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Topic: How long does it take until your book?

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Subject: How long does it take until your book?
Date Posted: 1/18/2013 11:09 PM ET
Member Since: 1/10/2013
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( I'm new to this site so bear with me)How long does it  normally take after you get credits until your wish list books becomes avaiable/sent? .I  have already sent out 4 books and have 7 on auto on my wishlist. It shows that my position is 1 of 1 so does that mean they don't have the book or what?

Sorry for the random questions but just wondering a few things. I have enough credits for 5 or the 7 books.


Date Posted: 1/18/2013 11:17 PM ET
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When books become available is pretty random. I've had some books on my wishlist since 2008. The books might never get posted by anyone as there is no guarantee.

position 1 of 1 means you are next in line whenever the book is posted to the site. It could be tomorrow, next year, etc.

Barb S. (okbye) - ,
Date Posted: 1/18/2013 11:17 PM ET
Member Since: 3/14/2011
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That means no one has the book currently listed. How long it takes is anyone's guess, could be tommorow, could be 4 years. Depends on when someone lists the book. Some of the more frequently traded books have a history and will say what the expected wait time is based on how often they are generally posted but not all of them do.

Date Posted: 1/18/2013 11:31 PM ET
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awww the books I have is by kathy ross who makes really awesome craft books for kids. It's pretty common (not as common as Harry potter but common) There's several listed on amazon and ebay. I hope it's soon for at least one book . Waiting a year or more so I don't feel like I spent over $10 for nothing. :D I just wish I knew of a craft book like hers that is avaiable but I can't think of any right now. 

Date Posted: 1/19/2013 9:36 AM ET
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The key to paperbackswap.com is patience.

I've "discovered" some really great authors on this website.  As far as wish lists go, the books are posted sporadically.  Sometimes wish listed books are hard to come by and then all of a sudden, there's an influx of a wish listed book and then the system is flooded with multiple copies.  

Give it time, I think you'll like it here.

Welcome to PBS!

Date Posted: 1/19/2013 9:39 AM ET
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Lisa, I hope there are other books that you want, too. PBS isn't good for getting books on a schedule, and if you paid $10 to send out books thinking that you'd be trading them for these specific books fairly soon, then yes, you'll probably end up feeling you've wasted your money. But if you have a list of lots of books that you want, you will eventually get some of them. PBS does work, but it depends entirely on what other people are posting right now.

Most of my wishlist books are unusual books, and most of them I never get. But then, suddenly out of the blue someone will post one of them and it arrives. I've gotten lots of books that I would never have been able to find locally, and many that I would never have thought to look for online.

One good thing, since you're looking for kids' books, is this: There are lots of children's books posted on the site, and people often will give you a deal, if you can find more than one book that you're interested in. For instance, if someone has three books you're interested in, they might give them to you for two credits. But that's less likely to happen with infrequently posted books, and those that were more expensive to begin with.

Welcome to PBS, and I hope you will find it enjoyable to be here!

Subject: Daily Digest
Date Posted: 1/19/2013 12:21 PM ET
Member Since: 1/10/2009
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You might like to sign up to receive the PBS Daily Digest by email. It lists all the books that members have posted on PBS in the preceding 24 hours, and you can choose which categories  you'll receive lists for. 

In the gray bar near the top any page, pull down the menu under My Account and stop at Settings, which will bring up your account settings. In the yellow bar under the row of gray tabs, the second item from the left should be Daily Digest. Click on that and you'll see a lot of different categories to choose from: under Children, there's an Arts and Crafts section, and farther down the page is a big section on Crafts, with many subcategories. By using the Daily Digest, I've found many books and authors that I never knew existed.

Be sure to click the Status: On button and the Update Digest Settings button. I forgot to do that and wondered why I wasn't getting what I wanted.

Date Posted: 1/19/2013 12:22 PM ET
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It's also OK to put your bookshelf on vacation and stop posting WL books until you get some of your WL books. Just keep your WL books on autorequest.  I only earn credits as I need them.

I would highly recommend putting more books on your WL. The more lines you are in the more books you are likely to get.  Craft book WL lines dont' always move as quickly as ficton books because people tend to keep them and they can be more expensive to mail. But that doesn't mean you will never get them. Just that you might get a fiction book with a long WL before a more obscure type book where you are the only wisher.

That said, I've gotten several out of print, hard to find books here just by biding my time on the WL.


Barb S. (okbye) - ,
Date Posted: 1/19/2013 2:52 PM ET
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There is a craft forum, I've not used it so I don't know how active it is. I would go there and post about what kind of things you like and someone will probably have suggestions for you. If there doesn't seem to be much activity there try the general forum. Someone will surely know of similar authors.

Subject: Kathy Ross books
Date Posted: 1/20/2013 9:19 PM ET
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I am familiar with Kathy Ross books, I will look around the Denver area for some, and post if I can find them in good condition.  You can also search books on Amazon, just to see what craft books are out there, and then read the reviews.  That is how I have found many activity books relating to childcare, then WL them here on p.b and was able to receive them that way. 

Date Posted: 1/21/2013 9:45 PM ET
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I recently put on my wish list a book last posted in 2007. I figured it'd take ages to get it, and two weeks later someone posts it. There's no predicting when.

Rick B. (bup) - ,
Date Posted: 1/22/2013 12:09 PM ET
Member Since: 11/2/2007
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If you look at your wishlist, some books may have a 'last posted' date, that will give you a tiny clue as to how often it might get posted.

Some books on my wishlist I was number 1 of 1 and got in a day. Others I've been the first one in line for more than 5 years.