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Subject: Green Cleaning Products
Date Posted: 3/18/2009 3:16 PM ET
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We are part of a new company that is launching called WowGreen. The products are all cleaning products for your home...this is a truly a green product that is enzyme based - it is safe for your children and pets should they get into them-its amazing at the toxicity in our home/environment once I became more AWARE!!

Subject: New company
Date Posted: 5/31/2009 4:15 PM ET
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I would be interested in seeing price and performance information - I have been shopping with Melaleuca for 17 years - and hadn't found anyone that is as inexpensive with superior perfermance...



Date Posted: 7/12/2009 2:50 PM ET
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Joy, I also am a user of Melaleuca products. My favorite it PreSpot Plus. They've recently changed the formula to be more concentrated and I think it's call PreSpot x 4. It is the best spotter and stain remover I have ever used. It has removed stains that have been laundered and dried in a hot dryer. Every now and then my superhuman stain-creation abilities have defeated even PreSpot but that is really unusual.
Date Posted: 7/12/2009 9:38 PM ET
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Anything in the product petrolem-based?  I know 7th Generation has had problems managing to pull the last little bit of petrolem-based bits out of some of its products.  I'm interested, but would want a complete ingredients list.

Subject: Seventh Generation, GreenWorks and Method
Date Posted: 11/24/2009 8:14 PM ET
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I haven't heard of either WowGreen or Melaluca but I use Seventh Generation, Greenworks and Method on a regular basis, since they're all available where I live-they have all worked great for me. These others sound interesting but I'm not interested in being a distributer or signing up for anything.



Date Posted: 12/19/2009 5:28 PM ET
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 I never use Greenworks or any products that are now made by companies like Clorox who are only jumping on the bandwagon to make money.  They know the harm their products have caused for decades and now they have taken the time to put out a line that they see the consumers are interested in.    They didn't care about our health before, so why start now.  Plus, they still make the non-green products so they are making money on both ends.

Date Posted: 1/9/2010 5:27 PM ET
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Since the chemical companies & the politicians are interconnected & their names interchangeable since the "way" democracy works is exploitation which is the targeting and harming of "us" the 'people" ********wow! they also folks own the pharmacuticals; dow & rockefeller who owns 93 percent of large pharma & then Monsanto/bush/clinton/etc: who also own pharmacuticals.

 I first became aware of the problems with chemicals in our "so called "safe" as regulated by the FDA: which  stands I think for forever deceiving Americans! when I heard of wildlife being killed from the homes from Hurricane Katrina. They said it was from "normal" household items found in kitchens & bathrooms.

I started checking around & have used 7th generation which is wonderful & also a product called biokleen which I can get cheaper thru a group that orders thru Azure Standard; it is a great system which has many companies offering products along with them & they deliver to my area & we are so big a group that we don't have to pay S&H. I used to make my own laundry soap using Fels Napa or Zote but they said they were not going to lose $1.00 since folks found out about all the chemicals in every we have used for years not knowing that it was all geared to harm us: so they get $ when we have to buy from THEIR Corps (they are all stockholders folks); they get $ for chemicals used, $ when we buy (and in 72 we were paying $1m for $35 cost to them: they have "inflated" prices so we pay far far more than $1m for $35 today folks: and then they get paid again when we have to go to docs & get "medicines" which come straight again from them & we have been paying far far far more than we ever should have for THOSE as well.  600,000 xs the cost of generics at $4.00; so go figure out what the rest of them are.

I discovered I could use cattle grade (not for human consumption) baking soda 50 lbs for $12.00 splitting cost with others aprx $4 for a years supply; combining it with Kosher salt (heavier salt) & then a simple paste using either lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide 3 per cent: cleans bathrooms, toilets, etc: adding vinegar to the baking soda makes your scrubbing bubbles: and hydrogen peroxide 3 per cent is like adding a safe "bleach" safe to you, safe to environment. It works most excellent the simple paste does as an oven cleaner, and like "comet": again for pennies, and safe to all.

