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Topic: IT'S JULY 2016 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: IT'S JULY 2016 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 7/1/2016 3:49 PM ET
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  1. "RULES OF THE GAME" by Lori Wilde (Stardust, Texas #2) (A+++++++) Just uttering the word "wedding" makes Jodi Carlyle break out in a cold sweat. So a year after she'd been dumped at the altar, and two days after turning the big 3-0, she decides to break some rules - by dressing to the nines, hiring a limo and crashing a swanky wedding...Where she catches the eye of the Dallas Gunslingers' new star hitter Jake Coronado. He's hot. He's sexy. He sticks by her side all evening. He's the perfect fling. After a wild weekend, where they do everything and them some, Jodi thinks she'll never have to see him again...hey, she's even told him her name is Gwendolyn! But she thinks wrong. Because guess who's the best man at Jodi's sister's wedding? And guess who's still as seductive as ever? And guess who's determined to turn their one-night fling into happily-ever-after?
  2. "WILD HEARTS" by Sharon Sala (Secrets and Lies #1) (A+++++) Past sins cast a long shadow. Dallas Phillips refuses to believe her father committed suicide, even though things were tough on his farm and he was deeply in debt. When she hears he'd told a neighbor about an upcoming windfall, she grows suspicious and her suspicion only deepens when she realizes someone is lurking in the nearby mountains after dark. For help, she turns to Trey Jakes, local police chief - and her former lover. As they begin to investigate, another mystery comes to light. Trey's mother is beginning to remember events from thirty years ago, something shadowy that happened in the mountains and Dallas's father was there, too. Is what happened that night connected to his "suicide"? As they search for the truth, Trey and Dallas struggle to fight their attraction, but they may not be able to fend off another force - a killer who's more than willing to kill again to make sure old secrets stay buried.
  3. "PERFECT TOUCH" by Elizabeth Lowell (A+++++) An art dealer and owner of her own design studio, Perfect Touch, Sara Medina travels the world to find the ideal artwork for her clients. Her sophisticated, comfortable life in San Francisco is light-years away from the poverty of her family's dairy farm. Sara worked too hard to get out of the rural countryside to want to go back again for more than just a brief visit - even for someone as enticing as her new client, Jay Vermilion, a man with dozens of fine-art paintings that could kick her career up into the stratosphere. Jay recently inherited Vermilion Ranch, a working ranch near Wyoming's breathtaking Tetons - and the estates of the rich and restless. While Jay was fighting in two wars, his father tried to keep the homestead running, until illness stole his fight and then his life. Jay is determined to restore Vermilion Ranch - the fruit of generations of his ancestors - but first he's got to settle a vicious battle with his scheming former stepmother and greedy half-brother over the paintings that belonged to his late father, a collection of a talented yet often overlooked artist named Armstrong "Custer" Harris. The last thing on Jay's mind is finding a wife and creating a seventh generation of Vermilions. When Jay and Sara meet face to face after months of intimate phone calls, it's love at first sight - a mutually inconvenient attraction that is soon completed by a double murder at the edge of the ranch and a potential betrayal even closer to home. Working together to unmask a murderer, Sara and Jay are powerless to resist the intense heat between them. While Jay's waited a lifetime for someone like Sara - a strong smart, sassy woman as comfortable in the saddle as she is in stilettos - he knows the life he offers isn't what she wants. And Sara knows she's the wrong woman for Jay, even though the fire between them feels so very right. Then the killer targets Sara. And suddenly, Jay, the war-weary soldier, finds something he's once again willing to die for.
  4. "SUMMER DAYS" "YOU AGAIN" by Elizabeth Bass (New Author For Me) (A+++++) A group yoga tour to Peru is the last place Meredith expects to see her workaholic ex-boyfriend. Seven years have changed everything - except Meredith's regret at abruptly running away. Yet amid the magnificent views and ancient ruins, a new chance may be waiting. "SUMMER MEMORIES" by Holly Chamberlin (A New Author For Me) (A++++) There's nowhere Ellen would rather nurse her wounds after her ex's betrayal than Ogunquit, Maine - a little beach town where she spent idyllic childhood summers. Then Ellen meets a charming local artist who challenges her to create new memories. "RETURN TO HAMPTON BEACH" by Mary Carter (A New Author For Me) (A+++++) Jacob was the shy, kind twin. Chris was wild and dangerous. As a teenager, Carrie Jensen was a little in love with both of them. Now Carrie is coming back to Hampton Beach for a summer where she'll untangle the lie that broke her heart. "HIS BRIDE TO BE" by Lisa Jackson (A+++++) The job perks: a two-week luxury cruise in the company of the most eligible bachelors on the West Coast. But posing as Hale Donovan's fiancee to finesse a takeover deal will challenge all of Valerie Pryce's resolve to keep business and pleasure separate.
