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Topic: How do I handle this???

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Subject: How do I handle this???
Date Posted: 12/5/2009 1:20 PM ET
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I have a book on my shelf that is a wish list book but it has never been picked up in the system.  Now someone is asking for it in a deal and I'm not sure what the rules are about this.  Because I once asked for a book from someone and they came back to me and told me no since it was a wishlist book and it wasn't on my wish list..  Help I'm not sure what to do.


Date Posted: 12/5/2009 1:33 PM ET
Member Since: 1/30/2009
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I'm a little confused.  If it is a WL book it shouldn't appearon your shelf at all.

Is it a WL bookwith a different ISBN?  Have you checked to see how many copies of your version are in the system?

That aside, if you don't feel comfortable including a book in a deal, just tell the person.  It's completely within your rights.

Most times, when people offer WL books via the genre forums, they require that the book be on a person's WL so that they can post it directly to the person and the exchange can go through the system.  It's not a rule, but it's their book, they are doing whoever they are sending it to a favor, so they can set the requirements.

Date Posted: 12/5/2009 1:58 PM ET
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If it's a WL book it's NOT on your shelf.  It may be WL under a different ISBN but not the ISBN you have.  If someone can order it from you directly, the book isn't on WL.

It is completely at your discression to offer deals.  You don't have to.  Just say no if you don't want to.

Date Posted: 12/5/2009 2:36 PM ET
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It sounds like you have a different version than what is WL.  I would put your version on the Reminder List to see how many copies are in the system.  If there's a lot of copies of yours than the WL version is probably for large print or audio.  Then it's up to you if you want to offer a deal or not.  It's ok to turn them down.

If there were only a couple of copies of my verson posted and the binding was similar to the WL Version-I wouldn't offer a deal. I'd tag the WL version with the ISBN of mine "posted under ISBN xxx". 

Date Posted: 12/5/2009 6:49 PM ET
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Sometimes books have a different ISBN because they are a promotional copy or a book club version.  It really helps to tag the WL version of those books.  But a lot of books have only the large print or the audio version WLed.  Some even have hundreds of copies of the regular version posted.

You can see how many copies of your version are in the system by putting your ISBN number on your reminder list.  That will give you the total number.  (But not where you are in the FIFO line.)

Date Posted: 12/5/2009 10:55 PM ET
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Thanks for your response but what does it mean and how do you do it? Where you said to tag the WL version of a book.

Go to the book page of the version that is not posted.  It will appear on the author's page in red.  Or have a "post this book" button on the top of the side bar rather than an "order this book" button.

Under the scroll banner (photos of other book covers) there will be a line saying "Apply your own tag to this book"  in that space enter something like "Also under ISBN XXXX".  Then the next person to look at the book to order it will also look under the second number.  This gets your version to be ordered faster. 

But this does not work if they are looking for a specific version.  Such as an audio book or a large print version.  And some folks want a specific version.  Such as the same page numbers as the rest of the classroom, or a certain cover to match a set.

Date Posted: 12/5/2009 11:02 PM ET
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More info, from help  (I didn't even realize that you could tag from your bookshelf.)

To add a tag to a book:

  • Look for the button on the book listing (in a search result, on your Bookshelf, Wish List, TBR PIle, BIR list, Reminder List, etc.)
  • Click the button and type your tag in the box that pops up.
    • As you type the tag name, the most commonly used matching tags will be suggested to you in a dropdown from the space in which you are typing. It's important to select an existing tag, if possible.  This will give the tag "power" in the Tag Cloud and the coming Tag Search.  If no existing tag matches what you've typed, a new one will be created.
    • To apply multiple tags at once, type them all separated by commas. Example: humor, good for teens. However, you will only see tag suggestions for the first tag that you type.
    • Press Enter or click
  • On Book Details pages, tags are applied in a slightly different manner. The box to type in your tag is always there and you'll click the button AFTER typing your tag.