But the writing is amateurish, the plot line thin and it seems the heroine's head is constantly filled up with elaborate and pretentious recipes. I understand she's a caterer, but Please! She doesn't give much notice to either her husband or her son, who is constantly "farmed out" to one friend or another. She's a basically unlikable character. Even though her husband is a police detective, she repeatedly breaks the law, removing evidence from the scene of a crime, entering places related to the crime when she has no right to be there, etc. She never suffers any consequences for these felonious actions. I got very tired of the over-the-top descriptions of every morsel of food consumed. I also perceived the author to be something of a snob for the descriptions on the appearance of some of the characters. I would not waste your time reading this author unless you like reading about food.
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Love her books. Always a laugh along with the crime.
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More sustained suspense--more 3-D depiction of family tensions and teenage intensity. More admiration for the auhors development in writing and cooking skills
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i love reading tyhe goldy series!!! this book did not disappoint!
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A delightful murder mystery intertwined with humor and set in and around the wedding industry. The author kept us quite entertained for the 10 1/2 hours of listening and the reader, Barbara Rosenblat did an excellent performance.
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This was one of my favorite books of Dian Mott Davidson. The plot and the characters had great development and hysterical. If you have an annoying whiny person in your life one of the characters will be a match for her. Enjoy, I did.
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Another mouth watering, mystery involving Goldy Shulz. Book i sok but I have read better ones of her's before. Still a good read.
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Good read as always.
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Cozy mystery with sleuth/caterer Goldy Schulz trying to keep up with the wedding reception demands of an all-time Bridezilla. Then Aspen Park's retired doctor is found dead in an auto accident which turns out to be no accident at all, and Goldy's godfather points a suspicious finger at a local health spa, and the game's afoot.
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Oh gosh, where to begin. I've read all the Goldy Schulz books and the last two had me wondering how I EVER thought I liked this series.
Goldy is a meddlesome, idiotic, dare I say STUPID, interfering protagonist. And those are the best things I can say about her. I am tired, to the point of exhaustion, of her hiding evidence from the head of Aspen Meadows Police Department... who just happens to be her HUSBAND! He's a total fool obviously, which must be why she doesn't trust him on a case any farther than she could throw him.
She not only HAS mysterious keys given to her immediately before the demise of her godfather, who happens to be the latest murder victim. She not only neglects to tell her husband (aka idiot policeman), she takes said keys and goes exploring inside the house of said victim. Oh that wouldn't POSSIBLY muck up chain of custody, crime scene. Nor would it POSSIBLY make her husband look inept and untrustworthy to the entire town... the entire WORLD. But if she doesn't think her husband capable of solving a crime, does she have to be so blatant about it? If he has the patience of a saint, he has the ego of a gnat, and the spine of a jellyfish.
Tom Schulz goes beyond patient into the realm of sedated. Goldy repeatedly disregards his cautions and orders, and instead, goes off exploring on her own... consequences be damned. Anyone else, I would ASSUME would have been arrested. They just go home and hop into bed.

In Fatally Flaky, after sneaking around the murder victim's house, Goldy gets bonked on the head and I was really rooting for this to be her demise. Or to have sense knocked into her. Or at LEAST for it to have induced amnesia so that she'd forget her whining, sneaking, imbecilic persona and come back a new and improved Goldy. Though I'd have settled for the OLD GOLDY... like in the earlier books.
I wound up skipping and skimming and speed reading just to get through the book. Next time I'll just stop when it becomes so entirely irritating. WAIT! There won't be a next time unless the Taliban decides to torture me for some secrets I don't know I have, by making me read one more Goldy Schulz book!
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I liked this one, but not as well as others in the series.