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"In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles." -- H. C. Bailey
Henry Christopher Bailey (1878 — 1961) was an English author of detective fiction. Bailey wrote mainly short stories featuring a medically-qualified detective called Reggie Fortune. Fortune's mannerisms and speech put him into the same class as Lord Peter Wimsey but the stories are much darker, and often involve murderous obsession, police corruption, financial skulduggery, child abuse and miscarriages of justice. Although Mr Fortune is seen at his best in short stories, he also appears in several novels.

A second series character, Josiah Clunk, is a sanctimonious lawyer who exposes corruption and blackmail in local politics, and who manages to profit from the crimes. He appears in eleven novels published between 1930 and 1950, including The Sullen Sky Mystery (1935), widely regarded as Bailey's magnum opus.

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Total Books: 23
Karl Of Erbach - A Tale Of Lichtenstein And Solgau
2009 - Karl of Erbach - a Tale of Lichtenstein and Solgau (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781444630749
ISBN-10: 1444630741

Black Land White Land A Mr Fortune Novel
2008 - Black Land White Land a Mr Fortune Novel [Rue Morgue Vintage Mysteries] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781601870292
ISBN-10: 1601870299
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Highwayman
2008 - The Highwayman [Large Print Edition] (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780554230702
ISBN-10: 0554230704
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Colonel Greatheart
2008 - Colonel Greatheart (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781409700586
ISBN-10: 1409700585

Shadow on the Wall
2008 - Shadow on the Wall [Reggie Fortune] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781601870193
ISBN-10: 1601870191
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Gaoler Politely -Or- Marry We Be Fair A Mashed-Up Romance
2008 - The Gaoler Politely -or- Marry We Be Fair a Mashed-up Romance (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781434845252
ISBN-10: 1434845257

My Lady Of Orange
2006 - My Lady of Orange (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781406736175
ISBN-10: 1406736171

1976 - Mr Fortune Eight His Adven [Fifty classics of crime fiction, 1900-1950] (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780824023522
ISBN-10: 0824023528
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Boys' Second Book of Great Detective Stories
1940 - The Boys' Second Book of Great Detective Stories (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780060222550
ISBN-10: 0060222557
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

Lonely Queen
Lonely Queen (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780093078605
ISBN-10: 0093078609
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Sea Captain
Sea Captain (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780093080202
ISBN-10: 0093080204
Genre: Literature & Fiction

The great game
The Great Game (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9781125827550
ISBN-10: 1125827556