Book Reviews of In Fury Born (aka Path of Fury, revised)

In Fury Born (aka Path of Fury, revised)
In Fury Born - aka Path of Fury, revised
Author: David Weber
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9781416521310
ISBN-10: 1416521313
Publication Date: 7/31/2007
Pages: 856
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 65 ratings
Publisher: Baen
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Wow! 828 pages of absolute kick butt military sci fi. The action scenes are written in a fashion that is both realistic and exciting while actually followable. The main character is trained as one of the "Elite" cadre, a group of soldiers equipped and trained with no expense spared and answerable directly to the emperor of the world spanning empire. When she discovers she has been betrayed in a manner of speaking due to political expediency, Alicia DeVries resigns her commission in disgust and retires with her family to a frontier world. Unfortunately, a group of mercenary pirates attacks the planet and kills almost the entire population of the world, including Alicia's entire family. Alicia takes out the attackers at her homestead and is almost killed in the process. While lying almost dead she finds herself contacted and offered a deal by a being claiming to be one of the Furies of ancient Greek mythology. The creature takes up residence inside Alicia's mind as a second and separate personality. The Fury (Tisiphone) has powers that enhance those of the already augmented and formidable former drop commando. Alicia is bent on revenge/justice and, teamed with the Fury, steals the most advanced starship in the empire - a small ship with a huge drive and armament capacity... The catch is that she must blend with the Aritificial Intelligence that runs the ship and become one with it in order to operate the ship at all. It comes down to a triad ... Alicia DeVries the super soldier with augmented physical enhancements combined with the disembodied spirit of an ancient Greek Goddess joined with the super capacity of an intelligent warship. Together, while fleeing a million dollar bounty on her head from the empire she once served, Alicia and her two "friends" track down a conspiracy that reaches to the very top echelons of the empire and it's military space fleet.

The book is riveting. My only problem is the fact that the firs 400 pages, while telling three fascinating stories in and of themselves, were really lead in to the second half of the book when it actually gets to the story line that the dust cover outlined. It was almost 4 books in one. Still, definitely a great read. Four stars.
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This is a stand-alone novel by the author of the Honor Harrington series. Alicia DeVries is a heroine in the tradition of Honor, self-reliant, strong and capable. She needs those qualities, as she will have to deal with frightening losses, but she has help from some surprising allies . . .
IN FURY BORN is a re-written and much expanded version of Weber's earlier novel, THE FURY.
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A fast moving story, well worth reading again.
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Pure Awesomesauce.

In Fury Born is a book in two parts. The first half of the book ("the new stuff") is a story of the rise of one Alicia DeVries, in an interstellar special-ops military unit. I've always loved Weber's space battle stuff, and this was no exception. I was grabbed right from the start, and it never let go.

The second half of the book ("the old stuff") is apparently a big rewrite of Weber's earlier "Path of the Fury". It's a big revenge trip with sentient AIs and a mysterious entity from Greek mythology. Also great fun.

I could not put this book down. Extremely enjoyable. 5 of 5 stars.
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Actually if you read both Path Of The Fury and In Fury Born you will find that the later part of In Fury Born is actually Path Of The Fury. so if Path Of The Fury is book one In Fury Born is book 1/2 +1. The diffirence is that In Fury Born includes introductory/ earlier chapters that were not included when the earlier Path Of The Fury was published
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Wierd book! At the outset, it's all about a young girl's impressions of the world and her feelings. (I thought, "Oh brother -- chick-lit in space!") Then she enters the imperial military academy and becomes a space marine, learning to take care of herself and her people in dicey situations. Picked to become an elite imperial cadre (sort of a modern-day Seal or Green Beret, squared), she becomes a killing machine -- though with a heart!

Suddenly, she resigns and goes with her extended family to homestead a frontier planet, where everyone is massacred by space pirates except her. Wanna know how she survives despite extensive wounds? A Fury possesses her and protects her until medical help arrives. That's right, one of the implacable Furies from ancient Greek literature!! Now she's talking to herself (actually to the Fury inside) and they put her into protective custody. The Fury can read and manipulate minds and computers, however, so they escape, steal the most advanced warship in the galaxy and meld with the AI who controls it.

This bickering, lethal triad then fly off to avenge the deaths of the woman's family (and millions of other innocents), evading pursuers and beating the imperial intelligence service to the solution of the pirates' identity. Now she really goes mad with pent-up rage, and it's all the Fury can do to keep her on-task. Will she boil over and become a mass murderer? Come on, would the marketing department allow an ending like that?

Mostly great military sci-fi, with good character development. Too bad it goes off the rails and tries to out-Heinlein Heinlein with six impossible things before breakfast. Still, all in all it's a good read.
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I loved this book! Love the strong female character and the plot is fascinating. Couldn't put it down! Can't wait for another in the series. This is the second book in the series.
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Terrific book, 800 plus pages and I was sorry when it ended. David Weber writes very fine battle scenes on the ground as well as in space
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It's definitely better than Path of the Fury, with a lot more explanation of the Cadre.