  5. "STARS OF FORTUNE" by Nora Roberts (The Guardians Trilogy #1) (A++++++) To celebrate the rise of their new queen, three goddesses of the moon created three stars: one of fire, one of ice, one of water. But then they fell from the sky, putting the fate of all worlds in danger. And now three women and three men join forces to pick up the pieces. Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by dreams and nightmares that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Her visions lead her to the Greek island of Corfu, where five others have been lured to seek the fire star. Sasha recognizes them, because she has drawn them: a magician, an archaeologist, a wanderer, a fighter, a loner. All on a quest. All with secrets. Sasha is the one who holds them together - the seer. And in the magician, Bran Killian, she sees a man of immense power and compassion. As Sasha struggles with her rare ability. Bran is there to support her, challenge and believe in her. But Sasha and Bran are just two of the six. And they all must work together as a team to find the fire star in a cradle of land beneath the sea. Over their every attempt at trust, unity and love, a dark threat looms. And it seeks to corrupt everything that stands in its way of possessing the stars.
  6. "FRICTION" by Sandra Brown (A+++++) Crawford Hunt wants his daughter back. Following the death of his wife, Crawford, a Texas Ranger, fell into a downward spiral that left him relegated to desk work and with his five-year-old daughter, Georgia, in the custody of her grandparents. But Crawford has cleaned up his act and now the fate of his family lies with Judge Holly Spencer. Ambitious confident, Holly temporarily occupies the bench of her recently deceased mentor. With an election upcoming, she must prove herself worthy of making her judgeship permanent. Every decision is high-stakes. Despite Crawford's obvious love for his child and his commitment to being an ideal parent, Holly is wary of his checkered past. When a masked gunman barges into the courtroom during the guardianship hearing, Crawford reacts instinctually, saving Holly from a bullet. But his heroism soon takes on the taint of recklessness. The cloud over him grows even darker after he uncovers a horrifying truth about the courtroom gunman and realizes that the unknown person behind the shooting remains at large - and a threat.
  7. "MONTANA DESTINY" by R.C. Ryan (McCords #2) (A++++) They're the McCords...three rugged, sexy cowboy cousins who'll inherit the family range - if they seek the treasure hidden on it. But even more precious are the women who can tame their wild hearts. Emergency medic Marilee Trainor likes her freedom and lives for trouble. Then she stumbles upon a clue to the legendary McCord gold and suddenly finds herself in a mysterious killer's sights - and in the arms of irresistible playboy Wyatt McCord. This McCord cousin has been everywhere, yet the ranch is the only place he feels at home. Now Marilee's courage and independence make him want to protect her, win her heart and finally settle down. But trust is the one thing Wyatt and Marilee can't easily give. And their survival and everything they cherish depend on whether they can surrender to each other - to fight for their Montana destiny.
  8. "SLOW HEAT" by Lorie O'Clare (The Bounty Hunters #5) (A+++++) In the high-risk world of bounty hunters, one falsely accused woman is searching for justice - and one truly arresting man is feeling the heat...Muscle for hire - As a new trainee at the King family's bounty-hunting agency, Micah Jones is trying to keep his cool. But his latest assignment - to bring in a night-club owner suspected of money laundering - heats up fast when he meets the "brains" of the outfit: an irresistibly beautiful bookkeeper who's resisting arrest. So Micah takes her into custody - by taking her into his powerful arms and not letting go. Lovers on fire...Held for questioning but released by police, Maggie O'Malley is still a person of interest - to Micah. And Maggie is interested, too - in his services. With his iron-hard muscles and tough-guy exterior, the Harley-riding bounty hunter is just the man Maggie needs to track down the real crook at the club. A slow-burning attraction ignites a firestorm of insatiable desire - until the secrets of Micah's past are exposed. Explosive passion now must prove stronger than a history so terrifying it might haunt them forever.
  9. "STOLEN" by Shiloh Walker (A++++++) Her past is catching up with her...with a vengeance. Shay Morgan has stayed hidden for a long time. Living a reclusive life in Earth's End, Alaska, she's as far away as she can get from the trauma of her childhood and the man who hurt her long ago. But terror takes over Shay's life yet again when an unknown stalker steals away the fragile peace she's built for herself - targeting not only her but the one man who's ever managed to get past the walls she's built around herself. Elliot Winter has living through being falsely accused before - it ruined his military career. Now it's happening all over again. And this time, his accuser is a twisted imposter who's targeting his ex-girlfriend, Shay. Despite a fierce mutual attraction, Shay and Elliot broke up because Shay couldn't let her guard down, couldn't let Elliot in. But now they both need to trust each other to confront a psycho who seems to know all their secrets.
