Book Reviews of Howl at the Moon (The Others, Bk 4)

Howl at the Moon (The Others, Bk 4)
Howl at the Moon - The Others, Bk 4
Author: Christine Warren
ISBN-13: 9780312947903
ISBN-10: 0312947909
Publication Date: 10/30/2007
Pages: 352
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 230 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Book Type: Paperback
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It's a solid 4 stars. Good chemistry, good story .. love the characters.
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Great book!
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Ms Warren is getting better and beter. The story, the characters are awesome. I couldn't put it down.
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Someone belonging to The Others is any paranormal entity that isn't fully human...werewolf, vampire, fae. Samantha Carstairs, is a high-ranking werewolf of the Pack. Annie Cryer is a Pack scientist researching the biological differences between werewolves and human. Noah Baker is a US government employee who is sent to infiltrate the Pack and find out what Annie has been able to learn. Also, he is to steal her research in order to keep it from the hands of terrorists...or so he thought.

As Samantha and Noah are falling in love, Noah is having a crisis of conscious and second guessing his military orders. Someone, not Other but not human either, steals Annie's research but it isn't Noah. The rush is on to find these people before the reseach ends up in the wrong hands.

Another great installment in The Others series.
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I have to confess, right from the beginning I found this series to be disapointingly average. I think it's a stylistic issue. The author spends an awful lot of time telling instead of showing and that is frustrating to me. This book was not exception.

The premise is that Noah, a human soldier in the US army, has been charged with the task of attaining scientific secrets from his friends in the Other community--specifically the werewolves. He lies and says he's recruiting for a new team, and the Others are eager to help him with this task. In his 'recruitment' effort he ends up sharing an office with Sam, personal assistant to the pack's alpha and woman who Noah has had a thing for from the time they met. Sam just happens to be the best friend of the scientist who's research the military is after. When Sam and Noah become involve, and his lies come undone, Sam must deal with her feelings and questions of whether or not what they share is real.

Now, unlike with some of the previous books in this series I can honestly say that I liked both main characters. Sam is pretty much a place holder with no notable memorable personality traits, but thats fine because at least she's not annoying. Noah shows at least superficial character developement, and his personality is very likeable. He's loyal, tough, and loving. As is typical of Warren the premise is very interesting, even if the execution is sloppy.

I have several issues with this book, mainly surrounding the plot. Now, I haven't looked ahead in the series to see if Annie the scientist eventually does get her own book and I don't really care. I just seriously have to question why a book who's main plotline surrounded her genetic research was not actually about her. She makes few actual appearences and there are no scenes from her point of view. So we are told that this research exists and that its a problem, that Annie is in trouble because of it. But that conflict is just kind of there and most of the action takes place "off screne" and the reader is told about it after the fact. I have a sneaking suspicion that the author either didn't want to go into the science/science fiction details or doesn't know enough about genetics to b.s. something halfway reasonable. But if thats the case, she should have picked another conflict, one that actually took place directly between the couple of interest. I felt like I was reading about secondary characters rather then central all important protagonists.

Will I continue with this series? Yes, eventually. I really do like some of the characters and, as previously stated the premises are usually decent. I just hope for something more impressive in the future.
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Howl at the Moon was OK. I thought Sam and Noah were good together and they had pretty good chemistry. I liked that even though Noah was following the direction of his military superiors, he really didn't like what he was doing. I can't say that I particularly cared for the storyline. It just seemed a little far-fetched. Unfortunately, this series is starting to lose my interest and I really have no desire to continue with it.
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Great addition to the series, this one continues with the Silverback werewolves.
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Not my favorite in the series - but well worth the read!!
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Pretty good!
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I enjoyed this addition to The Others series as a whole. I wasn't sure I would continue the series after book 3 (I can't remember the name of it- but the characters were Abby and Rule). "Howl at the Moon" is Samantha and Noah's story. Noah is Abby's brother and Samantha is Graham's personal assistant/right hand. Overall, I am pleased. The book brought back characters from the other books provided an update about them. I enjoy that part of a series.
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Love it.
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I've read a few books by Christine Warren now and I think her rewrites of her earlier works are much better. This one was okay but it dragged. It gets good in the middle but towards the end it starts dragging a bit again. Although I like Sam and Noah's characters, I have to say they were much better as side characters in the other books. It seems like they had more unique. When expanded, I'm not sure they were any different than the characters in her other books. The best thing about the book is the interactions between all the couples and the girls/boys night out. It seems when everyone gets together, the writing gets more fun and interesting. It was an okay read but I wouldn't spend any money on it. It's not bad as a library book.
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I enjoyed this book you got to get to know two main characters while the danger was truely on another but it worked out well this way she has created a nice triangular plot where all the pieces fit together and we even have a visit from a couple of previous visitors. I thought it was a great story line very believable, kept me interested the whole time and well worth the read can't wait to start the next one!
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I have been enjoying this series very much. Ms. Warren makes you feel that this world could really happen! Love transcends all - even disparate species!
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Just love this series, Noah, a human in the army and i he was sent to look into the werewolf genes so the government can create the same scents that the were have. He never thought he could fall for the P.A. to the alpha, Samantha Carstairs. So now that he feels for a were he thinks his mission is a betrayal to the pack and to his feelings for Sam.