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Author: Kristen Heitzmann
ISBN-13: 9780739476833
ISBN-10: 0739476831
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

4.3 stars, based on 40 ratings
Publisher: Bethany House
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 3
Another reviewer summed up my feelings about this book pretty well. The dialogue is good, particularly between Jade and Cameron (Kai), the protagonists of Heitzmann's novel. The book could have benefited from some judicious editing, but overall the story flows along nicely, like a stream exiting a mountain.

The one nagging problem I had was with Jade (aka, Gentry Fox, an actress). Why on earth would any Christian assume that he or she could immerse themselves in the world of acting, film and television and spend countless hours with nonbelievers and come out unscathed, faith intact, given what Paul wrote at 1 Corinthians 15:33 ("Bad associations spoil useful habits.")? Given that this culture in particular idolizes actors, why would any Christian put themselves on a pedestal this way? How is Christ honored by people screaming your name?

Anyone who belives, as Jade/Gentry does, that their faith will remain intact in spite of their chosen occupation and the risks it entails is delusional.

I finished the book in one sitting. It's really not that bad, considering some of the truly idiotic Christian fiction out there, but it's not the greatest novel I've ever read. I'm hoping some of Heitzmann's other books are better.
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Helpful Score: 3
This was my first experience with Kristen Heitzmann books. She is a wonderful Christian writter and I enjoyed the book. I am reading another of her books and have a third one waiting to be read.
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This was a great book about a movie star that loses her memory for a short while because of a accident while on vacation, she gets some of her memory back, this book was very good and hard to put down toward the end, I would reccommend it!
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I just finished this book and was amazed to see it already listed on this site! It's a great book - the story is well written, exciting and comes to a great ending. I highly recommend it,but, I'm a Heitzmann fan!!
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A beautiful young woman tumbles down a waterfall in Hawaii, losing her memory and almost her life. What happens next is a nicely done bit of Christian fiction. I loved Heitzmann's characters, and how she presented so much Hawaiian culture without jamming down the reader's throat.
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This book was amazing and I hated to see the book end. I am one reader who is praying that this one will have a follow up on the characters in another book. I'm to understand that this is a stand alone novel, but I certainly was ready for it to be a series or at the least a trilogy.
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An exciting romantic suspense novel. It had me hooked from the beginning to the end. With the island of Kauai in Hawaii as the backdrop, I loved reading about the exotic and rich culture of the islands.
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Great setting in Hawaii; suspense and strong yet believeble characters make this a good read!
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Good mystery story.
Suprise ending. Alittle romance thrown in.
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Great story! A must read for a great love story. The story arch is beautiful, I will defiantly be looking for more stories by this author!
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Enjoyed the book very much.
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This was a very interesting read. I especially loved that the writer included such strong spiritual elements, such as the lady that can feel things coming. It's been a while since I read it so I'm vague on the details, but most "christian" fiction never include the supernatural that should permeate the life of a believer. These things are true, real, and should be a part of Christian fiction.
After having read two other Heitzmann novels, I can say she is an excellent story teller, with true to life characters and struggles, great descriptions and dialogue. Overall, worth the purchase!
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A good story with lots of intrigue. The author does an excellent job of making the characters, especially Gentry and Kai, "real." Their emotions are vivid and you can feel them through the story- everything from joy to rage, fear, desire and sorrow. There is also a great cast of supporting characters- Nica, TJ, Rob, Allegra and Okelani. However, sometimes it seemed that the author got to wrapped up in telling their side stories.

While I enjoyed the book, it was far too long. It could have easily been edited down to 2/3 of its size or split into multiple books. But it is good one to take on a trip and not have to worry about packing an extra book.
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a good read and lots of suspense
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This book takes you to the location, Hawaii, and makes you feel like you are in the midst of the characters.
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From the very first sentence, almost the very first word you are sucked in. Wondering, wondering, wondering... Who is this girl? Did she fall? Did she get pushed? Is someone really after her? You just can't help it. Heitzmann weaves such a story that you just keep turning the pages because you are just dying to know the answers.
But so is "she". She's dying to know the answers too. She becomes Jade when she shows up on Nica's steps. Her body is bruised and battered.
Then to make things worse, Cameron Pierce shows up and he doesn't believe her! How dare he not believe that she can't remember who she is! How dare he suspect her of being a liar! How dare he question her motives! She is outraged and yet saddened at the same time. But Cameron is a detective and that's what he gets paid to do - question. Question everyone and everything - motives, actions, oddities. And he's good at it too.
Jade and Cameron set off to find answers and end up in the adventure of their lives. Don't start this book until you are prepared. Prepared to turn the pages until you know the truth too!
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I did enjoy this book. You kept wondering at the relationships and it took a while to figure it out.
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I enjoyed this book very much. It has suspense, intrigue, an exotic location, spiritual depth & romance. The main character has to deal with amnesia amd someone who is trying to kill her but she can't remember who she saw. The characters are very real & several encourage the main characters into deeper faith. When the main character realizes that she's a Hollywood star, she returns to Hollywood & really wrestles as to what it means to be a Christian in the Hollywood community. Since there are Christians in Hollywood who work hard at producing quality family films, I felt her struggle was really true to what other stars have had to deal with. I strongly recommend this book if you want a good read that will also encourage you spiritually.
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great characters as is the norm with Heitzmann!
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I enjoyed this book. This is the first book of Kristen's that I've read and look forward to another.
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From the inside cover:

When a young woman stumbles out of the Hanalei Mountains on the island of Kauai with no memory of who she is, Monica Pierce knows she's been brought there by God. Her brother, Cameron, reluctantly agrees to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the stranger's arrival. He suspects her injuries were no accident, but he's far from convinced she's an innocent victim. And there's that nagging feeling he's seen her somewhere before....
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Extremely interesting book. I could hardly put it down. Very absorbing.