Book Reviews of H.R.H. (Large Print)

H.R.H. (Large Print)
HRH - Large Print
Author: Danielle Steel
ISBN-13: 9780739475188
ISBN-10: 0739475185
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 502
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 7 ratings
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Book Type: Hardcover
Large Print: Yes
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reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
Helpful Score: 3
Frankly, I couldn't finish this book. I managed to get about 130 pages into it, despite warring with myself to abandon it several times, and I finally put it down for good when I could stand it no longer. I read ALOT of books and I simply could not make myself read one more page of this drivel.

The story had potential and could have been good in the end, but I'll never find out because it was so poorly written. The words and thoughts are repetitive and much of the text is 'in the character's head' rather than having the story portrayed through dialogue and action. This translates to one huge yawn for the reader. I suppose if you're a die-hard Danielle Steele reader, you might stick it out and even enjoy it. But I've read too much really good fiction for this to hold my interest.
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Helpful Score: 2
liked the story line but Steel repeats the same thing over and over. this book could be 1/2 the length. how many times do you need to say that the main character is petite, that her father adores her etc etc....
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
Helpful Score: 2
Princess Christianna is a young girl who has just returned from college in the States. Now she feels stifled and bored with her 'real' life in her small country. After a life altering experience in Russia, she convinces her Father to let her go to East Africa as a volunteer for the Red Cross. That is when her life begins . . . .
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
Helpful Score: 1
This was a great book. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down, I believe I finished it in 3 days.
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Helpful Score: 1
I wish we all had these choices.
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Helpful Score: 1
Princess fell in love with a 'commoner' - fights all odds to marry him despite royal tradition!

Slow at first - but enjoyed the book!
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Helpful Score: 1
the story of a princess in Liechenstein and how she feels about the confinement about being a royal... good reading
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Helpful Score: 1
This is a story about a Princess who wants to help people and do something meaningful with her life. It is a nice story.
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I thoughly enjoyed this book. It made a long trip go by quickly.
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
This book was another hit by Danielle Steele. Gripping details of conditions in war torn Africa, outdated traditions by the privleged in European countries, true love that conquers all. Christiana is a remarkable character and you really want to root for her that she will find a way to balance her duties and her true love. I would definately get this book. I listened to it every day on my commute to work and it made the drive go by so much quicker.
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Good quick read
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I liked this book and grew to like the characters very much. It is a "fairy tale" story but I needed that!
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
I really enjoyed this audio book. I didn't think I liked Danielle Steel, but after this book I'm definitely going to revisit her! This book was easy to listen to, engaging, I enjoyed the storyline, and it was easy to drive to. (Sometimes other audio books I have listened to in the car are so distracting that I have to turn them off so I can concentrate, but this one was perfect.) I definitely recommend it!
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I did not like this book very much at all. I have read Danielle Steele books before and enjoyed them. I would never say they are my favorites, but this one was long and boring. Thankfully I had it on audiobook, so I did no have to actually read it. I found myself not looking forward to listening to the next chapter. When it ended I was neither impressed or irritated. It was just blah.
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
A princess volunteers for the Red Cross in East Africa, keeping her true identity hidden. She falls in love with a doctor, a commoner, who will never be accepted by her father as a suitable mate.
This book kept my interest all the way through. This was a nice break from the bad language and detailed sex acts that are in so many books. It was just a nice clean romance.
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Unlike the other reviewers, I found the book quite charming. I enjoyed the read, it was entertaining nd heart warming to me. I love reading about forbidded love. The book was easy to follow for me and not boring at all. it kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how it ends.
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
Well written story of a young woman born into a royal family struggles to have a life of her own. She falls in love with a man with whom she can never have a life with. Very enjoyable.
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Worst DS book I haver ever read!!! Boring. Whiney.
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
It insults any woman with an iq to read this book...
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All of Daniel Steel's books are good but this is not one of her best. I did enjoy reading it.It is about a father who is a Prince of the country of Lichtenstein and his daughter is considered royalty and cannot be a normal person the way we see it. It is a story of love and devotion to a family and the daughters desire to be a normal person.
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I bought this book on the plot-line alone. I was disappointed because the writing style was very repetitive, and the ending of the book a little too easy.
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Excellent story...a great read.
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Entertaining, but a typical D.S. novel.
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One of my favorite Danielle Steel books!
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Great book if you like Danielle Steel,this is another great one by her...
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Book started out really slow but all in all a very good book.
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I read this a few months ago, but I enjoyed it. I hadn't read a DS book in quite a few years. It was fairly typical, but it kept me interested.
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Although most little girls dream of being a princess, the reality of a royal's life isn't all beautiful gowns and fawning men. The life can be especially confining for a woman who wishes to make a difference in the world, rather than being a pretty face in the background. In H.R.H., Danielle Steel takes us inside the life of an American-educated princess as she takes a few weeks out of her "regular" life to work along side social workers in Africa, posing as a commoner.
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This book is about a girl Christanna who is a princess in a foreign country and she goes to Africa to work with the Red Cross and meets a Doctor from America and falls in love with him and wants to marry him but knows that she can't because he is not Royalty.
reviewed H.R.H. (Large Print) on
I could not get into this book.
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This was a typical Danielle Steel book.
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Good book, like they all are.
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I loved the story. The ending was not what I expected and I had a hard time putting it down. While everyone else was enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, I was enjoying a great story.
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great book
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I absolutely loved this book
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This book had too much exposition in the beginning and the Poor Princess routine was quite unbelieveable. However; when the plot started rolling, the book became tolerable and almost enjoyable. The ending was entirely too predictable.
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Wonderful book, I love it when Danielle Steel writes about "royalty". The only thing I didn't agree with is how Christianna went against her fathers wishes in the end. But she does end up happy, and wonderful journey throughout the book. Very good for Danielle Steel Fans. I read it in a few days.
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Excellent book
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Another bestseller by Danielle Steel. Book gives an insight of how life might be like for royal family members.