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The First Patient
The First Patient
Author: Michael Palmer
ISBN-13: 9780312343538
ISBN-10: 0312343531
Publication Date: 2/19/2008
Pages: 384
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 82 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 9
Gabe Singleton is a troubled doctor struggling to atone for the sins of his past. When his college friend and now president of the US Andrew Stoddard requests that Gabe become his personal physician, Gabe feels obliged to comply. What President Stoddard did not tell Gabe before making his request was that he has been having health problems which threaten his ability to lead. Gabe tries to discover what ails the president but also struggles with the moral implications of hiding his illness from the public. He ultimately unravels a conspiracy that threatens the life of the president and his own.

This was the first Michael Palmer book I read, and I almost did not make it through it - the first 100 pages were so slow and boring that I considered giving up on The First Patient. However, based on the blurb from Bill Clinton on the book's cover I decided to muddle through. I am glad I did - the pace picks up considerably throughout the duration of the book, and it was difficult to put down after the first half or so. Although the medical technology described in the book ultimately seems far-fetched, the pacing of the story makes it forgivable... assuming you make it past the first 100 pages.
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From the very 1st page when the president lands on his navla academy roommate's ranch to the very last page this book will hook you and keep you reading far into the night. The storyline and the way Michael Palmer pulls all the plot twists together is the best example of his writing to date. This book is definitely one that can be read over and over again and still your heart will pound at the action, and the scenes of the attempts on the doctor's life are heartstopping. You want this doctor to succeed in saving the presidents life and you really get into his life as well.

All in all an excellent book.
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There isn't much to add to the book description, taken from the books dust jacket, without telling too much.
The whole story has a very slowly start and it takes a while until the reader is sucked into the suspicion of who are the bad and who are the good guys. Ultimately it comes to a point where the story becomes quite racy but unfortunately too much things come together at the same time and the book gets boring.
One has to admit that the idea of nanotechnology used to control certain reactions in one's brain is a bit far fetched but then, who knows ?!
I expected a bit more than slapdashing fiction. The story could have been more suspenseful to me. Could have had more strain on the significance of the president being the victim of secretly drugged etc. .

Overall, the book has it's grabbing parts but they are far too short.
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This book was excellent. It made keep guessing until the end. This is up there with some of the other Michael Palmer books I have read.
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Gabe Singleton and Drew Stoddard were once roommates at the Naval Academy. Today one is a doctor, the other President of the US. When the President's doctor mysteriously disappears he asks his old friend to take his place. Gabe is horrified when he witnesses some strange behavior by the President in the middle of a brutal campaign. Is the man fit to serve or not? As Gabe tries to decide there are attempts made on his life and he begins to believe that there is something very evil afoot. With the help of an undercover secret service agent who has problems of her own, Gabe takes on a terrifying and powerful enemy who is much closer than he would ever have believed. This is a fun read, with some very frightening possibilities. The characters are interesting, flaws and all and it moves at a stead clip.
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Poliitics and medicine: Michael Palmer has done it again. Great read!
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After Dr. Gabe Singleton's college friend, Andrew Stoddard, who happens to be the President of the United States, convinces him to come to Washington to be his personal physician, Gabe finds that there is a lot more going on with his friend than he ever imagined. So much so that his own life is in danger.

There are some pretty bizarre twists toward the end of this gotta read it to see what happens!
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This book follows along the usual flow by this author. Good cop/bad cop, good dr/bad dr. It has a lot of twist and turns but sometimes I feel that I've read everything by this author that I can predict were its going. That being said I still thouroghly enjoyed this book and will continue to read everything by Michael Palmer. There is a good mix of politics and medical research that get your mind thinking, "Could this really happen?" Not enough medicine in it to make it as good as another of his books "The Fifth Vial" but still a worthy read.
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I've read Michael Palmer several years ago, and made it a point to read all of his books so far. I'm not sure that I will continue to read what he writes, as this book took me quite a while to get into. Only did the last couple of chapters really grab me in regards to his writing this time. Seemed that I could lay the book down and not really have it draw me back into. I forced myself into finishing the book only to have it finally grasp me and not put it down.
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A quick read, something for the beach. Simple writing and predictable but a pleasant enough escape.
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This was an excellent book -- kept your interest -- didn't want to put it down.
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Recommended to all my reading friends.
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I give this a 2.5 star rating. It was full of twists and turns and it was a quick read.
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I will definately be reading Michael Palmer again! This story was so masterly told from both a political spectrum and the medical spectrum. Every detail was impeccable. He is able to create very strong characters and you can picture them right away. The plot was suspensful and at times read like an action movie. I think I found my new favorite author.
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i found this book to be quite riveting. loved the style and the plot twist at the end.
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It keeps your attention.
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I actually didn't finish this book because I found it boring. I usually like medical stories.
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Brand new and, once again, Michael Palmer brings us another powerful medical thriller. Lots of interesting subplots as well and the "bad guy" was a complete surprise!
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Another pageturner from Michael Palmer. Not as medically driven as some of his earlier books. The First Patient adds political intrigue and nanotechnology to the mix. With echoes of Michael Crichton, The First Patient is a fast paced thriller about President Drew Stoddard and his college friend, Gabe, now a doctor in the west. Drew hires Gabe as his personal physician after his current official doctor disappears during a presidential health crisis (and a reelection campaign.) Conspiracies and secrets abound in this quick read.
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Very compelling!
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Totally enjoyed this book. Quite a long book, but kept me interested, intrigued and guessing.
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Good summer read.
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Starts out a little slow, but soon grips you and won't let go. Has a surprising ending. Great read that you can still put down and come back to later.
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I really liked this book. Not as easy to figure out the ending as others.
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I really enjoyed this one! Full of twists and turns - very exciting!
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Curl up with this on a cold winter night kind of book.
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Good mystery with lots of twists/turns that made this an interesting read you couldn't predict. First Michael Palmer book I have read and I found it fast paced, detail oriented, and enough twists and turns to keep you wanting to come back to finish it.
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This is another of Michael Palmers hits, fast moving, twisting plot...a nice diversion from my ordinary life!
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I do like this book. It is a good mystery with surprises along the way. :)
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This was a compelling book that kept you guessing until the very end.