Book Reviews of Give Him the Slip (Holy Terrors, Bk 1)

Give Him the Slip (Holy Terrors, Bk 1)
Give Him the Slip - Holy Terrors, Bk 1
Author: Geralyn Dawson
ISBN-13: 9780451219633
ISBN-10: 0451219635
Publication Date: 10/3/2006
Pages: 336
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 93 ratings
Publisher: Signet
Book Type: Paperback
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Very enjoyable; good characters and pretty well developed plot.
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This book is the first in a new series. I really enjoyed it. Alot of humor and steamy love scenes.
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"Give Him the Slip" is the first in a new series by Geralyn Dawson. The story is about the Callahan brothers... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. While they might all be named after the saints, they are a bunch of hot blooded, sexy sinners.

This first book is about Luke Callahan, who is known in his small Texas town as "Sin" Callahan. He is a recently retired DEA agent who is trying to get over the loss of his partner while figuring out what to do with the rest of his life. Little does he know that a spunky redhead is going to help him figure it all out - whether he wants her to or not!!!

Maddie Kincaid is on the run from some bad guys and she is in search of the man she has been told can help her. Instead of finding him, she finds Luke. She gets trapped on a boat with Luke and when he figures out that she was sent by his father he takes an immediate disliking to the stowaway. The Callahan boys have a decades long hate/hate relationship with the senior Callahan and Luke knows that anything involving the man is never good. Convinced that Maddie is conning him, Luke does everything he can to get rid of her as fast as possible. But before he can get her out of his life, Maddie gets ahold of his heart.

While Luke and Maddie try to figure out who is out to get her they hall head over lust with each other. Luke, of course, does everything he can to keep his heart in check, but never quite figures out how to keep from falling head over heels for the mysterious Maddie Kincaid.

This is a great book. It has laughs, mystery, tears, and triumph. We get to know a little bit about all of the Callahan boys in this first book and the end of the book came much too soon for me. I can't wait to read the rest!!!
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really enjoyed it,can't wait for the next one
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Good strong women, enjoy that in reads.
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This is one of the series with the Callahan brothers. It really wasn't my cup of tea. I did read it but I won't bother with the rest of the series.
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Enjoyed it! Reminded me a lot of Jennifer Crusie's novels without the humor. Good read!
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First in a new series of 3 brothers nicknamed; "Holy Terrors of Texas". This one is of Luke, former DEA agent. When the secerts start spilling between Maddie and Luke the nights start heating up. Can Luke keep Maddie safe as well as his heart. Or will he lose both.
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Awesome book! Enjoyed the story and characters...looking forward to the second 10/07
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I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait for the next one.
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When Maddie Kincaid arrives on his yacht unexpectedly, Luke Callahan is shocked and disbelieving of her story. Drugs and murder in his small home town - unbelievable. Maddie works her way into his heart though and he follows her back home to protect her from whatever forces are at work in Brazos Bend. The sexual tension between Maddie and Luke is intense and the sex is HOT. Luke is fighting moving back to the town his estranged father controls. For many reasons, none of his sons will speak to Branch and want nothing to do with him or Brazos Bend. Maddie has her hands full trying to bring Luke and his father back together as well as keeping Luke in town.

I very much enjoyed the Callahan boys and since I read the second book in the series years ago (Matt's story) and don't remember it at all, I might have to read it again before I go on to Mark's story. These are seriously hot bad boys but with a tender hidden romantic streak a mile wide which makes for great reading.
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I really love this series, it is funny, sexy and suspenseful. The love story is so cute and I can't wait to read the rest of the brothers stories.
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The Callahan brothers were notorious in their hometown of Brazos Bend, Texas. This is the story of 'Sin' Luke Callahan and Maggie Kincaid, the daughter of a bigger-than-life rock star. Maggie has moved to Brazos Bend and has created a normal life, that she wants to protect.

However, Maddie soon finds that she needs help because she has found several million dollars worth of trouble and hasn't a clue how to stay alive when the real owners come looking for their stuff.

One of her clients suggests a solution, Luke Callahan, who doesn't want to be anyone's problem solver. He's licking his wounds from losing his DEA partner and quitting his job.

At first, I thought this was pure escapist reading with humor and hot action. However, there's an underlying problem that Ms. Dawson handles adroitly (which will obviously continue through the 3 books). I enjoyed this quick read.

Holy Terrors
1. Give Him the Slip (2006)
2. Never Say Never (2007)
3. Always Look Twice (2008)
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Very good story. Maddie runs a business helping senior citizens, and on one of her jobs comes across some drug related mushrooms. Fearing the consequences, she takes off, and is sent looking for help by another one of her clients. She ends up with ex-DEA agent Luke Callahan, who really wants to leave it all behind and go fishing. Much as he wants to, he can't just walk away from a woman in distress.

I liked Maddie and Luke. They have a magnetic relationship that both pulls them together and pushes them apart. Maddie is the only child of a pair of rock stars. She hated the lifestyle she grew up in, and only wanted a chance to put down roots and have a normal life. She has found that life in Brazos Bend. She has also sworn off relationships for awhile, having been burned by three separate bad ones. She is attracted to Luke immediately, but resistant about getting involved. She's also independent and sassy and doesn't just give in to Luke's directives.

Luke is a man who is at a crossroads in his life. He and his brothers had been real hell raisers when they were younger. After an event that could have been tragic, their father threw them out to make their own ways in the world. Luke ended up becoming a DEA agent, but after the recent death of his partner, for which he blamed himself, he has quit his job. When Maddie first appears on his boat, he thinks her appearance is an attempt by his father to get him back home. Once he realizes she's really in trouble, he's willing to help to a certain point. He's really attracted to her, and wants some time with her, but her connection to his hometown is a sticking point.

Their initial meeting on the boat was funny and intense. There was a lot of mistrust on both sides that they had to work through. It was interesting to see Luke try to forget her once they dealt with the mushrooms, and how he just couldn't get her off his mind. I loved seeing him show up just in time to help her, and realize that there is more going on than just the mushrooms. His protective instincts kick in and clash with her independence, and the heat between them continues to build. As they're thrown together to keep her safe and try to get to the bottom of who is after her, they are given the chance to get to know each other better. Maddie discovers that there is a romantic and sensitive man inside the tough guy that Luke shows to the rest of the world. She tries hard not to fall for that man, but it's a losing battle. Her heart wants to believe that they have a future, but her head knows that he'll never be able to settle down with her. At the same time, Luke finds himself with feelings for Maddie that he's never had for anyone else. He can't admit to them, and when something happens to Maddie he feels it is his fault and just another reason for him to leave her alone. I loved the ending and how Maddie stood up for what she wanted. I really liked seeing her make Luke face his fear.

Luke's issues with his father are a huge part of who he has become and his reluctance to return to Brazos Bend. As the book went on and more was revealed about their relationship, it got really complicated. I could see the issue from both sides and it's one that isn't an easy fix. Maddie is caught in the middle and tries to bring them together.

The mystery/suspense was really good. It was interesting to see the progression of the mystery as it led past the mushrooms and into something more involved. I also liked seeing the effect Luke's involvement had on various people in Brazos Bend. I really loved the conversation between him and his high school friends and his surprise at what they had to say. As the investigation went on, the danger to Maddie increased. The final confrontation was intense, and I was surprised by who was behind the trouble. I liked having Luke's brothers involved, and look forward to reading their stories.
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My first time to read Geralyn Dawson. She is an awesome writer and the three books in this series of the Callahan brothers is fabulous. I will definitely look for more by Ms. Dawson. I give this book 5 stars.