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Topic: The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion

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Subject: The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion
Date Posted: 2/9/2014 7:33 PM ET
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In our last episode, Jimi & Janis were comfortably lodged in the penthouse of a midwest casino. Having fled Lowtown to avoid the publicity attached with winning a huge lottery prize, they gain celebrity by winning a mega-jackpot in the Grateful Dead slot machine.  Barely 21, Jimi is faced with the issues of what to do with his wealth, his relationship with Janis and his parents, who he suspects are waiting out the end of the world in a silo.  Now, he has to deal with the rock singer whose song he idolized. 

Hey, this is the type of thing you should spend your lottery bucks on” Janis started

You want me to buy the White House” I giggled

Janis smacked me on the head but it didn't stop my rant

Poor investment” Crystal continued picking up the ball and running with it

Yeah” I was on a roll “Never buy the best house in the neighborhood it's old and the ownership turns over constantly, plus the upkeep is a bear”

I started rolling on the bed with laughter

Janis pretended to be peeved “Up your oval orifice”

We were all rolling around the bed helpless with laughter

Three things happened at once

I spied Janis & Crystal across the acres of bed

They were madly yanking at each others clothing

I made a dive in their direction

And in the midst of my landing someone turned the door knob

A man came in carrying a silver tray and a folding table

I landed with a woomp, and the two girls jumped at me totally unaware of our visitor

He didn't seem to be the least be ruffled, maybe this was considered normal behavior in a large suite

He set up the table and place the silver table, from which he removed the silver cover

Janis dove at the food with the same hunger she had for Crystal just seconds earlier. Crystal's pout turned to a pleasurable smile, when she spotted the cone-shaped bowl of cherry ice cream. I wrapped the blanket around myself, and checked in the mirror to see if I was dressed for dinner. Not my normal mealtime attire, a bit of a tent going on below the equator, as well a bad hair day thing going on to the north. I also noted that our server, for all his unflappability, was taking a clandestine peek as he vacated the room.



The taste of the food brought me back to some sort of real world semblance. Meals were a normal and structured part of my life. Perhaps one of the few things I could count one in my existence that made me happy. Romping on a obscenely huge bed with two casino nymphs was something out of my comfort zone had no inkling whether to admit or not.

Had someone been listening at the door, they would rightly assume that the sex and romping had never stopped, we were all making love to our food with great passion.

When we came up for air the conversation continued, as if our brief canal distractions were merely a day dream.

So, do you want to do the Big Block of Cheese Thing” asked Janis

As in...” I foolishly tried to stop this freight train

Like the tv show! Let buy a hunk of cheddar and we can each let the public float ideas past us”

I started to interrupt again for it was useless

Jimi, this is perfect we can asked the dreamers” that was Janis showing skin

Shit, man, were in a casino”

And, I thought, we have Don McLean on the way. The lovers, the poets and the dreamers.

But Janis was on the phone, I could already here the other end. “Yes, you are in the Penthouse of course, and what kind of cheese can we use to display our absolutely perfect service”

Service! What if we ordered a tennis court built right in our suite, would they do it. Does Don McLean even like tennis?

I love it” Janis said leaping across the room like a Maxville Parrish nymph, loose clothing trailing her like the solar wind. “Doesn't matter what I ask for” said panted “they always say...”

Yeah, I know everything for you is totally free of charge”

Something like that, I almost asked for a tennis court”

Damn, I need some sleep. The girl romping had just given me a jolt, must be what five-hour energy powder is like, but cheaper.

My mind was headed down a spiral well I was past normal fatigue. I was falling out of the fallout shelter, taking the last plane for the coast. Playing tennis, doubles ,across the net was The Big Bopper & Buddy Holley with Waylon Jennings on my team. The last thing I remember before the door slamming and I was awakened by the entrance of Don McLean, was Buddy Holley shaking hands with Waylon Jennings, “I guess lost me an airplane seat”, he muttered “Hope your damn plane crashes”.