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Topic: Heroines with "Potty Mouths"

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Subject: Heroines with "Potty Mouths"
Date Posted: 3/9/2012 9:45 AM ET
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I've been reading Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison (which I love) and after several F-bombs by the heroine, Pia, I have to say I was a little put-off by that. While I try not to curse myself, I don't mind reading it in books, and I don't really take offense to it . I did realize, though, that I don't particularly care for the heroine to use that kind of language. Pia is supposed to be kind of sweet and kind, so the language took me by surprise. The second or third time she said something, I wanted to wash her mouth out. At the same time, I was kind of amused when Dragos used that kind of language. I know it is a double standard, but I can't help it. I was wondering what anyone else thought. Does it bother you when used by the h  of the story or it doesn't really matter?

Date Posted: 3/9/2012 10:10 AM ET
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I don't really like it either so I just try to ignore it.  If a character says a swear word hear or there I can just ignore it but when they say a lot of swear words then it is hard to ignore and I don't like it.

Date Posted: 3/9/2012 11:00 AM ET
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It doesn't bother me so much unless it's REALLY excessive and/or vulgar.  I also hate the Gxx Dxxx swear.    I hear a lot of cursing in my line of work so maybe that's why it doesn't affect me so much, but still, if it's not needed - leave it out.

Date Posted: 3/9/2012 8:51 PM ET
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I have a horrible potty mouth, so I don't mind when the heroine does lol Why does the hero always get to be the one with the bad mouth? lol

Date Posted: 3/16/2012 1:33 PM ET
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Potty mouth doesn't bother me since it's all over the place these days. I was at the market yesterday afternoon and one woman (not Gen-X'er who seem to use it without blinking an eye) was talking and nonchalantly used the F-word.

If it's excessive in a book then it gets boring - author: you've already made your point, overkill is a yawner.

One place where it bugs me is Comedy Central (or the like). When a comedian Fs all over the place, almost every other word. The irony is their routine is usually mediocre and the F-word is filler. If someone's routine is really good they don't need to rely on shock value. The word may not be acceptable to a lot of people, but it's all over the place nowadays and even I don't blink any more.

I'm reading a cozy mystery right now, rarely see potty in them, but one of the male characters said to the heroine "I don't want you driving in this s**t" (meaning driving in snow). THAT took me aback.

I think if a hero used "aw shoot" instead of "f***" to show how angry or upset he is that a plan is going wrong, I'd probably giggle and snort rather than be pulled into the story even more.


Date Posted: 3/16/2012 2:31 PM ET
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I'm trying to clean up my language (a lot of it at my job too) so I'm noticing it more but previously there were only 2 books/authors that bothred me - nina in dakota cassidy's series - it was 'cute' the first book then she swore through her own but wanda's story started off more serious with a life endangering illnessa nd she was still swearing through a phone call with her...and it botherd me when I started this other book about a ververververy bad day  can't remmber the exact title but it ahd all the 'very's in it and was later renamed I think - the heroine was swearing and there was a little kid nearby and that's what bugged me there and I never finished the book though I've hear the story was good - may try it again if I can find the book - think my library has it...

Date Posted: 3/16/2012 5:48 PM ET
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Hi Gail - I don't like cursing in public either, I especially don't like it when I have either (or both) of my kids with me. On a roadtrip from Florida last month, my daughter and I were waiting for our order from McDonald's. Some woman came up to get her order and dropped the F bomb because apparently they weren't fast enough for her. My daughter (15) and I both looked at each other - we couldn't believe it. I don't know when it became okay to curse like that in a public place and in front of kids.

Years ago I  tried to clean up my own language. My husband can get very shocking in his vocabulary. Now I can be superior about it and tell him he needs to improve his vocabulary.

For the most part, I don't care whether that kind of language is used or not, but sometimes it does seem excessive. Then I'm noticing that more than I'm enjoying the story.




Date Posted: 3/22/2012 1:59 PM ET
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The only thing that bothers me about the Virgin River series is that the boys get to say whatever they want and s*#@, F*&# and d@*& but the girls are all so good and would never say such things.  Otherwise the books are pretty good.

Date Posted: 3/23/2012 8:17 PM ET
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I think it's fine in context.  I did read an older book a few months ago where the heroine disliked cursing, and would wag her finger at the hero (and others) and say "Uh-ah ah!" whenever they started to say something like "damn."  She came off like a self-righteous little jerk.

It bothers me more when characters (or people) use childish euphemisms.  Like an adult calling someone a 'poopy head' when they get cut off in traffic.  Either shut up or flip 'em off and use a real obscenity!  Not acting and talking like a child is part of being an adult.

Date Posted: 3/24/2012 8:28 AM ET
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It doesn't bother me as long it's in character.  Like Ashley, I have a horrible potty mouth when I'm with my friends or when I'm with other people who have potty mouths.  I'm not much of a stereotypical Jersey girl, but I did get the language lol.  It bothers me more when heroes curse and heroines have to sound sweet and G-rated. 

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Date Posted: 4/29/2012 2:21 PM ET
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I hate excessive profanity in or out of my books.  I hate the casual toss of the f-bomb, c-word, etc, etc.  As a result, have had a bit of an issue with the liberal and increasing use of the the f-bomb in one of my very favorite series, the In Death series. 

As much as I hate it showing up with increasing frequency in my books I have to admit in the In Death series the use isn't gratuitous but used in proper context.  Just can't imagine a couple cops talking about a criminal and using "shucky-darn" as an expletive. 

And I have to say, there was a scene in the most recent J D Robb audiobook I listened to, Treachery in Death, that was the most creative, most masterful use of the word 'fuck' I've ever heard.  The scene is of a cop arresting a corrupt cop who just tried to kill his lieutenant and in one tirade where I'd guess every third word was fuck or some variation of fuck and so perfectly expressed one cop's contempt for another, I almost wanted to bow in humble tribute to the writer, the narrator, and the fictional character who expressed this masterful use of profanity.  Too funny.