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Gentle Warrior
Gentle Warrior
Author: Julie Garwood
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ISBN-13: 9780671737801
ISBN-10: 0671737805
Publication Date: 12/1/1990
Pages: 320
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 286 ratings
Publisher: Pocket
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
The author "throws" you into the story right from the beginning; which I liked. The sex scenes were described in a bit too much detail for my taste. The story seems to build and build around the mystery of who was involved in the massacre of Elizabeth's family only to end abruptly with what seemed like a mere mention of who was guilty of such a crime. I would have liked a more thorough/interesting ending to the story.
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Helpful Score: 2
I read this about three months ago and am rereading it once again. It is a typical Garwood but not typical at the same time. New twist and turns always hold me spellbound.
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she is an amazing writer. I love the historical romance. The knights and Laird of the eighteen century are rugged but honorable. the women back then were not afraid of these big guys at least they didn't show it to them.
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Helpful Score: 1
~ Another great Garwood romance with a fantastic cast of characters, though hero was a little too much at times ~

SETTING: 1086, England

GENTLE WARRIOR is another great Julie Garwood medieval romance. I had to give it four stars instead of 4.5 or 5 because at times the hero, Geoffrey, was a little too caveman-like for me. Actually, it wasn't even really caveman-like - he was just too forceful, angry, badly tempered. Overall, he was generally a good hero though, and the other cast of characters was absolutely terrific. The subplot (was kind of a mystery, but not really) was interesting and as it was central to the plot and how the story develops, it didn't feel like an add-on and detractor from the romance. The resolving it was completely anti-climactic - twice you feel like you'll get some big to-do ... and then don't. Still a good read, though, that any Garwood and/or medieval historical romance fan should at least check-out from the library.

THE HERO, Geoffrey (27):
What bothered me about Geoffrey were his actions and thoughts that seemed to be relics of the 80s historical romance heroes, though to be clear there are *traces* of this - not the full-fledged real thing: there are no rape scenes that are supposed to pass as love scenes and Geoffrey never hits Elizabeth nor is he ever physically threatening/cruel, so don't worry about that; if any of those things had happened, regardless of what else was in the book it would have earned an automatic one star from me (or 0 if that was possible). The book was originally published in 1990, though, and I think that's why this hero is so much more borderline than Garwood's other heroes that were written later.

Basically, Geoffrey was a little too ... warrior-like. I know he's this big, bad knight, but normally Garwood's trademark heroes are big, bad warriors - who fall under the spell of some gentle courageous woman and become big teddy bears who can still be warriors in battle. Geoffrey took a little too long (IMHO) to show his teddy-bear side and in the beginning, I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to warm up to him at all - he is so dictatorial, so authoritative, and practically a tyrant ... yeah, basically nothing very romantic, dreamy, or sigh-inspiring.

There are many humorous moments, however, when Geoffrey and Elizabeth clash and as readers we are able to enjoy them all the more since we're privy to both of their thoughts. It's sweet - and at times quite funny - to watch their relationship develop: the confusion they feel over their feelings for one another, the teasing that quickly develops between them, and the battle of wills that takes place between these two strong and stubborn people.

THE HEROINE, Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is a standard Garwood heroine - she's strong, courageous/brave, intelligent, gentle, compassionate, affectionate, friendly. One minute she'll be saving her husband's vassal with her bow and arrow and then by jumping into a lake even though she can't swim, and the next she'll be hiding her tears from her husband because he's being gruff or shouting at her or acts somewhat meanly in an attempt to avoid the fact that he's in love with her. Basically: standard Garwood.

Elizabeth isn't too weepy though, and considering that when we first meet her she has recently witnessed the massacre of her entire family (save her baby brother), one can't help but feel admiration for how she acts and the inner strength she displays. Instead of being completely despondent, as would be wholly understandable, she's intent on avenging her family and taking revenge on the man responsible for their deaths, while also doing her best to protect her younger brother, who is in danger since he's the heir to their father's holding and was one of the intended targets of the massacre.

