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Topic: How many books do you have on your shelf?

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Subject: How many books do you have on your shelf?
Date Posted: 4/15/2015 4:48 PM ET
Member Since: 6/30/2008
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I requested a book this afternoon and the person I requested from has a little over 200 books on their shelf. I wonder, is this fairly common, to have several hundred books on your shelf? The most I have ever had on my shelf was 53. Right now I only have 23. I haven't added more because I don't want to spend much on postage right now. I'll probably add some after April.

Date Posted: 4/15/2015 6:29 PM ET
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I try to keep around 150 on my shelf as that seems to be the magic number to keep getting orders on a regular basis......of course, I have well over 30 WL books on my TBR so can always read some of those if I ever get short of credits.  I only get about 4 books ordered per month so postage costs are not an issue for me.

Date Posted: 4/15/2015 6:41 PM ET
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I try to keep no more than about 150 on my shelf, but I know some members have in excess of 500 and I've even seen some that are in the 1500 book range.  That's too many books for me personally to keep track of, and when I run across those shelves, I'm too lazy to either sort by genre (sometimes I'm looking for several genres or just looking for interesting books) so I'll usually go through about 3 pages and then quit.  Pat

Date Posted: 4/15/2015 7:27 PM ET
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I've had over 200 on my shelf before.  Now, I have less than a dozen and some of those have so many copies posted I should pull them down and donate them.  Just been too lazy to do it.

Date Posted: 4/15/2015 8:00 PM ET
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I have around 200. My goal in coming here is to get rid of my books, so I keep slowly posting what I have. If they are WL or books with 0 copies posted, I add them to my WL Multiples book list on my profile, since I can't afford to send a bunch of single book orders. Most of my books are old and not highly sought after, so I offer standing deals to help them move while I save on postage. When I accumulate a lot of credits, I sell some to cover postage. If I didn't break even, I wouldn't be here.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 4:46 AM ET
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I have over 350.  I usually don't have problems, because they're sorted and I have lists of where everything is located.  I have over 6,000 of personal books, so the amount is added/subtracted on a regular basis.  I read a lot...

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 9:06 AM ET
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For years I had 300-400 books on my shelf, which also meant that I had a steady stream of book requests. But lately, to free up some storage space, I went through all my books and donated all that had more than 10 copies in the system and as a result I now have 74 books on my shelf and will probably maintain that number. I am also trying to read all of the books that I have that have wishers to help encourage all the members who chose to stay at PBS after the shakeup in February. Unfortunately, many who left did not close their accounts because so many of the WL'ed books that I post are rolling thru multiple inactive members unless I am lucky enough to have a PBS Friend wishing for a book I can post directly to them.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 10:02 AM ET
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I keep those books with hundreds of copies available on my shelf cause somehow mine often get ordered! And NOT in multiples......I think folks see my posts in the forums and go look at my bookshelf and order directly I guess.

Subject: How many books
Date Posted: 4/16/2015 10:34 AM ET
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I had to check to be sure........I have 73 books. I try to keep no more then 100 on my shelf.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 10:43 AM ET
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For years, I kept over 200 on my shelf. These days it's around 150, give or take a few.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 11:29 AM ET
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I think I've had as many as 400 on my bookshelf, but I'm down to about 240 now.  Having that many meant lots of requests for books.  Sending out 10 or more a week was common. Currently, while still adding some books, I'm concentrating on reducing the number of credits I have by requesting books I want from others.  So, you might say I'm sharing the wealth.

I'm still unpacking book boxes after a move last August, so I may get my shelf up again later this year as I go through them. The room where all the unboxed and still boxed stuff is stored is not a priority right now.  I unpacked enough to live comfortably and am awaiting the heat and humidity of a Florida summer to work inside. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying our short Spring.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 11:29 AM ET
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Mine usually hovers around 20. I mostly order/send WL books, so I do fine. I don't keep more than 5 or so credits at a time, which works for me. We're drowning in books in my apartment, so less is more. I just keep my little shelf stack under my desk. Every once in a while something gets ordered.

I have my shelf currently on hold as so many books that have been sitting for a while were suddenly ordered after the Great PBS Schism. I have 6 credits which is really more than I need.

Date Posted: 4/16/2015 2:09 PM ET
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One, right now, wishlisted and sitting on someone's 48-hour hold. Most of the time, zero. I did a big cull of books a few years ago and do a periodic one every few months, so I don't have a lot of books that aren't either waiting to be read or are keepers. I only list books here that are wishlisted or the only copy; for me, it's not worth giving up the storage space for non-wishlisted books. And it makes it easier to manage my trips to the post office. I donate all non-wishlisted books to my local friends of the library group or thrift store.

Sally, I'm finding that also myself - all the wishlisted books I've posted post-Feb 15 have gone through at least one wisher before being taken. Previously, that only happened some of the time. I think there's a lot of people who have functionally left the site after the fees were introduced, but who haven't closed their accounts. Hopefully in another month or two most of those accounts will have been auto-vacationed for non-response and we won't have to wait through them quite so much.

Date Posted: 4/23/2015 2:31 PM ET
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I get them out of my house as quickly as I can........planning for a house move later this year........so I have an ongoing 3 for 1 deal to keep that bookshelf at a minimum

Date Posted: 4/24/2015 1:59 AM ET
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I keep between 100 and 150 books on my shelf. Although I have more that I can post, I don't like to have more than 3 screens' worth of books for members to browse through if they are ordering from me and click on "order more from member" at 50 books per screen.

I generally balk at stepping through shelves that have hundreds of books just to browse for additional books to add to my order, even though I know I can narrow the search. I'll go through a few pages of a member's shelf but if there's very little that appeals to me then I am not likely to go all the way through to the end, although I do make exceptions depending on how interesting the shelf is to me. 150 books max on my shelf seems to work well for me.

Also, having more than this tends to result in more requests than I care to deal with at times, and I generally have enough credits on hand that I don't need to build up a big surplus.


Date Posted: 4/24/2015 12:42 PM ET
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Only 15 stragglers that don't seem to move. I post 3 or 4 a week and those seem to move as soon as I post them. I'm hoping that with some 3 day weekends and vacation days I can get caught up more with my reading and post more books to declutter.

Date Posted: 4/24/2015 11:32 PM ET
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My Son brought home 3 boxes of books, his Dad is getting rid of stuff.

Everything is still in his car.  Will take a look tomorrow and see what kind of shape everything's in.

Date Posted: 4/27/2015 7:10 PM ET
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Date Posted: 4/28/2015 7:39 AM ET
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I used to list every book I had, but had issues finding the books when they were ordered. Now I keep one box of books and use another box to feed it when the box gets low. Right now my bookshelf has about 219 books but at least I know every single one of those books is in that one box. 

Date Posted: 4/28/2015 9:42 AM ET
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501 right now. They are usually posted in waves. Whenever my parents visit they bring me boxes of books, and those that aren't keepers are posted. They are kept in a different room of the house from all of the other books. This is why I am always open to deals--I'd much rather give someone a deal than have them just sit here with no one to love them.

Date Posted: 4/28/2015 6:38 PM ET
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The 3 boxes were old computer software manual and presentation booklets, nothing anyone would want.  I really did not think there would be any books.  We have better communication so we will not be getting any more stuff that should go in the garbage.  

Date Posted: 4/28/2015 6:43 PM ET
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I created a dedicated shelf of books to read on insomnia nights.  Some of the books are wishlisted.  I watch movies much more than I read books.