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Topic: Gifts Just in Time for Christmas! Order 1 NEW book and get 1 NEW condition

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Subject: Gifts Just in Time for Christmas! Order 1 NEW book and get 1 NEW condition
Date Posted: 11/15/2007 12:57 AM ET
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(Please forgive my very lengthy post!)


ALL of the items listed on my bookshelf right now are in new/like new gift giving condition!

(The books mentioned in this post (only) are eligible for a free brand new VHS tape of your choosing from the list below!)

All of the books on my bookshelf not noted in this post are in gift giving condition as I have culled everything else for the time being.  If you would like more information about something I haven’t listed here, please contact mePlease post your selections to this thread to help create a public queue for each title.  A PM will work in a pinch if you aren’t comfortable with posting in public.  In some cases I have multiple copies of a title available.  In general, these are noted as such below.  I usually ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I use brand new, professional grade mailers and boxes (though I’ve been known to recycle an Amazon box here and there) and will pack your book(s) to help ensure that they aren’t damaged in transit. 

My library is housed in a non-smoking environment that also houses 3 teenagers, 2 cats and a dog.

In the interest of clarity, I would like to extend my definition of new:  A new book is one that has not been read, its binding is still square, solid and uncracked.  It is not uncommon for a new book to display the very lightest shelf wear from having been stored on a shelf (like those you might see at B&N)  but it still retains that overwhelming "new" appearance and is suitable for gift giving purposes.  

Until Sunday at 10 PM CST I am offering one FREE VHS documentary from the list below for each title ordered from the following list of eligible titles (not all of the books on my book shelf are eligible).



Added Information:

I still have 3 signed 2 signed (by both authors) copies of Windy Wildwood left.

Also, I'm going to go ahead and offer Millenium's Christmas as officially part of this deal.  As a special bonus to the first 3 (three) of you who order it in conjunction with any other book from my book shelf I'll send you an autographed copy!  I only have a few of these signed copies so they're offered on a first come, first served basis - limit one SIGNED copy per person.  If there isn't a copy listed in my book shelf please post here to make a public queue for the autographed copies and send me a PM. Thanks!  (By the way, if you order Millennium's Christmas and a second book from the list of eligible titles at the head of this thread you'll get your choice of 2 VHS tapes too!)  I'm going to add a few more VHS titles to choose from as well.  Please see the original post.




How Does The Heart Know Love? – Brad Walton – signed by author - 2 available

Good Morning Tulip – Selected Works for the COMPAS writers & artists in the Schools Program – 3 available

Cheng Man-ch’ing – Essays on Man and Culture4 available

Northern Lights – Selected Works From the COMPAS Writers and Artists in the Schools Program2 available

The Future of Liberty – Thomas Gauly – 1 available

Jesse Ventura – The Story of the Wrestler they call “The Body” – Matt Hunter – 1 available

Final Frontier – Voyages into Outer Space – David Owen – 1 available

A Young Reader’s Journal (unused) – Margie Adler – 1 available

Son of Second Thoughts – John W. Hartman – 1 available



Windy Wildwood: The Secret in the Attic - R. Frie, K. Zahradnik – 5 available signed by both authors! – Young Adult fantasy - 2 available

The Glass Fish – Parke Sellard – 3 available - 2 available

Tales of Delight and Shame – Clyde James Aragon – 1 available

The Crowded Room – Jeffrey Dunne – 1 available

Introducing Angel Faux Pearl – Veronica Marz – 1 available

Millennium's Christmas - 7 available - 5 available - 1 signed copy still available



Embodiment & Release – David Novak – 1 available

My World, My Fingerhold, My Bygod Apple – Neva V. Hacker – 2 available

Gardening in the Tropics – Olive Senior – 1 available

The Arches – Tony Curtis & John Digby – 1 available

Cracking the Earth – 25th Anthology from CALYX – 1 available

The Dark Indigo Current – Thomas R. Smith – 1 available

(The following are a series of poetry books form the same publisher with coordinating covers that would make a beautiful gift presentation in sets and pairs.)

In The Tent Called Amazement – Nancy Walden – 1 available

Missing -  Kate Hallett Dayton – 7 available

Miscellaneous, Tender – Susanna Styve  - 5 available

Burning – Teresa Boyer  - 3 available

Come now to the Window – Ann Iverson – 2 available

Once a World – Yvette Nelson – 3 available

Pilgrim Eye – Mary Junge – 1 available


The VHS Freebies:

(all tapes are brand new and never used, still in publisher’s shrinkwrap – I’ve included descriptions of them where I can.)