I discovered about microfiber on "home shopping networks": and got a microfiber mop: designed to use for cleaning with no chemicals it's been around for years: but I had never heard or seen it: now it's everywhere & you can even get some at the $1.00 store; dirt & germ grabbing "dots" 200,000 per square inch: the only thing is you can't use fabric softener on them: nor bleach. I air dry mine personally: and have tried to turn everyone on to using them: super fantastic utterly amazing products! on qvc I believe it's under Don Aslett's products, Fuller Brush has some, and on HSN I am not sure who all carries them. You can find many of them in the "auto" section and in Costco I believe you get 40 or more for $14; I guess it's for you & your family & friends tho they work fantastic on cars, trucks, boats, in homes, etc.

If you already have a "swiffer" or a "clorox" mop: microfiber pads work well on these; simply attach & use in place of other items. They wash right up & will still be going strong: even after you could have used 700,000 paper towels instead. (and this is just ONE)

I found & use a microfiber "sponge" occassionally from the auto department at Walmart for $1.00: it's supposedly to wash hubcaps with: I use it differently! I use vinegar a great deal for cleaning esp on "floors": just a dab will do you & the "vinegar" smell disappears almost instantly as it dries: and it does have many of it's own properties.

Biokleen laundry soap works really well using only 3 T just like homemade or even 2 : it costs $11.99 for regualar washers like mine & is 100 loads & lasts me about 2 to 2 1/2 months. Their dish washing soap works very well as well: I can get a gallon of it thru my "group" ordering for $12.; using again only a teaspoon full it lasts a very long time.  I split the gallon with a friend: it's cheaper than the $4 something they want at the stores. I do love 7th generation dishsoap as well: perhaps they will come out with a gallon or more folks will want to split the 5 gallon size cuz then it's super inexpensive.

Any "anti bacteria" avoid like the plague: they should not even be available on the market! they not only have toxins in them which enter into folks thru the skin: they make the "super bugs" as they make us IMMUNE to antibiotics.  Course, if it were a TRUE "democracy" and one FOR the people: we not only would NOT have everything toxic in our homes: and this folks includes tiles, carpeting, furniture, countertops, drywall etc: even the paint has toxins that will give off fumes for decades. It is NOT China that is the problem: it is here in the USA.

There is not one single Gov agency doing the job it is supposed to be doing sadly: The BOOK Broken Governement brings this out, as well as the www.publicintegrity.org. site; going BACK to find out "what happened" in 1854 John Beeson's diaries as well as many more which can be found in your historical society's records: "democracy meetings" stated that democracy was setting the TRUTH aside and presenting a DIFFERENT IDEA  (or a FALSE picture) as to what was really going on. His book a plea for the Indians detail a great deal of information on this.

Well, now that we KNOW that what is presented to us as being true, is not indeed, we REALLY need to dig deeper into what is in reality being done instead of believing what they say, and what they say they DO;  they also BTW, issued a "law" that no longer do all ingredients need to be listed on things. I know that the Fels Napa & Zote are now so strong with chemicals that I can not even keep a bar of it in my home, not even graded & mixed to be used as laundry soaps.

I am going to check into the other companies listed here to see what I can find available in my area; I haven't seen them yet but maybe I can order on line or with the group that I order from. Thanks!

Subject: O-Nature-L
Date Posted: 1/16/2010 8:27 PM ET
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I agree with much of Ashley M.'s post. We don't use bleach for laundry unless we feel we *have* to. (We don't get our socks white and we don't buy white clothes.) We use O-Nature-L fragrance-free laundry soap. Cleans floors, tubs, sinks, dishes, walls, & clothes. They do have products scented with essential oils. It takes 2 tablespoons of detergent for a top loader and 1 T for a front loader. http://www.o-nature-l.com/  

O-Nature-L is a small business developed by a work-at-home mom. She developed the products because she has a daughter with very sensitive skin. 

We also use baking soda, vinegar, & peroxide in various degrees and combinations. 

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