  10. "I'LL STAND BY YOU" by Sharon Sala (Blessings, Georgia #2) (A++++++) When no one ever takes your side...Dori Grant is no stranger to hardship. As a young single mother in the gossip-fueled town of Blessings, Georgia, she's weathered the storm of small-town disapproval most of her life. But when Dori loses everything within the span of an evening, she realizes she has no choice but to turn to her neighbors. All you need is one person in your corner...Everyone says the Pine boys are no good, but Johnny Pine has been proving the gossips wrong ever since his mother died and he took over raising his brothers. His heart goes out to the young mother and child abandoned by the good people of Blessings. Maybe he can be the one to change all of that.
  11. "WE ARE ALL WELCOME HERE" by Elizaeth Berg (unabridged audio CD) (A+++++) Three women each struggle against overwhelming odds for her own kind of freedom. It is the summer of 1964. In Tupelo, Mississippi, tensions are mounting over civil-rights demonstrations occurring ever more frequently. But in Paige Dunn's small, ramshackle house, there are more immediate concerns. Challenged by the effects of polio, Paige is nonetheless determined to live as normal a life as possible and to raise her daughter, Diana, in the way she sees fit - with the support of her tough-talking black caregiver, Peacie. As a fourteen-year-old, Diana wants to make money for clothes and magazines, to slough off the authority of her mother and Peacie, to figure out the puzzle that is boys and to escape the oppressiveness she sees everywhere in her small town. What she can never escape, however, is the way her life is markedly different from others. Nor can she escape her ongoing responsibility to assist in caring for her mother. Paige Dunn is attractive, charming, intelligent and lively, but her needs are great - and relentless. As the summer unfolds, hate and adversity will visit this modest home. Each of the women will find her own path to independence, understanding and peace. And Diana's mother, so mightily compromised, will end up giving her daughter an extraordinary gift few parents could match.
  12. "MONTANA GLORY" by R.C. Ryan (McCords #3) (A+++++) They're the McCords...three rugged, sexy cowboy cousins who'll inherit the family ranch - if they seek the treasure hidden on it. But even more precious are the women who can tame their wild hearts...Single mom Riley Mason learned how to take care of herself the hard way...and keep an explosive secret. But her new job with the McCords has put her and her young daughter under the endless prairie sky and the protective arm of cowboy Zane McCord. The wildest of the McCord cousins, Zane lives as free as the mustangs he tames on his family's land. And even though Riley's unexpected spirit and courage tempt him in ways he never imagined, earning her trust is the hardest challenge he's ever faced. Yet, as a deadly danger from Riley's past threatens to destroy the McCords and their priceless legacy, both Riley and Zane must risk what they fear most to have a future together - and at last claim their Montana glory.
  13. "AFTER THE NIGHT" by Linda Howard (A+++++) She returned to uncover old secrets...and new desires. Faith Devlin: A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, she'd always adored the town's golden boy from afar. But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich, respected father disappeared, along with her pretty Mom. Now Faith wanted to hate Gray Rouillard...not feel a powerful surge of desire. But she couldn't quench her passion, any more than she could hide the truth about the past she had waited so long to unravel. Gray Rouillard: Even when he raised hell, he did it with style. Reckless, charming and backed by Rouillard money, Gray controlled the town of Prescott - and Devlin was a name he never wanted to hear again. But when he gazed at Faith Devlin, all he saw was a swirl of tangled sheets and her silken flesh beneath him. To care for her was impossible, unthinkable...because Gray Rouillard planned to use all his power to ruin her.
  14. "THE SUMMER GIRLS" by Mary Alice Monroe (Lowcountry Summer #1) (A+++++) Three granddaughters. Three months. One summer house. In this enchanting trilogy set on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe captures the complex relationships between Dora, Carson, and Harper, three half-sisters scattered across the country—and a grandmother determined to help them rediscover their family bonds. For years, Carson Muir has drifted, never really settling, certain only that a life without the ocean is a life half lived. Adrift and penniless in California, Carson is the first to return to Sea Breeze, wondering where things went wrong…until the sea she loves brings her a minor miracle. Her astonishing bond with a dolphin helps Carson renew her relationships with her sisters and face the haunting memories of her ill-fated father. As the rhythms of the island open her heart, Carson begins to imagine the next steps toward her future.
