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Topic: Did I handle this right?

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Subject: Did I handle this right?
Date Posted: 4/3/2010 12:33 PM ET
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This is my first post, but I'm feeling terrible about a transaction that happened today.  I received a book that was an advance review copy, paperback, not hardcover, and clearly marked as such.  I didn't mark it as a problem transaction, but did mention in my comments to the owner that she should be careful in the future about sending out ARC's, as it's technically not allowed.  I received an email from the owner, with moderately insulting language, and accusing people like me of taking all the fun out of PBS.  She also refunded my credit.  I sent a note of apology that my comment wasn't taken in the spirit in which it was meant, and re-refunded the credit, but the whole thing has left me feeling upset and sad.  Did I handle this right?  Should I have said nothing in the first place... or?  But I was kind of upset that the book is not repostable, as I was planning on reading it and relisting it.  Any suggestions?


Date Posted: 4/3/2010 12:56 PM ET
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If it was me, I would have marked it as a problem transaction and asked for my credit back. If it was a one time thing it would have done no harm to her account. But marking books RWP is the only way to get habitual bad senders out of PBS.

Date Posted: 4/3/2010 1:03 PM ET
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The only thing that is "taking the fun out of PBS" are snotty, passive-aggressive little dopes that can't simply mail what was ordered from them.

ETA: You have no reason to feel bad. It was 100% their mistake, they had no right to jump down your throat, and I think you were a lot nicer to this person than they deserved.

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Date Posted: 4/3/2010 1:08 PM ET
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Personally, I think people who break the rules take all the fun out of PBS.

I think you did the right thing, but I wouldn't have re-refunded the credit.  As you said, you can't repost the book so now you are out a credit.  I had a similar situation a few weeks ago.  I received a book that had about 50 pages of water damage.  I had a hard time deciding what to do because I didn't mind the damage.  However, PBS rules state no liquid damage of any kind so I knew I couldn't repost it.  I let the sender know and requested my credit back. 

Date Posted: 4/3/2010 1:21 PM ET
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I would have marked it RWAP and asked for my credit back also.  If people like this one aren't held to the same standards as everyone else, they will continue to violate the rules.

I also would NEVER apologize to someone who was snotty to me in reply to a PM I sent them.  Why on earth did you feel you needed to apologize for their rudeness?

Date Posted: 4/3/2010 1:32 PM ET
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I would also have marked it RWAP and asked for my credit back and certainly would have kept the credit she sent you. ARCs are simply not allowed, and people posting them will continue to do so if they're allowed to and no one calls them on it. I have very few RWAPs for book condition, the last 3 I've had (over several months) have all been books that were ARCs posted to the system. Most people are polite and return the credit once they realize the mistake. The last one I had a few weeks ago remains unresolved, with no response at all from the sender.

She's wrong...the fun is taken out of PBS when people don't follow the rules, and can't apparently even read well enough to understand the "golden rule" popup that happens before every book gets posted, where it specifically says "My book is not an ARC."  It's not pleasant calling people on the carpet, but doing so will (hopefully) make people think twice about breaking the rules AND ensure that if they continue doing it, there is a formal mark on their record so PBS can sanction them if need be.


Date Posted: 4/3/2010 1:40 PM ET
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I don't think you handled it right. You should have marked it RWAP and kept the credit. People who knowingly mispost books to get credits they have no right to, then attack someone when they get called on it are the ones that take the fun out of PBS. Without marking this RWAP the site has no tracking of this and she will keep doing it.  Sorry you ran into one of those, you did right by telling her she can't do that and I would be tempted to send her PM to the Team so that they can see she knows she is posting things she shouldn't be.

Date Posted: 4/3/2010 2:24 PM ET
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Yeah, what they already said *hugs* your only fault was trying to be too nice.  And the other member is a cranky pants when called on violating the terms of her PBS membership.

Personally, I think people who break the rules take all the fun out of PBS.   +1

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Date Posted: 4/3/2010 10:40 PM ET
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I think it was sweet of you to handle it the way you did, I may have not marked it  RWAP, because I am habitually too nice too lol, but I would not have given them the credit back after they were rude to me.

Date Posted: 4/3/2010 11:13 PM ET
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I wouldn't have re-refunded the credit either, especially to someone who was so snotty when they were the one that broke the rules.

You can trade ARCs for credit on PBS but you have to do it in the Book Bazzar or the specific genre forum and let people know what they're going to be getting.  You can't post them FIFO.

Shelly -
Date Posted: 4/4/2010 1:19 AM ET
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I would have marked it a RWAP and asked for my credit back. I would have also sent her message to the TPTB since it was insulting. 

Date Posted: 4/4/2010 10:17 AM ET
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Even if you didn't want your credit back, you SHOULD have marked it RWAP. As it's already mentioned, that's the only way the site has to recognize members that are not following the rules. If we all let that slide trying to be nice, then the quality of the books in the site will degenerate and then we will ALL be out of our fun. I don't think it's fair for a few bad apples to ruin the site for everybody so please, please NEVER hesitate to RWAP a book that doesn't meet the site (or your requirements if you have an RC.) It's the only way for some of these people to learn from their mistakes.

Date Posted: 4/5/2010 3:37 PM ET
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Definitely mark ANY ARC you receive  - or any book you receive in paperback which was posted as a hardcover - as RWAP. I've gotten two books like that in the last ten days - I even went to the extent of restating the posting conditions in my RCs, which I've never had before. In both cases, the response I got back was ' I ddin't know this book was a softcover''  Well, sorry, I don't buy that, and when the sender responds to a request to refund the credit with a snotty post like I got today, accusing ME of being small-minded, that doesn't help either.  I'm making a  "Do not trade with this person' list, and I have reported the two problem transactions.


Subject: Handle it right?
Date Posted: 4/5/2010 11:53 PM ET
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I wouldn't have hesitated to tell her she'd made that mistake and I would have taken her credit back, and I wouldn't have apologized for her rude remarks.  She might do this all the time, and as long as she gets away with it, she'll keep doing it.

I have only wondered about people once before.  I reposted a book I'd received here, after I was sone, and I swear, there wasn't anything wrong with it.  Maybe it was old, but, well, books DO get old.  So the guy who received it from me marked it as a problem, said it was in bad shape.  I didn't want to rock any boat, so I gave him his credit back, but I emailed him and said, you know, I have NO idea what was wrong with that book, I got it here, and now it's going back out in the same condition I received it.  It never OCCURRED to me there was anything wrong with it.  He never replied, so for all I know HE does that all the time to keep his credits.

It's hard to know, but I think by and large, we can be trusted.