Book Reviews of HeartMate (Celta, Bk 1)

HeartMate (Celta, Bk 1)
HeartMate - Celta, Bk 1
Author: Robin D. Owens
ISBN-13: 9780515132892
ISBN-10: 0515132896
Publication Date: 12/1/2001
Pages: 340
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 96 ratings
Publisher: Jove Books
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
I haven't read this cute a book in a long time. It's so funny watching the male character Rand T. Ash trying his hardest to win his heartmate Danith and having no clue and I do mean 'no clue' as to how to do it. He spares no expense to win her, to no avail. She keeps telling him no. Ash has a cat who trys to help him win her. Actually the cat has more luck at it than Ash does.

I LOVE this book. It's cute, funny, heartbreaking. You feeling for Ash. Wishing you could help him get his HeartMate. Danith likes him-alot, but he scares her.

Will he win his HeartMate? Read the book. You won't regret it.
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Helpful Score: 4
Heart Mate is a strong start to the Celtan Heart Mates series.

The hero is a man of the highest class who grew up in the slums after his family and home were destroyed by enemies when he was six. The man be became has destroyed those enemies and rebuilt his home - now he wants a wife, a heartmate who will love him exclusively and help him establish the family and home he so desperately wants. Once he identifies Danith as his heartmate, he expects her to fall into his arms. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't happen...

The heroine wants a warm, uncomplicated husband who will give her the family she has always wanted. Someone cheerfully peacefully middle class like herself. Not some big and brooding noble with no social skills...

One of the charms of this series are the fams - intelligent, psychically gifted animals who can choose to bond with humans. Zanth is the hero's fam - a rough, tough feline brawler who came to the hero when he was a child in the slums. When he decides he wants the heroine also, she doesn't have a chance...

One of the strengths of Robin Owens' writing is her believable world-building. She has crafted a fascinating, self-consistent world that she draws the reader into - background information always appears when needed and is never presented out of context. The characters have depth and you see their world, and their stories through their eyes.

Do not read the series out of order...

Celta Heart Mates series
1. Heart Mate (2001)
2. Heart Thief (2003)
3. Heart Duel (2004)
4. Heart Choice (2005)
5. Heart Quest (2006)
6. Heart Dance (2007)
7. Heart Fate (2008)
8. Heart Change (2009)
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This is a new series for me. All about a different world. I'm looking forward to finding the others in the series.
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Well I have to say I started out loving this book and wanting to keep it because I'm a long time fan of SciFi. The FAMiliars are hilarious and made me laugh out loud. Unfortunately, this book became extremely repetative and I got bored about half way through. I did finish it and did like it, but... Anyway, read on...the second book wasn't as funny but I enjoyed it all the way through and the characters overlap and progress, so you do need to read them in order!
It's a fascinating premise and I am a sucker for romance. I must also point out that Robin's idea of good sex is lots of emotion and quick release. I could have sworn the author was a guy...but apparently not! So, most of the romantic mushy stuff will leave you rather...well, wanting more. Poor ladies! The men of Celta have no staying power!
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Rand and Danith are HeartMates! She doesn't know it! He can't tell her by law. She won't take his heartgift. He's getting frustrated and she's getting more and more aggravated!

Now's best friends are dogs right? NOPE! A cat! The greatest cat...Zanth!! He helps her accept the gifts, bribes him for things, protects him and LOVES CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!!

This is a great beginning to a series!!
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Not a bad read, really drags in the middle, over all ok
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I wanted to like this book. The premise is fascinating and could have been amazing if there had been character development and a real plot.

It started off fine, but really slowed down in the middle to the point where I would have to reread a page to remember what it said. The heroine is one of the most off-putting heroines I've come across in a while. She constantly rejects the hero. Her sarcasm toward the hero doesn't exactly endear her to the reader. He's moody to the point of being boring. Neither character is well developed. They're so one dimensional that you really don't care about them. Their two pet cats are better developed. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

I know there are more books in this series, but if they're anything like this book, I can't bring myself to read them. The best part of the book is the telepathic cat. He'll have you laughing out loud. Maybe the author should do a book just with the funny telepathic cat because I would read such book.
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My lack of enthusiasm for this book is 100% based on the world building. You're left to muddle through it and figure out ranks and locations and reasons for things all on your own. 25% interesting, 75% frustrating, 100% DNF.
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I enjoy paranormal romances. This book did not disappoint. It did take a few chapters to get into the terminology that the author uses but once I did it was very enjoyable. Both characters have self esteem issues stemming from childhood. T'Ash is strong but his past gets in his way. I have already ordered the next 3 books of the series.
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Fun sci-fi romance
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The book goes in depth into the workings of the planet, society and flair but the romance drags.
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first book of series. I really like the story line. never read this author before but really enjoyed. I do have the rest of series. Will repost after I read.
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Thia ia very sweet and good book. I very much recommend it.
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This was a fun book.
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Oh my goodness, Owens does an AMAZING job with this novel. It took me maybe a few days to finish this because it was so good. The romance is unbelievable!