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Hunting Evil
Hunting Evil
Author: Carlton Smith
ISBN-13: 9780312975722
ISBN-10: 0312975724
Publication Date: 10/2000
Pages: 270
  • Currently 3.2/5 Stars.

3.2 stars, based on 9 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's True Crime Classics
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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3.5 - "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing."
Love it. So, so true.
Carlton Smith is one of the better t.c. authors IMO. He always manages to make his books interesting no matter what part you're reading. The actual court aspect of this case was very short, less than 10 pages if I remember correctly. That'll make a lot of readers happy because in my experience the majority of t.c. readers are, like myself, more interested in the rest of the story. That's not to say I (or anyone else) doesn't want to know the outcome, we certainly do, but that a lot of the time going through the details of an actual court proceeding can become tedious to say the least. Here Smith keeps it short, actually a little too short IMO.
I'm not sure that I've ever read of a case where so many authority figures dropped the ball. Out of every single person with any kind of authority, however little, in this story, the only person who I think could be said to have done a good job would be, sadly, Michaud's lawyer. How utterly sad is that?
In the beginning, somewhere a little before page 50, there is a mistake or two with someone's name. It was a confusing until I figured it out. It makes it worse that there are a lot of players here so it's hard to keep them straight to begin with.
I liked the chapters, how Smith broke the story up. It was in a slightly different manner than most t.c.'s and I liked it.
I'm not sure why Smith thought it a good idea to go off on the side stories about people like Mike Ihde and such. There wasn't a need from what I can see. The only connection is that they knew each other. Lots of criminals know each other. I don't get that connection. Michaud's brother was in jail/prison around the time of her last incarceration but he wasn't talked about. Seemed strange to me.
The two saddest aspects of the entire case are 1. that an innocent man had his life thrown away by spending it in jail all because of the shoddy work done by the police. This brings me to 2. The shoddy police work. This man didn't have to spend his life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. (He was still locked up at the time of the writing which was 2000.) Vanessa Samson didn't have to die. The other women and girls didn't have to be raped. This "man" (the term is used loosely) and the "woman" could have been stopped. Time and again, they could have been stopped.
Michelle Michaud is a sick bitch. She put her own daughter on a plate and handed her over to this sick fuck she was with. She herself molested her teen daughter and then watched at she was molested and raped by her so-called boyfriend. That's some mother.
I could rip her to pieces with my bare hands after reading her dialog with the police detectives. How she was so sorry, she felt such remorse, she "saved" (she obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word) one girl but couldn't save the other, how could she do this to her own daughter, everyone will think I'm a monster.
I hope someone who knows her reads this - I think she's a monster! She doesn't deserve the title of mother. She's one of the most disgusting creatures to ever live one this earth and she doesn't deserve to breath the same air as REAL mothers like myself.
I hope that the two of them have to live with daily torture for the rest of their miserable lives. I hope they have done to them what these did to these women and girls. Forever.
Why do some babies have the horrible luck to be born to evil freak assholes like these while other babies are born to parents who love them?
I sincerely hope the women and girls who lived through meeting these two find peace. They deserve it.
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What did a high-priced hooker and a low-class sex offender have in common? It wasaccording to policetheir lust for stalking, raping, and terrorizing young women and girls, in one case as young as thirteen years old.

Michelle Michaud and her husky-voiced boyfriend James A. "Froggy" Daveggio used to hang around the local high school in search of their preyand are suspected of brutally raping numerous women in the gutted van that was rigged to strap down their victims. But they may have gone further than that...

When the body of 22-year-old Vanessa Lei Sampson was found by the side of a California highway, police zeroed in on Michaud and Daveggio, who may be responsible for the young woman's murder, as well as numerous rapes. Investigating a case as strange and gruesome asfictionone of the few in which a woman has taken part in sexual assaultauthor Carlton Smith explores the twisted motives and shocking exploits of this dark and deadly duo.