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Topic: Just found out my husband has Type 2 diabetes.....

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Subject: Just found out my husband has Type 2 diabetes.....
Date Posted: 10/25/2009 6:03 PM ET
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Any word of advice or tips for me?  He is on 2 meds right now and cutting down on sugars and carbs.  His levels are around 250 fasting and 350 two hours after eating.  Too high.  With 3 kids it is difficult planning meals for him that they will eat as well.  And I feel terrible eating things in front of him that he cannot have =(

Date Posted: 10/25/2009 10:03 PM ET
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You don't really have to cook special for him.  Cut down on the amount of sugar in whatever you cook - substitute a sweetner instead.  Keep store bought goodies out of the house.  He doesn't need them and neither do kids.  Emphazise what he CAN eat - not what he can't.  He CAN eat lots and lots of veggies and most meats. 

I have Type 2 also and didn't find it that much of an adjustment. HE, as well as you, needs to spend some time online finding out the very BEST foods for him.  I honestly think your kids will eat whatever he needs if presented with it right.  If there aren't pastas on the table, then most will eat what is there. 

Take a close look at what your whole family eats.  What can you eliminate and still keep the meal pleasurable for all of you.

Educate yourself. . . Educate yourself            Since your husband has type 2, it means it is more likely his kids will get it someday.  Would be marvelous if they started eating right now.

Date Posted: 10/27/2009 5:14 PM ET
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If he is overweight already you need to get him out and moving.  A lot of the time people get it from years and years of being overweight.  My dad has type 1 but his aunt got type 2 at 30 and she was really overweight.  She lost a lot of weight and now only has to watch what she eats she's not even on any meds any more but she is 60 now.  It took the medical world a long time to figure out why poeple were getting it.  They automatically put her on injections when she first got diagnosed but  as the advances came and she lost weight they took her to pills now she's not on anything just watches what she eats.  My boyfriends brother and mother also have it.  They were both overweight both took the advice and lost weight.  His brother isn't even on medicines and he's sugars have stabalized out on there own he just doesn't eat a lot of sugars or carbs.  His mom however becauses she was older and there was aleeady damage done still has to stay on meds she did lose a bunch of weight like 75 pounds  but still gets high sugars even with the meds.  I think they will have to switch her to insulin as she ages.    

He doesn't have to be overweight thats just mostly how the damage starts. 

Look on the site for diabetic cook books or sugar free cook books there are some really good cookie and cake recipes out there; there are also some really great recipes for other stuff too you just have to look and try its hit and miss.  Since my father was type 1 and I was raised in a house with little indulgences where sugar came I think I'm a lot better off.  I only drink sugar free soda,  only 100% juice and I don't eat a lot of sweets.  I did however start to eat more carbs in place of the sugar like breads.   One if the best things you can do for your husband thought is take the sugar out of your lives and your kids.  If you want it eat it when he's not around its not fair to him to taunt him with it when its only going to make him sick.  If you want him to get better help him by doing what he can do. 

Subject: DiabetesII
Date Posted: 11/1/2009 2:49 AM ET
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He can EAT WHAT EVER HE WANTS as long as in moderation and mostly less sugars, the times are a changing and diabetics can have sugar but only in moderation. DON'T USE REGULAR SWEETNERS sometimes they can be worse for him than sugar. Equal, sweetnlow are out but he can use all natural sweetners and they will help him get those sugars down.(Stevia is excellent uses very minute amount and can be used in cooking and baking but follow instructions exactly as to much and can have bitter taste, but exact as on box and very sweet),

Watch his bread and pasta's, try to get on diet pop, watch juices, to much and increase BS  alot. If excercise will help bring em down quickly but don't hurt yourself physically by doing alot at once increase activity slowly til able to work up to 1/2 or 1 hour daily.

Also people who get II are not always heavy when get it. I've had it for 31 years and was SUPER SKINNY when got it.

Make sure while his sugars are so high TRY TO NOT INJURE SELF SUCH AS CUTS, RAMMING SOMETHING UP FOOT BY GOING BAREFOOT, ECT....as healing is very slow and can go into severe infections.

I am physically handicapped due to it now but not all II are as severe as so. Even if overweight and lose your weight doesn't mean you'll be able to go with out meds.

Also, take meds exactly same time(S)  each day as this will help regulate you can go 15min to 1/2 hour either late or early but no more than that.

After 31 years I have had an amputation, as I love to go barefoot and I wasn't being wise with my health at the time and got 3 pebbles embedded in my foot and after umpteen surgeries and 11 months in an out of hospital lost my right leg below the knee.

But just watch the diet, wounds, Check feet daily, keep meds same time every day, and he'll do fine.

God Bless and Keep on doing like your needing and you and he will do A OK.

Debi B(phiresky-canyon)

Date Posted: 11/21/2009 10:00 PM ET
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I have found that sprouted wheat breads, rather than flour (even whole wheat flour), are better as far as our sugar numbers.  The whole grain is apparently absorbed slower than the ground up flour.  We have had to switch to more toast and less pasta.