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Topic: How often does a 10-year-old girl say . . .

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Subject: How often does a 10-year-old girl say . . .
Date Posted: 6/3/2008 3:40 AM ET
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"I want to grow up to be just like you, Mom"?

I never heard of it before, except in 50's-style family comedies. I grew up in a dysfunctional home (who didnt'?), with a harsh, critical mom, whom I could never fully please. I am doing everything in my power to fight those same tendencies, but some days I fail. Who doesn't? With 4 sisters, I don't think one of us wanted to grow up to be like our mother. Now, I love my mother, and she is a great friend, but not when I was a child.

Honestly, this is a poll: how many of you ever either said those words, or heard them, first person?

I know that I am blessed with two great children, including a very special daughter. Heck, it's been my dream for her to grow up to be waaaaay better than me! But, now I think those words are almost the best thing I could hear my daughter say. Oh, yeah, and she's been saying them off and on for the past month, for some reason. Tomorrow, I intend to have a talk with her, and let her know how it blesses my heart for her to feel that way, but how there are a few things about me, that I hope she doesn't have when she grows up . . .

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Date Posted: 6/3/2008 9:35 AM ET
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My mom was my hero when I was a little girl.  She was a stay-at-home mom, girl scout leader, tupperware lady, etc.  I always wanted to grow up and be just like my mom :-) 

I think it's awesome that your little girl says she wants to grow up and be just like you.    As she matures she'll probably refine that idea.    She'll see things about you that she doesn't like and doesn't want to emulate or just wants to improve upon.   I did the same with my mom and I expect my daughters will find much about me to chunk or improve upon.  I sure hope they do.  There's much about me I would love to chunk myself or at least improve upon but those old habits die hard.  ;-)

I think it's fabulous that you are going to have a heart to heart with your daughter.  It can be hard to take time out for those intentional conversations even for those of us who are around our children more than the typical family. 

Our favorite girlie conversation of the moment (when I take the time to have it) is talking about why Prince Charming really fell in love with Cinderella was it her external beauty or her virtuous heart?  It's good to talk about these things in front of the boys too, now that I think about it, but those conversations are even rarer :-)

Date Posted: 6/3/2008 12:12 PM ET
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About as often as a daughter looks at her mother and says, "Mom, you are sooo funny!" and means it. One of the perks of homeschooling!

Date Posted: 6/8/2008 7:54 AM ET
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Well, she says she wants to (in this order) have a career, get married, have children, stop working and homeschool them... just like I did. Unfortunately she says she doesn't want to marry someone like her dad. "he works too much". hmm.. food for thought ladies.

on the positive side, she also says I'm funny and laughs with me more often than she is 'embarrassed' by me! Oh, and she's 12, not 10.

Date Posted: 6/9/2008 1:01 AM ET
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I have a lot to be thankful for....My DD made me the best card this week!  On the front it says MOM, with a heart for the O.  Then when I open it up it has two hearts that pop out and it says " I love you so much my heart almost Pops."  What a gift!! 

My son wasn't feeling that great last night and couldn't eat all of his supper.  Afterward he was lying on a chair in the LR and said..."Mom, thanks for making supper."  I was surprised!  He thought of thanking me and he didn't even eat much of it.

My other daughter had a recital today and got flowers from Dad and I.  After she got them, she pulled out a rose out and said "This is for you."  

My 5 yo...well he is still a work in progress...like we all are, in the Lord's hands!

Subject: I wanna be like mom
Date Posted: 6/13/2008 3:12 PM ET
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that is precious that so many children here are able to see the work their moms do in taking care of the family, and the children can appreciate it!  How blessed we are!  My daughter is 13 (and 3/4!) and she still will tell me I'm a good mom and she wants to be an architect, but only work from home during her kids' naptime, so she can be home with them.  It's a good feeling to be appreciated!

My 10 yr old son though, is just like my brother, and he thinks I do it all wrong and he wants to be nothing like me.  Humph!  Little turkey!

Date Posted: 6/13/2008 6:20 PM ET
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When my daughter tells me that she wants to be a mom just like me I feel so humbled and honored. Of course, I always follow with a comment like ' thank you, but remember that I am learning how to be a better mom every day, I still make mistakes too!' For me it is like a little reminder that our kids are absorbing everything that is going on around them. Knowing that helps me strive to be a better mom. When I look back at the mom that I started out as when I was 19 I feel guilty that I wasn't the way I am now back then. My husband always reminds me that there is no condemnation for those who love the Lord, and that He filled in the gaps for me back then. I do truly believe that because my oldest is turning out just fine. The disfunctional stuff that I went through as a child has shaped who I am today. I am  thankful.