  Magnicifent Ambersons (this is a 2 VHS tape set A&E movie) THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS, Welles follow-up to Citizen Kane, fell victim to a bitter struggle between the filmmaker and RKO Pictures, wich radically re-edited it for release, cutting over an hour of footage and shooting a new ending. After 60 years, Welles vision of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Booth Tarkington novel has finally been realized. Using the original shooting script, director Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate) and an extraordinary cast featuring James Cromwell (Babe, L.A. Confidential), Madeleine Stowe (12 Monkeys, Short Cuts), and Gretchen Mol (Sweet and Lowdown), have re-filmed every scene according to Welles directions. – 2 available

  Leaning Tower of Pisa (Discovery Channel Video) - Explore the crooked, 800-year history of this legendary tower as you follow scientists racing to keep it from finally crashing to the ground. Archival images, historical accounts, computer animations, and exclusive inside and outside footage reveal the fascinating secrets behind this landmark, and illuminate the controversies swirling around competing rescue proposals. Also, hear the unique challenges faced by preservationists.  A treat for history buffs and those with plans to travel Italy. – 5 available

  Race for the Poles (The Learning Channel) - The history of the struggles by Robert Peary, Frederick Cook, Roald Amundsen, Robert Scott, and Ernest Shackleton to be the first men to reach the North and South Poles.  TLC Video – 5 available

  Win Place Show: The History Horse Racing (History Channel: Time Machine) - Through the eyes of racing historians, we'll follow the rise of Saratoga Springs as the sport's home, and track the career of its greatest champion, Man o' War. Find out why he never ran at the Kentucky Derby, and see how that race eventually became the sport's showcase. Next up is the one true dynasty in thoroughbred racing, Kentucky's Calumet Farm, which produced horses like Whirlaway and Citation, ridden by legendary jockey Eddie Arcara and trained by Ben and Jimmy Jones. Other winners have been picked up at auction, and we'll get an inside look at the conventions of this arcane institution. Finally, WIN, PLACE, SHOW examines the state of racing today, relegated to the back columns of sports pages and searching for its place in a changed world. Filled with glorious footage of past champions and engaging commentary from jockeys, owners, trainers and other insiders, this is an ..... – 5 available

  The Wind in the Willows (A&E animated movie) - The original feature-length film based on the classic tale. (The Wind in the Willows).Color runs 78 minutes – 5 available - 4 available

  Ten Guns That Changed the World (History Channel: Tales of the Gun series) 5 available - 4 available

  Modern Marvels: The Tackle Box (History Channel) - From tridents in ancient times to fish finders and high-tech lures, man has always been on the lookout for better ways to catch fish. And this quest has resulted in some surprisingly sophisticated technology. With visits to high-stakes fishing tournaments and local tackle shops, MODERN MARVELS explores the wonderful world of rods, reels and optimism that is the fisherman's stock and trade. Visit the facilities that turn out carbon-fiber rods and the plugs, flies, leaders, floats and other accessories that anglers swear by. See how the humble bamboo pole and braided horsehair line gave way to successive generations of modern technology, and cast with some of today's top fishermen as they look to lure trout from mountain streams and marlins from the deep ocean. – 5 available - 4 available

  Texas Rangers - Manhunters of the Old West (History Channel) - Join host Kenny Rogers as the myths, legends and realities of one of our most fabled eras come to life through authentic diaries, period accounts, rare photos and footage and expert commentary in THE REAL WEST. It's been said that a Texas Ranger could "ride like a Mexican, trail like an Indian, shoot like a Tennesean, and fight like the very devil." Stephen F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers in 1826 to protect American settlers in the Texas Territory. Later, the Rangers turned to upholding the law. They tracked down murderers, smugglers and robbers across the wide-open spaces of the newly born Lone Star State. Join up with the TEXAS RANGERS and get set for a manhunt through the Old West. – 5 available

  The Most Remarkable Battles (History Channel) - Sweep across the Macedonian plains with the boy-general who conquered much of the known world before he died at 33. Rumble into battle, Russian tanks spread out on all sides, in the greatest land engagement of all time. And explore the primordial urge that seems to drive mankind into conflict.   THE MOST: REMARKABLE BATTLES is a fascinating exploration of the who, what, why and where of warfare. Experts debate points like who was the worst-ever American general and what made commanders like Napoleon and Hannibal so great. Marvel at extraordinary combat footage from some of the bloodiest battles of the 20th century, and learn the sometimes surprising stories behind the extreme events in the history of warfare, from the deadliest bombing to the most frightening weapon of the Middle Ages.  The bloodied and the bizarre, the courageous and the confounding, here are THE MOST compelling battlefield tales ever told. – 5 available

