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Harold Frederick Stewart (14 December 19167 August 1995) was an Australian poet and oriental scholar. He is chiefly remembered as the enigmatic other half of Ern Malley. American poet and academic John Ashberry included the Ern Malley poems in his syllabus for many years, though Ern has had a wide ranging influence beyond just literary and academic circles. In the Arts there are many examples of Ern acting as a source of inspiration. In 2008 the Castlemaine State Festival featured a musical based upon the hoax. In 2005 the Malthouse Theatre produced a play based on Ern Malley titled The Black Swan of Trespass, by Lally Katz and Chris Kohn. Joanna Murray-Smith’s play Angry Young Penguins (1987) is based on the events surrounding Ern Malley. In 2009 Garry Shead produced a portfolio of work based on Ern, titled The Apotheosis of Ern Malley. In 2009 Emma Kidd produced a sixteen page screen printed book titled The Ern Malley Affair: Le Scandale Ern Malley. Ern Malley’s popularity seems to be on the rise if the new modes of social networking are any guide. Ern has his own Facebook and MySpace pages. He also appeared at The Melbourne Writers Festival in 2009 and gave an in situ reading. Paul Kane in Australian Poetry, p.152, argues Ern Malley continues to have vitality as an instrument in the battle between ‘ancients and moderns’ in Australia. Peter Carey's novel My Life As A Fake is based on Ern Malley.

The manner in which the poems were constructed has been of special interest to academics. The two poets borrowed from various sources, including Shakespeare, their own poetry and, oddly enough, an American Army handbook on mosquitoes, and by interpolation, constructed the poems. The poets argued that their construction method disassembles the poet's voice and renders the poems meaningless, but many thought otherwise, arguing that Ern's poetic voice, brittle with pain and seasoned by loss, shines through and consolidates meaning. The difference of opinion raises several questions as to the calibration of the different levels of consciousness in the creative process. What is the role of inspiration in writing? Does the poet need to channel a muse or have the discipline to maintain a sense of proportion and order? Does the poet need to get wild and freaky on drugs like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg to reach new levels of poetic insight? Stewart did not think so and preferred the formal order of the Apollian consciousness over the wild unrestrained forces of the Dionysus consciousness.

Stewart's work has been associated with James McAuley and A. D. Hope, belonging to a neo-classical or Augustian movement in poetry, but his choice of subject matter is different in that he concentrates on writing long metaphysical narrative poems, combining Eastern subject matter with his own metaphysical journey to shape the narrative.

He is usually described by critics as a traditionalist and conservative but described himself as a conservative anarchist. A witty and engaging letter writer, many examples have been retained by the National Library in Canberra. Leonie Kramer in The Oxford History of Australian Literature, p. 371, grades the literary quality of Ethel’s letters as equal to those of Patrick White, Peter Porter and Barry Humphries.

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