Book Reviews of A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War, Bk 1)

A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War, Bk 1)
A Hymn Before Battle - Posleen War, Bk 1
Author: John Ringo
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780671318413
ISBN-10: 0671318411
Publication Date: 10/1/2001
Pages: 480
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 103 ratings
Publisher: Baen
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
Ruthless aliens are on their way to Earth to eat us...

Ok - there's more to it than that but that's the basic idea. Earth has 5 years to get ready for the wave of hell on earth that is about to descend. The concept is basic but the author gets very bogged down in a lot of needless detail. There are so many acronyms in this book it gets distracting and unless a reader is very, very familiar with military terms and acronyms it can get tedious. This story-telling style is reminiscent of some of the later books in David Weber's Honor Harrington series where the word for word war room detailed discussions bore readers to death. Almost - but not quite. For a writer's first book, there are too many side plots and too many characters to pull off smoothly. There are loose ends and it is obvious that the writer intended this book to be the first of a series which is something I think only seasoned writers should do. Another issue is that though there is a woman warrior on the cover of the book, there is evidently only one minor female character in John Ringo's military and she is more concerned about her manicure than anything else. As a female reader, I wasn't pleased about her portrayal. Plot devices are thick in this book - the galactic technology in this story occupies the same niche as Merlin's magic in the story of Arthur.

All this having been said, I am interested in seeing what will happen when the Posleen get to Earth. I have hopes for this story and think it can get better. I will read book 2 of the series and see if it does. After all, I'm rooting for an Earth victory here!
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Helpful Score: 3
When i first saw this book, to be honest, I was on the fence. So I went to Amazon and clicked the 'look in side' link and read the first several pages of the book. If for no other reason, the idea of a computer nerd that spends his days working on websites getting called back to action to fight aliens is what compelled me to order this book.

And I'm glad I did. Even if the title makes no sense, I really enjoyed it. It was a very good book with enjoyable characters (except for the idiots, but its okay because they die eventually).

If I have any real complaint, its that there is too much going on in this book. I understand that a lot has to go on, what with Earth finding out about Aliens on the same day they find out about the war thats coming. There is a lot to prpare for, but some of it just seemed to be for word count.

On the other hand, that fluff will probably be dealt wtih more heavily in the sequential books. At least I hope so. :D
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Very happy to have discovered a new author. have run through most of his stuff and been very pleased. A little hard core. Not pretty in the end where all of your favorite characters live...always has and often needs a go-to-hell-plan. Which I'm sure is part of the plan, but so much more realistic than many sci-fi's, and the heroes have their demons. They are not all shiny paladins. I should spend some time at Baen's Bar. I just can't wait for the next installment - on about 5 series. I'm hooked.
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A captivating military SF fantasy adventure.
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I'll be looking for the rest of the series!
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love this authors work.
A hymn before battle, is fast paced, action filled, the characters strong and well matched. loved the interaction between each one, and the back ground of Mikes family. how some of the minor characters developed into 2nd and 3rd leaders.
this is an all round great start to a series,that carries threw to each book the same action, and character development.
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A well paced engaging story that kept me riveted. I really enjoyed this one and if you like John Ringo, then I am sure you will too.
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I loved this book. I was glued to the pages wanting to see what happened. The hero is so likable and makes so much sense. If they made a movie out of this book I would definitely go see it.
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I generally liked this book but I agree the plot goes off in too many directions. The battle sequences generally work but we get subplots about rioting recruits and far too much background about the protagonist's family life. This should have been a great 300 page book. Instead it's a fair 480 page book. But he does deserve an extra star for having his characters quote obscure lyrics by Al Stewart. (That should have been mentioned in the acknowledgements.) This was too obviously the first book of a series and it needed to stand by itself.
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this is the beginning book of the Posleen War series. Sort of a shared universe thing, several authors contributing: Ringo, Tom Krattman, & Julie Cochrane.

Synopsis: Earth's leaders are approached by a galactic federation composed of pacifists who are having their bacon chewed by a newly arrived (200 years ago) aggressive species that has already beaten (and eaten) half of their worlds.

Earth is to be invaded in 4-5 years. the Federation will help with technology and such, but we'll have to be the fighters.

This first book in the series is the preamble and describes first the run-up to war and second the the first two off-earth encounters with the Posleen (reptilian centaur-like creatures) by Earth-troops specially equipped with alien technology.

I have others in the series as well and will post as I read them
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A good, well-written story. I rated this low due to its overwhelming use of foul language and the suspension of disbelief required.

Yes, foul language is to be expected in the armed forces. In a book, however, I just don't want to read it.

And the main technological element in the book, the Suits, would easily kill any occupant to work as described. Armor that enables you to throw objects with pinpoint accuracy as nearly the speed of light? That sounds cool, until you consider the damage that