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Topic: How to respond, if I even should

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Subject: How to respond, if I even should
Date Posted: 5/21/2016 3:04 PM ET
Member Since: 12/12/2008
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Just want someone to share an opinion on a situation with a trade.  A few days ago, I sent a book and when it arrived I recieved this message?
We're glad to tell you that the following book that you mailed has been marked received by the other member:
"Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Bk 2) by Diana Gabaldon"
You have now received credit for mailing this book.
Unfortunately, the receiver indicated that there were problems with this shipment.
The book was noted by the other member to be in poor condition:
"Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Bk 2) by Diana Gabaldon"
The member made the following comment: "Book is ok and I can read it - but there is no front cover. Not sure I can ever exchange it once I am finished reading. "

I was very upset, as I do not send out bad books with anything missing.  This book was several years old, and the worse that it had seen was being laid open flat and sitting on a shelf.  But, the covers--front and back and all pages were very tight.  It was good to very good.  So, I wrote to her and this is my response from her:

Front cover is missing, completely gone - maybe I ripped it off when I took off the wrap but I doubt it.

No way did I send out a book with a cover missing!!  I know it was all complete.  Should I say anything else to her?  I just feel that she accused me of basicaly cheating her, and I didn't.  But, it does upset me.  Just want an opinion. 



Date Posted: 5/21/2016 3:11 PM ET
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I wouldn't.  I would say the truth, it had a front cover when it was sent.

Date Posted: 5/21/2016 3:34 PM ET
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Sometimes members get two of the same book.  The first member forgets to mark their book "mailed" - then the order goes to you and you mail it also.  The first request is cancelled, but will show up in the requestor's "Transaction Archive".

Members don't always see it as two orders until they get the 2nd book and then they're all confused.

So make sure the wrapper or wrapping was from you.

Date Posted: 5/21/2016 6:48 PM ET
Member Since: 1/25/2010
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Was it a PB or HC? If it was an HC, did it have a dust cover? I know they're not required unless there's an RC but, if that was the case, maybe she didn't know?

Carol K.: That's a really good point.

Date Posted: 5/21/2016 9:15 PM ET
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IMO, I think the receiver provided the answer when they stated, "front cover is missing, completely gone - maybe I ripped it off when I took off the wrap..." A missing front cover is not like a single cheez it stain in the middle of a book, that is easy to miss when getting ready to send a book...no member in their right mind is going to send out a book missing a front cover! There is more to this story than the receiver is letting on, IMO. You know the front cover was there and attached when you mailed the book, end of story. Do not engage further. One unresolved RWAP on your account is acceptable, don't worry about it and walk away.

mistie -
Date Posted: 5/22/2016 6:02 PM ET
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She said the cover is missing, you said it was good when I sent it, she said it is definitely missing.

You feel she accused you of cheating her, she/he probably sould feel you accused them of lying.

I would let it go - especially considering you have already replied once. Any more could conceivably be considered harrassment. It's a book trade - nothing more.

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Date Posted: 5/22/2016 7:45 PM ET
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I once had a similar thing happen when I sent a like-new kids' book. They said it arrived all 'dirty'.  I had read the book again just before wrapping it as it had been a favorite of my girls' and so held sentimental  value to me-- so read it one last time and noted there was not a single dirty mark or 'kid' wear and tear.  I really wondered whether the package had been mangled by the PO thus causing it be become dirty and they re-wrapped it.

Date Posted: 5/22/2016 10:11 PM ET
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I could understand one or more lines of text highlighted or underlined, which you missed and the member found, but no cover?  Kind of hard to overlook.

If you feel you are in the right, don't return the credit. If the member PMs you again, maintain your position with another response. People have done this with me, or not even responded to my TWO PMs. If no responses, then I PM the PBS team.  I get my credit back as members are suppose to respond to another member's PMs about book quality. You did the right thing, you responded.

The 'game' here is to see if the member takes their case to the PBS staff. If the member is trying to pull a fast one, and cases of this have happened to me, they won't contact the PBS staff.  Why? Because the staff eventually sees they are doing this on a regular basis and take action. Unfortunately, not everyone here is honest.  I had my first encounter with a member trying to pull a fast one within days of my joining years ago. 


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Date Posted: 5/23/2016 3:52 PM ET
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My response would have been been: I am 100% sure that I did send this book with an intact cover. You are not sure if you ripped it off, when opening the package.  Based on this I will not refund the credit.

Date Posted: 5/24/2016 1:36 PM ET
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I would leave it be. No need to respond. Do not return the credit.

"Front cover is missing, completely gone - maybe I ripped it off when I took off the wrap but I doubt it."  That, to me, is admission that the person was super careless opening the package and most definitely caused the damage.

I would save that correspondence should they decide to escalate the matter with PBS.

Date Posted: 5/26/2016 4:35 PM ET
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I would just reiterate that it had a cover when I mailed it; that PBS requests all books have front and back covers, and you followed the guideline.  

Subject: Thanks everyone
Date Posted: 5/27/2016 3:00 PM ET
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I think I just needed to hear what others thought or had even experienced.  I appreicate all the shares and thoughts.  I've let it go, haven't sent any other response to her. 

Thanks again,


Date Posted: 6/5/2016 10:38 PM ET
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If you're sure it was in good shape, say so and stand by it. Your record will speak for you and hers will speak for her.

Date Posted: 6/10/2016 1:23 PM ET
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I might have asked the member if the package appeared damaged (USPS) before she opened it, and if it was in fact your return address on the wrapper.  Otherwise let her know the book had both covers when mailed and end it there.