  15. "CREATING CLARK" by Jason T. Gaffney and Ed Gaffney (California Comedy #1) (New Author For Me) (A+++++) Beantown West owner Clark Benson has completely made-over the sweet little coffee shop he'd inherited from his grandfather, turning it into a thriving local SoCal business. But his social life remains a hot mess. When he can't even get up the nerve to talk to an attractive man who's caught his eye, he turns to a longtime friend for help. Actor Hunter Westbrook's handsome face, hot body and smooth charm have brought him a bounty of quick hookups throughout his short life. But lately the heat of the moment turns rapidly into a morning of regrets and he's just embarked on a Year of No to figure out exatly who or what it is he wants. When his nerdy friend Clark asks him to be his personal fairy godmother, Hunter reluctantly takes on the challenge. He gives Clark a full Cinderella makeover - from manscaping to a new wardrobe to laughter-filled lessons on how to flirt with hot guys. But when those lessons in love go too far, neither Hunter nor Clark is willing to admit that their perfect Prince Charming has been right there, all along.
  16. "MY FAVORITE MISTAKE" by Beth Kendrick (A++++) First love isn't forever...Exhibit A: Faith's little sister, Skye, who muddled through her first divorce at the tender age of twenty-one. Faith has always provided damage control when Skye's love life gets too reminiscent of a daytime drama. But now that Faith has finally found the job, if not the man, of her dreams - as a culinary writer, currently living la dolce vita in Italy - she can't just jet back to small-town Minnesota to help her suddenly pregnant little sister heal her broken heart and anemic bank account. But never say never! Faith has been putting off this homecoming for years, ever since her dad left her family in the lurch, her mother left her in charge of Sky and a sub-zero case of cold feet led her to call off the engagement to her high school sweetheart, Flynn. But a return to the amber fields of grain might just be what Faith needs to gain some perspective on her past - and figure out her future. It's been way too long since her last love affair...memories of Flynn still get in the way of every man she meets. But if she and Flynn are really meant to be, why does the path to happily-ever-after have so many potholes?
  17. "BAD NEWS COWBOY" (Copper Ridge, Oregon #3) by Maisey Yates (A++++++) Can the bad boy of Copper Ridge, Oregon, make good and win the rodeo girl of his dreams? Kate Garrett keeps life simple - working hard, riding her beloved horses, playing cards with her brothers. Lately, though, she feels a bit restless, especially when family friend Jack Monaghan is around. Sexy and shameless, Jack is the kind of trouble you don't tangle with unless you want your heart broken. Still, Kate could always use his help in learning how to lasso someone a little less high risk. Jack can't pinpoint the moment the Garrett brothers' little sister suddenly stopped seeming so...little. Now here he is, giving flirting tips to the one woman who needs zero help turning him on. Love's a game he's never wanted to play. But he'll have to hurry up and learn how before the best thing that ever entered his life rides right back out again. "SHOULDA BEEN A COWBOY" (Copper Ridge, Oregon #0.5) (A+++++) There's not much about his teenage years that Jake Caldwell can be proud of. Except maybe for keeping his hands off cute, kind-hearted Cassie Ventimiglia. She was the only one who saw him as more than a tattooed rebel who couldn't wait to leave the ranching life behind. Now he's back in Copper Ridge to sell his father's property - and staying right above Cassie's coffee shop. And out of nowhere, the girl he's never forgotten is offering a whole lot more than fresh-baked muffins. Jake's dark, smoldering appeal hasn't changed one bit. But Cassie has. Following everyone else's rules didn't quite work out. Time to ask for what she's always wanted...and what Jake's more than happy to give. A wild, hot romance that could make a one-time bad boy realize he's back for good.
  18. "MISTLETOE COWBOY" by Carolyn Brown (Spikes and Spurs #5) (A++++) 'Tis the season for...A matchmaking Grandma on a long-distance mission...Mistletoe temptation in every doorway...A sexy cowboy with a killer smile. When Gran Presley agrees to sell Creed Riley the Rockin' C Ranch for a song at Christmastime, he can hardly believe his good fortune. There's just one little catch - her tantalizing granddaughter Sage is part of the deal.
  19. "HOMEMADE SIN" by Mary Kay Andrews (Callahan Garrity #3) (A+++++) Callahan Garity is the owner of House Mouse, a cleaning service that tidies up after Atlanta's elite. She's also a former cop and a part-time sleuth. She and her coterie of devoted helpers can ransack a house for clues faster than it takes a fingerprint to set. Some people might call Callahan Garrity nosy, but she prefers to think of her tendency toward snooping as a healthy interest in the truth. So when news reaches her of her cousin Patti's death during a carjacking, Callahan shakes off her House Mouse cleaning uniform to don her detective's cap. It's not that she doesn't have confidence in Atlanta's police - she used to be among their ranks - but the crime is too incongruous with Patti's suburban life to seem like a random incident. 