Garwood rounds out her cast of characters with her usual wonderful additions - the hero's soldiers, whom we like almost immediately and treasure for their kindness to the heroine. There is also Geoffrey's vassal, Roger, who adds humor and gentleness to many scenes. Elizabeth's grandfather, Elslow, was absolutely wonderful and I'd be surprised to meet a reader who wouldn't want a grandfather like him - he's funny, witty, so sweet and gruffly affectionate with Elizabeth and her younger brother, and just all around fantastic.

Overall, GENTLE WARRIOR was a very enjoyable - and often laugh-out-loud humorous - read that I would definitely recommend. Despite my annoyances with Geoffrey, the hero, it will be added to my reread shelf and should not be missed by medieval historical romance fans.

Other great medieval historical romances of hers include HONOR'S SPLENDOUR (one of my favorite historical romances of all-time) and THE PRIZE. Garwood also has a wonderful Regency series, "Crown's Spies": (1) THE LION'S LADY; (2) GUARDIAN ANGEL; (3) THE GIFT (another one of my all-time favorites); and (4) CASTLES.
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Another great read from Julie Garwood, you won't be disappointed in any of her books.
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great reading
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A great read!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a wonderful historical romance set in fuedal england. Julie Garwood as always, delivers her best in loveable characters. A muszt read for those who love historical romance.
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i loved this book
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I love Garwood and as usual she comes through with a great book. It's one of her early historical's and wonderful.
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I really enjoyed this book (there are not many JG books that I have not enjoyed) and didn't want to put it down. I will have to say, if you like bantering, this is the book for you! Garwood pushes the envelope with the bantering between Elizabeth and Geoffrey, but I never felt âget over it alreadyâ. Their clash of wits is comical, but in true Garwood style, she tailors her readers a fine story where you fall in love with both hero and heroine who are damaged goods. Definitely recommend!
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Wonderful short and sweet Julie Garwood novel.
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This story takes place in feudal England where a woman just escapes a massacre that destroyed her family. She is exiled from the castle and bent on revenge...
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Love all of Julie Garwood's books.
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Another good book by Julie Garwood.
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I loved this storyline, wonderful full fledge characters that you come to love and know. You won't be disappointed in this story. A really great read.
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HTF early historical by this popular author. Nobody does historicals like Julie Garwood.
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In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she rode again through the fortress gates, desiguised as a peasant to seek aid from Geoffrey Berkley, the powerful baron who had routed the murderers.
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A friend loaned me "Gentle Warrior" to while away a work break, since I'd forgotten my own book. It turned out that I was glad that that was all the time I had for it. Within the first few pages I was convinced that I was reading about two of the least intelligent characters ever to be set to print, their behavior so moronic - even with my expectations as low as they were for a romance novel - as to be stunning.

Almost immediately, the "hero" disdains the helmet his squire tries to clap on his thick skull, despite the fact that he is about to go into battle. Not a parade, not a tournement: battle. I was delighted when he shortly had his comeuppance in taking a head wound. A warrior that stupid wouldn't last ten minutes on a real medieval battlefield. And for such an idiot to be in command - !

When Garwood began to describe the woman with the hawk - the bare-armed, bare-handed woman with the hawk - I cringed, hoping against hope she wouldn't do what I already expected. Then she did it. The woman holds out her arm, and the entirely domesticated hawk ever-so-gently lands on it. I'm sorry, no. Absolutely not. If this were a sorcery-rich fantasy, where the girl had some power over bird and beast - then yes, why not. If this purports to be an even vaguely realistic historical romance (an assumption which admit is not borne up by the style of dialogue or the characterizations), then that action proved the "heroine" to be astonishingly ignorant, foolhardy, and reckless. A hawk cannot be tamed fully. A hawk cannot be trained to land gently without gripping with its talons. A hawk cannot be made into a pet. A realistic conclusion to this scene would have shown the girl writhing in pain and bleeding profusely from very deep puncture wounds in her arm.

On the other hand - I guess those first few pages were evidence that these two were, indeed, meant for each other.
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from back cover- "A tender tale of love, advenute and passion. Liberallly garnished with intrigue and sensuous love scenes."
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Different cover. Good read.
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Historical romance set in feudal England.

my book has a differnt cover
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The picture on the cover is a different version but it's the same book.