  Biography - Shirley Temple: the Biggest Little Star (A&E video) - She was America's princess an adorable little girl who captured the hearts of millions with her charm and talent. But by the age of 12 her career was over, leaving her to create a new private life. Shirley Temple was born in 1928. By the time she was four, she had played in a number of short films known as "baby burlesques." But a star was born when her ambitious mother landed the girl the lead role in Little Miss Marker, the box-office sensation of 1933. BIOGRAPHY; traces her short, bright career, when depression-era America found a welcome escape in her singing and dancing. See her charms in clips from Bright Eyes, Curly Top, Dimples and The Littlest Rebel, and hear from costars like Alice Faye. After her career fizzled in the late '30s, she receded from the public eye, returning to attention as the U.S. Representative to the United Nations.…-  5 available - 3 available

  Miss Marple: 4:50 From Paddington (A&E movie video) - Elspeth McGillicuddy, an old friend of Miss Marple's, witnesses a strangulation murder in a passing train through the window of her coach compartment. When Police Inspector Slack can't find a body along the tracks and doubts the validity of the story, Miss Marple and Elspeth locate the area where the body was probably thrown from the train, the isolated manor house of an aged, cantankerous millionaire, Luther Crackenthorpe. Miss Marple's niece Lucy is recruited to apply for a job on the estate in hopes of locating the corpse. When she finds it in an ancient sarcophagus in an outbuilding housing Egyptian and Etruscan art treasures, the police and Miss Marple are brought in. Obviously someone in the large household is involved, but who? – 5 available - 4 available

  House Beautiful - Mid-Century Mania (A&E video) -  5 available

Paul the Apostle / Life and Death in the Holy Temple (A&E) - Paul the Apostle: With the exception of Jesus of Nazareth, Saint Paul is the single most important figure in the history of Christianity. Explore the life of the man who transformed from the religion's bitterest foe to its most ardent advocate. Life and Death in the Holy Temple: High atop a mountain in the Land of Canaan, at the place where Abraham laid his son and David bought the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon built the Bible's first Holy Temple. Journey to the depths of the Temple's Inner Sanctum to uncover its rare secrets. - 5 available

Mysteries of the Bible: Prophets (A&E) - Delve deep into the origins and enigmas of the scriptures with this groundbreaking program from the acclaimed MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE..  They stand among the Old Testament's most commanding and confounding figures: the prophets, men consumed by visions and prophecies said to have come directly from God. Their names and stories have resounded through the ages. The ecstatic voice of Elijah. The apocalyptic messages of Ezekiel and Daniel. Jeremiah's haunting vision of the fall of the Holy Temple.  Did these legendary figures exist, and what was the cause and meaning of their proclaimed divine possession? From Amos and Hosea to Isiah, meet the Bible's most legendary prophets, witness their spiritual awakening, and see what became of their immutable prophecies of rapture and wrath! - 5 available

Biography - Sigmund Freud - (A&E) - His revolutionary ideas transformed our conception of the mind. Yet the father of psychoanalysis was plagued by neurotic fears and troubling obsessions.  Sigmund Freud is arguably the most influential thinker of modern times. His theories continue to inspire discovery and debate, even as the discipline he invented drifts further from his work. Through personal artifacts, letters, diaries and revealing interviews with biographers, psychiatrists and Freud's grandchildren, BIOGRAPHY revisits the life of the man who was once derided as the doctor of love. From the childhood that inspired many of his radical ideas to his eventual worldwide fame, this program explores the details of Freud's life, including his obsessive behavior and dangerous bouts with addiction. - 3 available

Biography - Yitzhak Rabin (A&E) - He was a hardened soldier who astonished the world with a bold offer of peace. But while thousands of Israelis sang of hope, an assassin's bullets proved that hate would be slow to die. Yitzhak Rabin's life was the life of modern Israel itself. Born in Jerusalem in 1922, he joined the Haganah underground army as a teenager and became a commander in the war for independence. He was the architect of Israel's lightning triumph in the Six-Day War and the nation's first native-born Prime Minister. But his greatest victory came when he achieved the unthinkable the historic peace accord between Israel and the PLO. It's a thought-provoking portrait of the man who stood tall in times of war and gave his life in the name of peace. - 5 available

Biography - Mary of Nazareth: A Mother's Life  (A&E 2 pack with Jesus Biogrpahy) - Ships with Biography: Jesus - His Life; - Shortly after 13-year old Mary of Nazareth became engaged to Joseph, the fate of the world changed. Learn more about one the most important--and most revered--woman in history. // He was a simple carpenter, yet His words transformed the course of Western Civilization. This is the inspiring account of the greatest story ever told--the life of Jesus of Galilee. - 3 available