  1. "Echo Lake" by Carla Neggers (Swift River Valley #4)
  2. "Running Scared" by Christy Reece (Last Chance Rescue #3) (book I won from the author on Facebook)  


  1. "The Light of Hidden Flowers" by Jennifer Handford (New Author For Me) (unabridged audio CD)

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Finished this month:  Home on Apple Blossom Road by Sheila Roberts  --- A fun read about Icicle Falls, WA.  Colin Wright & Mia Blair were childhood friends who fell in love and then through a misunderstanding parted ways only to be brought back together when Colin's grandmother, and Mia's adopted grandmother, dies and leaves them a joint inheritance. Looking for more of this series!!

Bess W. Truman by Margaret Truman -- I don't usually read autobiographies, but I've always admired Pres. Harry Truman and like Margaret Truman's Washington, DC mysteries, so thought I'd give this one a shot.  While it's about Bess Truman, it's really as much about Harry and his presidency.  And I learned a lot about him [and her] in this book.  Admittedly it's very biased politically, after all we're talking Democrats here, but basically it's the love story about a man and the woman he cherished.  I enjoyed it very much.

The Bachelor's Cat by L. F. Hoffman  -- A very short story about a man who hasn't learned to love and the stray cat he takes in who loves him and in turn teaches him to love.  Beautifully written. Posted to my unpostable list because it's an ex-library copy complete with card pocket, etc., but well worth reading!!

Cat in a Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas --- Temple Barr and Midnight Louie are in the Big Apple interviewing for a job as TV spokespersons for a national cat food company when they are at a Christmas party where Santa ends up dead.  This is also the story about Matt Devine and his search for his missing, and much hated step-father, and his coming to terms with his childhood and mother in Chicago. Good series.

Stealing Time by Leslie Glass ---  April Woo, NYPD Detective, has her hands full trying to solve a missing child case, a woman's beating and then a dead girl in Chinatown, and all seem to be tied together.  Add to that April's mother,Skinny Dragon, who's trying to cure April of her involvment with Detective Mike Sanchez. I really like this series!!

The Marriage Game by Fern Michaels --- Similar to Michaels' Vigilante series in that people are recruited by a secret organization to right the wrongs that fall through the cracks.  Samantha Rainford finds out she is the 4th [or mabybe more] wife of a man who marries women and then immediately divorces them. When she teams up with some of the other ex-wives and is recruited by this organization, she finds out how strong she really is, both physically and emotionally.  Don't know if there are sequels to this.

