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Topic: First RWAP

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Subject: First RWAP
Date Posted: 4/24/2010 10:24 PM ET
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I am sure this has been discussed before,  but this is my first RWAP  and I have a couple of questions.   After all the books Ihave recieved,  I am just not sure how to handle this.  

I got a book the other day that from the outside looks to be in great condition.   Even the pages are tight and it almost looks unread.   However,  when I opened the book, it is completly torn away from the spine.  This is actually right at the authors book list page and title page.  You can see clear through to the opposite side.  It was sent in a manilla envelope and well taped,  but the book was just in the envelope,  the envelope was not folded and tape tight. 

So I marked it RWAP and said the condition.   I got an email back from the sender saying it was fine when she sent it.  And as it looks otherwise new, I kinda believe her.  However she mentioned that I could ship it back to her or that she would send me the money to do so.   No mention of a credit returned.  If I send it back to her,  even if she pays for it,  I am still out a credit.   

So what to do?    I have another book waiting in the wings so to speak,  but do I spend another credit  or just keep this one and call it good?    The sender is new,  and probably does not know what to do either.  

I was just reading here and thought maybe it could have happened in the sorting at the post office,  but to have caused such a thing would there  not be evidence on the wrapper?   It looks pretty normal for a shipped package. 

Anyway,  all thoughts would be appreciated.

Date Posted: 4/24/2010 10:31 PM ET
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Is it just that the glue didn't hold and the cover just came off?  I've had a few like that and have re-glued them with no problem.  If it was rattling around loose in a manilla envelope, that could have knocked it loose, especially if it's a MMPB.  The glue on those things is cheap.

Date Posted: 4/24/2010 11:03 PM ET
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Recent mmpb's are very fragile.  It doesn't take much to tear them up.  I compared them to a mmpb that was printed in 1988.  It still looks new.  I doubt that few people have read it, but I know I did and you can't tell.  The spine is tight and the pages are anchored down.  It is easy to read without breaking  the spine.  It does have only 260 pages, but newer mmpb's can't hold a candle to how well this one is put together.  I wish new pb's were made half as well.


Date Posted: 4/24/2010 11:32 PM ET
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Did you ask for your credit back? She should be returning your credit before you send it back in addition to paying the postage to get it back. Check your Credit Registry, its possible she already returned it before discussing it with you. If she hasn't returned it, PM her and let her know what you want to happen before you send the book back.

Date Posted: 4/24/2010 11:37 PM ET
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I've been noticing some quality control issues in paperbacks recently, and one of the problems is the cover seperating from the 'pages' unit.  Substandard glue, or not enough of it.   It's possible the stress of Media Mail contributed to the situation.  Nicknamed Media Maul, these books are dropped, thrown, stacked (sometimes way high), sorted with conveyers, and all sorts of other non-delicate handling...the book can be exposed to quite alot of stress, even if the wrapper isn't damaged.

It's your option to ask for your credit back or not.  Some members want their credit back if the book arrives unpostable, and others are content with a positive exchange of messages.  Most members are more lenient with newbies, when we can identify them as such.

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Date Posted: 4/24/2010 11:38 PM ET
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It is up to you if you want to ask for a credit back or not.  Do you want to keep the book?  You have the right to.   But it is your choice.  I've kept RWAP books to read.  And others, I've asked for a credit back.  Part of it is how much fault you think was the sender's.  And part of it is if you want a replacement to read.  Stained gross books?  Mold?  I ask.  Post Office damage?  I don't.

A credit refund is not automatic.  You have to ask. 

Date Posted: 4/25/2010 12:22 AM ET
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The book is a hardback.   I was planning to give it to my grandson.   Not really giftable as is.   I don't think glue would work, as the cover is really pulled away.   I guess I will pm her and see what she says.  She was going to ask the librarian or whoever it is in charge of such things here on PBS.    I forget what they are called,  sorry.  

Date Posted: 4/25/2010 5:13 AM ET
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The glue in recent HBs appears to be randomly fragile as well.  I received one book that when I opened the book after starting to read it, the cover cracked off of the end.  And it was audible too.  I have another one that as I completed each signature, the glue cracked, and while it stayed together, just barely.

Of course, the stress of transit could have contributed to these issues as well.  One was received at the end of a Texas summer, then sat on my bookshelf for the winter [which fluctuates wildly] as I procrastinated reading the book prior to it. 

If the cover is just detached from the binding, it is possible to fix it, however even after reading the instructions, I was loathe to even try it out.  Someone who dabbles in bookbinding would have no problem with it.

Date Posted: 4/25/2010 8:31 AM ET
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It's possible had the sender taken more care with how she wrapped/mailed it, it might not have separated as you described.  It really bothers me when books are just tossed in a manilla envelope and no additional securing is done.  Since the damage might have been avoidable had better care been taken with wrapping, I'd politely request my credit back.

Date Posted: 4/25/2010 1:17 PM ET
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Unless the wrapper was messed up, I would tend to believe that the damage was there when the book was sent.  If a package was manhandled by the PO to the extent that it tore the pages from the binding, I am quite sure you would see evidence of it in the wrapper.  I would ask for my credit back and tell her if she wants the book back, to send two credits, one for the book and one for postage.