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Topic: Hello Fellow Bloggers

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Subject: Hello Fellow Bloggers
Date Posted: 11/7/2008 3:28 AM ET
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Do you write a blog? What is the focus of your blog? How long have you had your blog? Of course: what is your url?

Date Posted: 11/7/2008 5:23 PM ET
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I blog when I feel like it but recently I signed up to get free copies of books to blog reviews about so it will be turning into a book review blog.

But it started as my writers blog about an online conference I was doing and has got things about doing NaNO. Nothing much interesting.


Subject: Hi Pam
Date Posted: 11/7/2008 7:10 PM ET
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I write two blogs that I would like to fill with far more consistent and substantive posts.

My personal blog is Black-Eyed Susan's and I write a blog for a lit community I run, Color Online. At Color Online, we have monthly giveaways and hightlight the literature of women of color and issues regarding women's studies in general. I hope you'll come by and tell a friend or two, particularly teen girls about us.

I'll be by your blog. Thanks for posting.



Paul H. (PaulH) - ,
Date Posted: 11/8/2008 11:02 AM ET
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I've had a website for years.  It started in the late 90's with a friend of mine, with whom I created a fan club for villain lovers - The International Fraternity for the Forces of Evil (or IFFE for short).  We primarily published a quarterly newsletter and literary annual, and all articles and stories had to feature villain characters.  Movie and book reviews were rated based on the bad guys, the effectiveness/ deviousness of their plans, etc.  Our website was basically a medium to reprint some of our favorite stuff.

When IFFE died in 2000 I changed the site to my own personal web page.  Over the years it's grown considerably larger than I ever intended.  I continue to do short movie reviews of DVD rentals (although not from the villain perspective anymore).  But I don't really spend time on book reviews.  That may change someday, though.  I have sections based for my personal ever-expanding library, my own fiction (in which I've started reprinting some of the old IFFE stuff), and sections dedicated to Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, I'll admit I'm a huge fan geek).  This past summer I started an actual Blog section, commenting on news, sports, entertainment, and life in general.

My site is primarily visted by close family and friends, but anyone is certainly welcome to visit!


Date Posted: 11/9/2008 11:56 PM ET
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I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I really enjoyed blogging until my in-laws found it and started bugging dh about everything I put in there. Even not bad stuff like he bought a boat and aI posted something about it and they called yelling at him that. Grrr. Anyway, it just started to be a pain to try to think about what they might get all up in arms about so I quit updating so often. <sigh>  I tried moving it to wordpress so I could password protect things, but I don't like how their website works so I only post every few weeks.

Subject: New tools for you bloggers!
Date Posted: 11/10/2008 2:19 PM ET
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Just letting you know about the PBS Widgets that integrate w/ blogs as well as  the new facebook.com application.

They let you to display and share your PBS:  Wishlist, Recent Activity, Bookshelf, To-Be-Read Pile, Books I've Read, and Book Reviews.

Where? Visit the PBS- "Spread the Word" page.



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Subject: Thanks
Date Posted: 11/10/2008 2:45 PM ET
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Might add the widget.

Date Posted: 11/19/2008 8:53 PM ET
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I blog - mostly book reviews with some personal stuff here and there!  The link is in my siggie :)

Subject: I just started a blog
Date Posted: 11/22/2008 10:35 AM ET
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--for my birthday--it's mostly about anything and everything that crosses my path at the moment:

Macao's Eclectica

I just wanted to get in the habit of writing something (anything!) everyday.  Soon I hope to seguey into what's happening with my Historical Romance.  This is my first post in the forums.  I'm hoping to find more writing folk who are researching and penning Historical Romances.



Date Posted: 11/23/2008 12:33 PM ET
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Leslie- are you a member of Romance writers of america? RWA..That is one of the big groups where writers of that genre gather and giggle. Most have local groups too. If you google it then you should get it rather quickly :)

Subject: RWA
Date Posted: 11/23/2008 1:23 PM ET
Member Since: 11/18/2008
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Actually, I do check out the RWA website occasionally but along with most folk I know at the moment, the budget is a bit tight.  But thanks eversomuchly!
Your suggestion put me in mind of a online group I belonged to many moons ago: Painted Rock Writer's Colony--I thought it was possibly a yahoo group but couldn't find it in the search.  I did find Romance Writer's Community which covers many of the same topics and issues--and is free.  I put in my request for membership today.  Again, thanks for the nudge.


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Paul H. (PaulH) - ,
Date Posted: 11/23/2008 4:44 PM ET
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Just be careful, Leslie!  I used to think the same way about using my website to get into the habit of writing on a regular basis.  The problem is I ended up working on nothing other than my website for a few years!  And I still have to force myself to work on something else when I have lots of posting update ideas or format changes in mind to play with!

Date Posted: 11/25/2008 3:32 AM ET
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I have a blog, I use mostly for book reviewing. It's been a bit slow lately, because I've been busier and am not reading as fast. I just started it a couple months ago. I would like to add more of my non-book thoughts, just need to actually take the time!!