Elton John - Live: World Tour 1992 -  (VHS) Recorded in Barcelona on July 21st, 1992 this is Elton John's first live concert video for 6 years.  The two hour show, with staging, costumes and lighting designed by Gianni Versace, combines the excitement of one of the world;s greatest performers with the intimacy of some of the world's best loved songs.  Before the end of the summer of 1993 following some 130 concerts he will have entertained over three million people around the world and perpetuated a career that already spans three decades. - 4 available

England's Lost Castles [VHS Tape] (2000) In Search of History - It is virtually impossible to think of the Middle Ages without conjuring up images of grand stone castles. Yet throughout much of English history, they were the exception to the rule, while lords and ladies built massive castles of wood to protect their vast holdings. Journey through the English countryside to see reminders of the countless timber castles that have all but disappeared, leaving behind only the earthen mounds of their foundations. Historians reveal why these wooden fortifications were nearly equal to the much more expensive stone castles, and explain what life was like within their walls. See stunning reconstructions that show what these mighty fortifications looked like and how they were built. And explore fascinating new archaeological evidence that which casts new light on our knowledge and understanding of a time when England was dominated by these long-vanished - 5 available  

Biography - General Douglas MacArthur - He was one of America's greatest commanders, a warrior so tough and determined that he helped win World War II with a simple promise: "I shall return."Douglas MacArthur was a soldier's soldier the son of an officer, the star of West Point, the Army's youngest-ever full general. He was already a retired hero when he was recalled in 1941 to face his biggest challenge defending an unprepared Pacific force against a seemingly unstoppable Japanese war machine. With rare footage and interviews with comrades, family and friends, the complete story of this complex general comes alive. Trace his life from his army brat childhood and his magnificent stand in the Philippines to his later forays into presidential politics. Get to know MacArthur as he faces the Japanese in WWII, fights his own rogue war in Korea and, finally, ends his military career by going head-to-head with an angry Harry Truman.… - 5 available

Celtic Journey Through Time - It is an ancient and magical land of captivating legends and lush beauty. For thousands of years, it has remained on the edge of empires, resisting the Romans, Vikings and, finally and famously, the British. From leprechauns to Riverdance, St. Patrick to Michael Collins, Ireland casts a spell like few other nations. A panoramic look at the personalities and events that shaped this enchanting land, A CELTIC JOURNEY THROUGH TIME is also a mesmerizing tour of its most beautiful locales, visiting the medieval streets of Dublin, the rugged coasts and the verdant countryside. From the fearsome Celts to the Williamite War, the great famine to the rise of the IRA, the haunting tapestry of Ireland's checkered past is revealed and explored. Based on Richard Killeen's acclaimed book A SHORT HISTORY OF IRELAND, this is the ultimate introduction to the Emerald Isle. - 4 available


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I ordered The Glass Fish and I would like The Wind in the Willows tape as my freebie.  Thanks!!

Date Posted: 11/15/2007 10:30 AM ET
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I ordered "Windy Wildwood" and I would like the Miss Marple VHS.




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Hi Tricia

 I just ordered

Millennium's First Christmas and would like Modern Marvels: The Tackle Box (History Channel)    as my freebie!


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Good morning!  I've got the three orders mentioned above covered.   I really appreciate the interest as I am in need of clearing out some serious space!   These really are very nice books and the tapes are brand new to boot!

I did want to mention again that only the books listed on the original post are eligible for a free tape.  All of the others on my bookshelf are in gift giving condition though they are not eligible for a tape.  I think I must not have been very clear at first and will cover the orders already made and will gleefully send a long all these beautiful VHS tapes!  Thanks so much!

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my daily bump

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I just ordered A Young Readers Journal and I would like Ten Guns That Changed the World (History Channel: Tales of the Gun series)  for my free VHS. Thanks for helping me with my Christmas shopping!


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I still have 3 signed  2 signed (by both authors) copies of Windy Wildwood left.

Also, I'm going to go ahead and offer Millenium's Christmas as officially part of this deal.  As a special bonus to the first 3 (three) of you who order it in conjunction with any other book from my book shelf I'll send you an autographed copy!  I only have a few of these signed copies so they're offered on a first come, first served basis - limit one SIGNED copy per person.  If there isn't a copy listed in my book shelf please post here to make a public queue for the autographed copies and send me a PM. Thanks!  (By the way, if you order Millenium's Christmas and a second book from the list of eligible titles at the head of this thread you'll get your choice of 2 VHS tapes too!)  I'm going to add a few more VHS titles to choose from as well.  Please see the original post.

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Saturday bump