I'm Watching You by Karen Rose --- The body count is mounting up and prosecutor Kristan Mayhew is getting letters from the killer telling her he's doing it for her.  Detective Abe Reagan is working the case, but he has to deal with memories of his own that are making it hard for him to keep Kristan at a distance. Good book!!

With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George --- One of the best Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley books in this series and definitely one of the most indepth character-wise.  A serial killer of young boys has Lynley, Havers and Nkata, along with the rest of New Scotland Yard, totally frustrated. The ending is completely unexpected. A very long book, over 700 pages, but worth every minute spent reading!!

If You Believe by Kristin Hannah --- Mariah Throckmorton hasn't left her family's farm in years and, unknown to her, her father has posted a help-wanted sign in town, hoping to bring a man to the farm who will draw her out. Mad Dog Stone is a drifter who sees the ad and thinks it will be a few days work before he moves on again. Interesting story set in the late 1800s.

Dead Man's Bones by Susan Wittig Albert --- China Bayles' son finds some bones in a cave he is helping to excavate.  When it turns out to be a fairly recent death, China begins to ask questions.  Jane Obermann isn't exactly the most loved person in Pecan Springs and when she writes a play about her father and the local theater company agrees to stage it, they aren't ready for all her interference.  Fun series.

Currently reading:

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Finished:  Country's Reminisce Hitch - The Mane Event

               The Pecan Man  by: Cassie Dandridge Selleck

               The Loving Spirit by:  Daphne du Maurier

Currently reading:  The Cavendon Luck  by: Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Finished: Don't Know Much About The Civil War by Kenneth C. Davis - 4.5 stars. I've had an interest in The Civil War since I read "Gone With The Wind" when I was 13.

Currently reading:  The Poacher's Son by Paul Doiron -  about a fourth way thru, good so far.

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Great Sharky Shark: A tale of a big hunter (Number 20 of Suzanne Tate's nature series)
Izzie Lizzie Alligator: A Tale of a Big Lizard (Suzanne Tate's Nature Series Volume 21)

Author: Suzanne Tate

My granddaughter and I read these together.  She loves this author.

Beneath  : Roland Smith       This is listed under the Children's genre, but I think they could be under YA.  I like this author's books.

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The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff.  I like that it tell two stories, one in the 1800's and the other in present day, both about the Mormons

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S is for Silence by Sue Grafton.  next in series--finished

Blood Infernal by James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell.  3rd in the series, just getting started.



S is for Silence by Sue Grafton.  Another good book in this series

Blue Warrior by Mike Maden.  2nd book in series.  An action adventure series with drones playing major roles.  Good coninuation of series.

The Blessing Way, by Tony Hillerman.  A kind of 1960's Indian mysticism & murder mystery book.  Ended up being a pretty good story.

Second Marriage by Frederick Barthelme.  A book from the 1980s about a couple where the wife wants a separation and all the interesting people around them.  

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A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

The Accidental Buddhist by  Dinty W. Moore

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder narrated by Paul Michael
Little Bee by Chris Cleeve, Narrated by Anne Flosnik
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, narrated by Will Patton
Kira Kira by Cynthia Kadohata, narrated by Elena Erika Davis
I have no idea what is wrong with my formatting.  Tried 5 times to fix it.

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I just got The Travels of Jaime McPheeters in the mail recently. I've heard so many good things about the book I am thinking of putting other stuff on hold while I read this book.

I am about 125 pages into the book. The book is 1st person narration. The voice of Jaimie reminds me very much of Huck Finn.

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Razor Girl:: Carl Hiaasen          Another good book by this author.

The Forgotten Room: Lincoln Child         Not his best, but not bad.

Cane and Abe: James Grippando            Good, but not as good as I expected.

Vostok: Steve Alten                              A sequel and a prequel. 

Beneath (Beneath, Bk 1): Roland Smith          A good YA book.

Zoo 2 (BookShots): James Patterson             A quick read.

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Reading: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I don't know about this one,  - its good so far but I'm squeamish and I might get upset.  We'll see.