Date Posted: 12/2/2008 3:16 PM ET
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I have a blog where I post mostly about writing and books. I try to post twice a week. . . . sometimes more. I'd love to have you stop by: http://notafraidofthefword.blogspot.com

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Date Posted: 12/8/2008 3:58 AM ET
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I write about any and everything in my blog: <a href="http://stephinfectionisinyourhead.blogspot.com"> No One Can Own Your Soul </a> I would appreciate any and all feedback, thank you so much!

Date Posted: 12/8/2008 3:59 AM ET
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Ooops, sorry about that, here's the link again: http://stephinfectionisinyourhead.blogspot.com

Subject: Hi From Alabama
Date Posted: 12/13/2008 12:17 PM ET
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I'm new to PBS, so, new to the forums too. Enjoying meeting all these new people!

I am a breast cancer survivor, and during my year of treatments, I found I didn't have the mental capacity to do my "usual" writing (I have written mostly animal books, but now have a gardening and a cookbook/memoirs books pending publication), so I got into forums and I credit the people I met there with getting me through that terrible long year. During that year, I created what became one of the largest singles forums on the 'net "Over 45, Not Over The Hill." I don't visit very often any more, since I'm not "single" any longer, I find I'm spending less time online and my interests have changed drastically.

I recently was asked by a publisher if I'd be interested in doing a blog for a pet food company and in typical "me" fashion, said "sure I'll do it!" then quickly went to Google to find out what blogging was all about. Although I ended up not getting the job, I DID get addicted to blogging and have five blogs that I write in somewhat sporadically when I'm needing a jump start to 'regular writing.' It helps my focus to be able to write something short, that isn't going to be edited by anyone...something I can finish quickly and feel like I've accomplished something before going back to dreary research and writing for someone else. My personal writing website is at http://bobbye-land.tripod.com. My blogs are listed below.

Nice to meet all of you, cant' wait to check out your blogs!




Date Posted: 12/23/2008 12:10 PM ET
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Subject: Books and Tech are my blogs
Date Posted: 12/24/2008 10:44 AM ET
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My Blogs:
I am passionate about a lot of things but after family, books are up near the top of the list.   Thusly a book blog that focuses primarily on scifi/fantasy on my book blog but not restrictively. I am a very eclectic reader but truly love the nobler aspects of fantasy and scifi.    I don’t review but recommend, I find reviews are often too revealing of the plot.  
My tech blog is based on over 25 years of owning and operating a computer business.   I suspect you would be hard pressed to enjoy that type & length of career without being enamored of geek stuff.   I got into the business because I enjoyed my new hobby and was reading voraciously everything I could find on computers. The mysterious side of the tech blog is that I feel comfortable sharing some of my more philosophic moments in a forum that is dedicated to technology. Go figure!  
I am both surprised and delighted when I find someone has read either blog and especially when they are moved enough to comment or email me.   My blogs apparently help in fulfilling my need for self expression so it is just a bonus if said expression is of interest to others. 
Feel free to visit, comment or email, happy blogging.
Pick of the Literate
Money Saving Tech Tips and Philosophic Musings
Date Posted: 2/3/2009 5:13 PM ET
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Hello, everybody! Let's revive the blog thread! I have two blogs. In my main one I write about film, theater, books and our thorny cultural landscape in general: http://cavigliascabinetofcuriosities.blogspot.com/ I try to post at least once a week, with varying success. On my other one, I'm (slowly, slowly) blogging my novel: http://lucytroma.blogspot.com/
Date Posted: 2/25/2009 7:33 PM ET
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I have a book reviewing blog that I started just for me, but now I talk to so many authors that I usually get alot of ARCs of upcoming books. I also have contests. The link is in my sig.

I also review to help me with my writing, since I'm on my first book. I also have ideas for four other books! =)

Date Posted: 2/26/2009 3:49 PM ET
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I have a book review blog:  Seriously? I Read That?

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Date Posted: 3/1/2009 11:32 PM ET
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I have a blog all about living frugally.  I am starting to get a pretty decent-sized readership (I'm going to be featured on TV this month!).  I try to write every other day, if I don't one of my readers e-mails me to check and see if I'm okay.  You can check out my blog at http://www.yearoffrugality.com/  Let me know what you think, I'm always looking for criticism and would appreciate feedback about my design. 

If anyone is interested in my doing a book review for them, send me a PM.  I'd be willing to add a book review page to my website as well. 

Subject: My Alaskan Adventures...
Date Posted: 3/21/2009 10:22 PM ET
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My blog started mainly as a way to keep in touch with friends after my husband and I moved to a village twenty miles south of the Arctic Circle.  We were having so many unique experiences in the Inupiaq village that I just had to "show" them to our families and friends.


The View From the North


It details cultural events, survival techniques, and glimpses into life as a teaching couple in a remote place.

Date Posted: 3/27/2009 9:59 PM ET
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Why yes, yes I do blog! lol

I actually started a couple months ago as an experiment and it turns out I like it! So, my main blog is http://theblacktulip.wordpress.com and it's called The Black Tulip (after a fav book by Dumas).  It's mainly day to day commentary and some humor thrown in. Occassionally I post something thats actually on a topic. But mainly it's humor.

my second blog is: http://hljorgensonwrites.wordpress.com and is called hannah writes...  this is where i post stuff I'm working on for feedback.

I'm going to love going through everyone's blogs!