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Topic: Going back to school -- what to do with PBS?

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Subject: Going back to school -- what to do with PBS?
Date Posted: 8/13/2009 1:18 PM ET
Member Since: 6/15/2009
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I'm going back to school at the end of Aug, and I'm debating about putting my account on hold for the semester.

I have some 13-16 books on my bookshelf, so I could take them to school with me. Then if anyone requests a book over the semester, I could send it from school. However, dorm space is limited and last semester I barely had room for my school books and all my to-be-read-in-my-free-time books. So, I don't know where I would put my PBS books... though I suppose I could put them in the bottom of my closet... though, stuff at the bottom of the closet can get really annoying.

My other option is to leave the PBS books home, keep the account active, and have mom send out any requests. But I don't want to bug her. :)

I could put my account on hold. But then I hate the thought of someone wanting one of my books and my account being on hold so they don't know my books exsit. :( I also only have one credit currently, and if someone wants one of my books, I'd like to have a few credits in case some WL books of mine pop up. However, no one's wanted anything on my bookshelf for a while, so I'm wondering if it will really matter if I put the account on hold. And I don't believe my WL books will pop up any time soon.

The semester wont end until December. Any advice?

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 1:22 PM ET
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Have you talked to you mom about PBS?  She might enjoy it if she can find the time.  There are lots of members here with kids your age etc. and she might want to try something new.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 1:26 PM ET
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You could store the books in one of those under-bed boxes.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 1:45 PM ET
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I think you will have your hands full at school and not want to bother with books.   Since your books haven't been ordered yet, it is likely that there are others of the same title already in the system waiting to be ordered and no one is going to miss out if you put your books on hold.  

My advice - put your shelf on hold and concetrate on school.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 1:47 PM ET
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Just put the first three of your books on my reminder list.   One already has 82 copies in the system, one has 5 and the other one has 212.  The books are available from others if people want them.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 2:27 PM ET
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Puting the books under the bed is a great idea! Unfortionately, we loft our beds. The TV, mircowave, and fridge and chairs go under there. No room for books.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 2:50 PM ET
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Offer a huge deal in the book bazaar now and try to get rid of them?  That way you'd get some points for WL books that come up, but have an effectively empty shelf.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 2:51 PM ET
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I agree that it's probably best to put your shelf on hold while you're away at school.  Unless you have easy access to a postal scale or post office, it might be difficult to mail books out.  If you put your shelf on hold, your books can still work their way up the FIFO line.

If you really want to earn some more credits, you can offer a deal in the Bazaar before leaving for school.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 5:52 PM ET
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I have the same thing to deal with as you, Heidi.  I leave for school in about a week and will live in the dorms again.  My mom was actually asking me how I plan to "get rid of books" (how she describes PBS, haha) when I'm back at school.

While I don't plan on ordering books at school, I don't really want to put my bookshelf on hold.  Thankfully, I was looking in the Wal-Mart circular and found a three-teir bookshelf on sale for $19, so I plan on using that for my textbooks and PBS books.  I don't have very many books to trade, but I like the idea of being able to fufill a request, haha.  This only works because I'll have my own room--I probably wouldn't do it if I had to live in a limited space.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 6:02 PM ET
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I would probably have put my account on hold and just taken it off a few days before vacations when I knew I could get home and mail.  If you have room, taking them to school probably would be fine as well, but if that's going to be an issue I say leave them at home.  I'm in school, but I have plenty of room.  In undergrad this would not have been the case until senior year.

Date Posted: 8/13/2009 8:10 PM ET
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If you do put your shelf on vacation hold, think about putting a wish list book (one due to single credit) on auto request and changing your sent to address.  And I'd put a note about being at school on my profile so it did not look like I just left. 

Date Posted: 8/15/2009 2:52 PM ET
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Mom said she wouldn't mind sending out books for me if I left them at home. And I'm not expecting to get many orders. But still, if I did, I like being able to send the books out on my on. We have a post office on campus, so it's not a problem. I just like knowing I'm sending someone a book that they want and will hopefully enjoy.

But I suppose there just isn't another alternative. I just don't have any room in the dorm!

Date Posted: 8/16/2009 12:26 AM ET
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I'm dealing with the same issue, although for me I'm more worried about fitting the books into my tiny car than my dorm room!  I'll probably be taking them to school with me, since I'll have my own room and would like to build up some credits to use for textbooks next semester.  But if you don't want to bring all the books but still have the option to answer requests, I'd suggest putting your posted books on your reminder list so that you can see how many copies are available, and then take with you only the few that seem likely to be requested through FIFO soon.  

Good luck with classes!

Date Posted: 8/16/2009 6:52 AM ET
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When I was a college student my mom mailed books for me.  Actually, I've since graduated and she still mails books for me - every once in awhile she'll finish a book, tell me the ISBN, and I'll post it to my account.  When it's requested, I send her the address and she mails it.  To pay her back, I request books for her when she asks for one.

I'm always double-checking to make sure she doesn't mind, but she's fine with it.  She has no interest in opening her own account and trading those books for herself.

Date Posted: 8/16/2009 9:28 AM ET
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If I wasn't sharing a dorm room with someone else, then I'd definitely have room. But, alas, I don't.

I do like the idea of just taking a couple, though. I might end up doing that. thanks.

Date Posted: 8/16/2009 4:08 PM ET
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When I was in college I had a cardboard box labeled "Books for trade" and they went in there.  They had to stay fitting in that box!  I put a couple padded envelopes in there as well.  The tape dispenser fit in my desk drawer.

I stuck it under my bed, in the bottom of the closet.  I tucked the books behind my schoolbooks on a bookshelf in one room (no cardboard box there).

It was much easier once I started renting an apartment.  Even if I only had a bedroom, I had no roommate and usually more space than the dorm!