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Foxfire Bride
Foxfire Bride
Author: Maggie Osborne
ISBN-13: 9780804119924
ISBN-10: 0804119929
Publication Date: 11/23/2004
Pages: 400
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 38 ratings
Publisher: Ivy Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Awesome book! One of my favorites !!
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This was the first book that I read by Maggie Osborne. She is definitely an overlook, GREAT author. Since reading this, I have read any others that I could find. All are just as good...just not easy to find. Wish she would write more!!!
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Set during the Civil War. Fox was the best scout in the area until a gunshot to her leg ended the career. She lives a quiet life now with her best friend, an elderly black man called Peaches. As much as Peaches has tried to help her, Fox could not get past her thirst for revenge against Hobb Jennings who ruined her life when she was a child. Jennings still lives high on the hog in Denver, where he runs Jennings Mining & Mercantile. A chance for Fox to kill Jennings arrives in the form of a handsome man looking to hire her as a guide through the wilderness to Denver.

Matthew Tanner needs to reach Denver within three months. His father, Hobb Jennings, is being held by kidnappers and he must get the ransom there in time. Two other men are in their party, Hanratty and Brown, as they begin heading west carrying gold ... gold that everyone in the world seems to already know about. Fox agrees, but Tanner must also agree to hire Peaches as their wrangler.

The trek is long and hard. There is danger at every turn. Tanner has no idea, at first, that Fox plans to kill his father. But even when he does learn it he cannot change the way he feels for Fox, nor does he wish to. However, he cannot believe his father has done what she claims.
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Excellent suspense, some comedy, sex and romance. Add that to the old west setting and it makes for a very enjoyable book!
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Fox is a woman to admire; in spite of a poor childhood, Fox has grown to be an independent, confident business woman and scout. Matthew Tanner arrives and asks to hire her for a journey from Carson City, Nevada to Denver, Colorado so he can ransom his father.

It just so happens that Fox wants to go to Denver to kill her former step-father who stole her inheritance and sent her to live in poverty. She sees Tanners arrival as a sign that this is the time to kill him.

The characters are fully-developed and one of the most charming is the black man named Peaches. He has been Foxs constant companion for several years, teaching her everything he knows. He understands Foxs anger (he worked at the home of the aunt where the step-father dropped her off). However, he has been trying to talk Fox out of killing; they both know that she will hang.

Over the course of the 3 month trip, Tanner and Fox become enamored with each other. Tanner comes from money and wealth while Fox has never had those advantages.

Fox suggests starting a liaison with Tanner. He refuses because he has nothing to offer her; she says she will accept the fact that their liaison will end when they reach Denver. Reluctantly, Tanner agrees.

This book has it all; probably the funniest part of the book is the argument Tanner and Fox have over the wife he DOESNT have. I laughed so hard!

I found this to be a quick story because I couldnt put it aside to do housework (I cant imagine why).
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"If you like to hoot with laughter and have your heartstrings twanged, don't miss...Maggie Osborne."--Catherine Coulter
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very nice story.
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I love Maggie Osbourne's books.
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Just found this auther and love her books so far
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western romance
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Normally, I delight in stories of courageous, feisty women, but for some reason I couldn't get into Fox. The setting was believable as were the secondary characters but she left me lukewarm.
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Wow, what a great read. I laughed, cried and just really enjoyed the characters and back drop for this story. And what a powerful unexpected ending.
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Fox is a woman as feisty as they come.Once the most sought- after scout west of the Rockies,she led folks through wild,unexplored terrian-until a gun shot wound ended her career.She's living a calmer life when a handsome stranger appears, urgently requesting that she take him to Denver immediately.
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Fox is a woman as feisty as they come. Once the most sought-after scout west of the Rockies, she led folks through wild, unexplored terrain-until a gunshot wound ended her career. She's living a clamer life when a handsome stranger appears, urgently requesting that she take him to Denver immediately. The gold coins he offers catch Fox's eye-and so do his sharp good looks. Fox can't resist the chance to guide again, and can't ignore the fire that burns in her body whneever she sees this tempting man. Matthew Tanner has received a startling telegraph: His father is being held for ransom in Denver. With time running out, Matthew must find the best scout money can buy. When the best turns out to be a woman with gritty good looks and a wild mane of red hair, Matthew is both shocked and intrigued. Can Matthew and Fox's mutual desire and growing love survive the perils of thier journey, or will their secrets destroy them?